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  1. You lying democrat. I dare you to go through all of these threads and find one positive remark i have ever said about Trump? Bet you can't!!! I have called him everything from a pig, moron and cunt. I just happen to think that Hilary is / was a bigger cunt, and cheater then trump. Again, i have made it very clear from the start ( about a year or two ago ) that i am a bitter Bernie supporter, and would have voted Jill Stein if i was actually an American ( and was laughed at by many here at my vote). Not sure why you call it trolling, when people happen to express their opinion. You H
  2. I think hasbeens is a bit harsh. I could see Hilary (and Chelsea ) making a comeback as the new back up singers on the upcoming Joanne tour. Yes, granted, they are no Nikki or Donna, but Hilary could use her cheat notes from the primary debates to remember the lyrics to poker face.
  3. Oh you mean the debates where Hilary was given all the questions, and was able to rehearse her answers in preperation of.... How lady gaga and beyonce her! How about Hilary debating without any cheat notes prior to the debates. Bet you the woman would be one big stumbling baffoon like Trump.
  4. Lesbian? Maybe that's why Rosie O'Donnel is always so angry, because she cannot get the Hilary pussy or her attention the way trump can?
  5. Why are all British politicians so damn ugly. Is it a prerequisite to be hit with the ugly gaga stick before entering uk politics?
  6. He probably hooked up with Hilary. Ooooooh baby, whisper those sweet policies in my ears Hilary whilst I grab the pussy...
  7. As opposed to the 78% of Americans, who presently under a democratic regime cannot even locate their own state on a map of America. How much dumber can a society get! Hopefully Trump re-writes their geography lessons. Throw in church locations in Sascatchiwan, and really it is no different to their current education system anyhow.
  8. But how do undertake electro-shock on kylie fans ( who have obviously had a lobotomy ) Nothing to zap? I still think kylie syndrome should be free treatment on the NHS, haven't her fans suffered enough. Next up gaga fans on the NHS. And yes Jazzy, goverments who sell off public rights are cunts. Instead of solving their own uselessness, they palm off the problem to a private organization. It will not be long before KFC is sponsering our hospitals and elections, and you get either a free cob of corn or chicken wing with every vote. I hope KFC still have those moist towelts l
  9. Don't forget to integrate Kylie into your NHS, due to all the british gays who require carpel tunnel treatment after every album release and Kylie night at G.A.Y. All that limping and circle jerks occuring at the afformentioned is a national health crisis. But offer a discount if album is purchased at same time as treatment.
  10. But at least the British were all aware of the Spice Girls failed attempt at a reunion. Zig a zig argh.
  11. So you could have people protesting against Trump People protesting against Hilary and People protesting the absentees Just need protests agains Jill and you will have 100% voter turn out. They should scrap american elections all together and just declare the candidate with the biggest amount of protestors as the winner.
  12. Clever title but Nah, if were gonna have a first lady man, at least make him hot, not someone who looks like a wilted vegan lettuce leaf. Hopefully Chris Pratt's wife becomes president of USA, but she just don't go wearing those Fella Hamilton 2 piece pant suit's.
  13. Luckily Bill Clinton did not become the first lady. I could see him posting selfies of himself in his Abercombe and Finch knitted wool jumper tied around his shoulders, whilst downing his vegan cauliflower croquettes. And photos of Chelsea with her college degree, paid for scholarship by the house of Saudi Arabia. I would love a selfie of Hilary, when the election results were coming in, now that would be a keeper. Clintons, what a mess.
  14. Well, Bernie could not have done worse. Let's be honest, Hilary lost an "unloseable" election. And the only reason why Hilary had 3 million more votes in the primary was because the DNC and cheating delegates got the ball rolling for her. Did you not notice that Bernie was winning the primaries and even in states where he was the clear major winner, the delegates came in, shat all over him, and gave Hilary their votes and got the momentum going for her. And just like the repbulicans you make fun of for voting blindly for trump, you democrats were no different following Hilary like little
  15. Do you actually know what a 3rd world country is? People actually starving to death, no running tap water, no education, war, famine earning about $1 a month, and not being given the opportunity to even vote. Now is the time for you and Democrats to stop your sooking and get on with life, it ain't really that bad.
