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  1. 1. Like a Prayer 2. Confessions 3. Ray of Light 4. True Blue 5. Rebel Heart 6. Music 7. American Life 8. Like a Virgin 9. Hard Candy 10. Madonna 11. Erotica 12. MDNA 13. Bedtime Stories
  2. i know im in the minority, but i really like it. i love the final version though, but this is defiantely better than some of the other leaks we have had over the years.
  3. they added lovespent and im addicted in the last 1/2 hour. its on her face book page as well, which has changed to the new layout as well. "behold.....she is coming soon"
  4. Let It Will Be, as it is one of my all time fav tracks
  5. yes she can, she'll call it "The Re-volver Tour"
  6. maybe she's going to announce that she is done with recording albums and will be focusing on individual songs instead
  7. its obvious that WBR is only interested in promoting the album to make a profit. With Madonna's music, she is guaranteed to sell a certain ammount and that will usually produce a profit. Once the profit is made, they stop caring about the promotion. Also, Madonna has complete control over released music. If she is not interested in promoting a new single, why would the record company be interested either.
  9. i honestly don't see her pushing out albums like before. I wouldn't be surprised if we got an album in 2012 and then not another one until the near end of her live nation contract. She has 8 years to go on that contract, so I think maybe two more studio albums and possibly some live tour albums. Did anyone ever figure out how many tours she has left in her current contract?
  10. What she probably meant was that she wasn't that into madonna growing up. I mean if she was born in 86, she would have been 10 when madonna came out with evita, 12 for ray of light, when music dropped she would have been 14 and 16-17 when american life came out. And trust me, M did not gain any new fans with that album, especially 16 year old girls.
  11. from Madonna.com: http://www.madonna.com/news/title/sticky--sweet-tour-to-air-on-vh1-february-26
  12. i betcha shes gonna go perform with lady gaga at the grammys!!!!
  13. madonna - holiday like a virgin - material girl true blue - papa don't preach who's that girl - who's that girl you can dance - spotlight like a prayer - promise to try i'm breathless - vogue immaculate collection - like a prayer (the remixed version) erotica - in this life bedtime stories - secret something to remember - i'll remember evita - another suitcase in another hall ray of light - sky fits heaven music - nobody's perfect the next best thing- american pie ghv2- i'll eliminate this one since i think it was a pointless release american life - nobody knows me remixed and revisited - american life confessions on a dance floor - sorry hard candy - give it 2 me celebration - celebration b-side - into the groove soundtrack song - live to tell internet surfaced demo - like an angel passing through my room
  14. it's ok. though it probably would have been more iconic to use a "live" shot of M in one of her dance moves. Maybe during the like a prayer section or even the oipening shot when she's on the throne.
  15. i would totally love a new tour, but i would rather her spend the exact ammount of time planning, writing and mixing a new album for late fall 2010.
  16. maybe they are gonna send the Celebration feat. Akon CD to radio with Revolver as a "B" side and hope for the best with both songs featuring popular radio artists at the current moment.
  17. Believe it or not- WBR is actually sending celebration feat Akon for Pop adds on 1/26/10. according to all access
  18. This is NOT from the new episodes featuring an all madonna night. This song was already included in the show durinng the fall season!!!
  19. ^wow I totally though that was Connect to the sky Future Lovers ride There are visions high Would you like to try
  20. true, but if you look at the total to date section, you will see that it increased from 300-328 spins. the 28 spins come from staions that are not monitored on the quick cut data section.
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