  16. Sorry Jazzy but you are wrong! I am very liberal thinking ( im all for drug reform, gay rights, women equality, immigration rights, despise all religions, and love dolly parton ) and even i despise hilary clinton; enough to vote for trump before hilary ( though would have actually voted Jill if allowed). I think the democrats got too cocky and did not realise that just as many people who hate trump and protested voted against him, hate and despise hilary. Hugh underestimation that they should of factored in before even considering her. Even stevie wonder could have seen this coming, and it hu
  17. Dont forget to blame Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Lady Gaga. Now i know i have been a smart-arse in this thread, and have taken some pleasure in seeing Hilary fail ( but i do hate trump just as much, he just doesn't come across as a smug cunt the way hilary does, oops i mean did). The democrats now need to regroup, realise the error of there ways in nominating such a useless, smug, good for nothing polarizing figure. And re-think what it means to be a true Democrat ( not an anti-trump). The next 4 years will be painful to watch, but lets hope Hilary disappears in those 4 years
  18. Opps! This has certainly wiped the smugness from you democrats. Can't wait to see that condescending face of Hilary's as she makes her concessional speech too funny. Maybe she should have done her homework better and not taken her constituents for granted, and rallied in florida like trump instead of eating at a 3 star michilan NY restrauny. Also i hope all those super delegates who cheated for hilary, are getting their fucking arses kicked and realize they were always flogging a dead horse, instead of Bernie the stallion, who would have had this wrapped up hours ago. Karma is a cunt, and Hil
  19. Sloane, truer tea has not been sipped in this forum. You should have been in Australia when Julia fucking Gillard ( sorry Jazzy and San, I know you liked her, but toddles ) was Prime minister. She would always pull this feminist shit, and when somebody would question any of her decisions she would literally cry in parliment and call out misogyny. Every fucking time. She pulled that same shit as Hilary " oh you have a vagina, vote for me ladies". She even voted down gay marriage, but as soon as she was booted out, all of a sudden it is " I'm all for gay marriage, I made the wrong de
  20. Finally, someone gets it. Why give America intelligent presidential candidates when Hilary and Donald are the best reality tv program on all the networks. It doesnt cost the networks a single cent, has millions of people ( both rep and dem ) addicted like no other election, and 2 stars only interested in stroking their ego's. The only other times in US election that caused such hysteria was jfk suicide and watergate. And those losers who keep saying they have news, well then fucking leek it. They are no different to those Madonna fans who tease us mere mortals about a Like A Praye
  21. All you whining bitches moaning about the media and journalism, are probably the same people who watch reality tv shows like Kardashians and those stupid fucking housewives of Kentucky and Florida, instead of a David Attenborough documentary. Face facts, we live in a society that cherishes dumbness ( reality tv, Kylie, Britney, gaga, big W, housewive shows etc ) and now you want journalists to report intelligent and honest news. What's the point. Hilary and Trump appeal to the lowest common denominators in society, so the media are just doing their job!!! When America
  22. i beg to differ. At the last Hilary R T rally i witnessed many squat around the hips deplorables with pant suits and Bea Arthur haircuts! Lets keep the personal insults to outselves shellwe. Just because someone purchases a clad coloured pant suit from Bed Bath and Beyond does not maketh the president.
  23. Ask yourself, is America really that much more of a political democracy then Russia, China or Noeth Korea? America allows its citizens the option to only really vote for 2 political parties ( which is basically 1 more then the aforementioned ) and when a minority party such as Jill / Greens are introduced they are laughed at and given no real potential. Now compare this to Australia and UK where you have a 3rd major political party and many indepenedents who make it through and have an actual voice in parliment and their citizens have actual alternatives to the two major political parties.
  24. Nothing wrong with hugging a tree! Give me woodstock anyday over the America Hilary or Trump will govern and make worse.
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