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  1. what is going on with US iTunes though, i am very surprised it is down to #12
  2. i have been listening to the album on Apple Music, but since i already purchased it does it count as streaming? How do i know that i am streaming as opposed to just listening to songs that i bought?
  3. why are you guys listening to the album ahead of the release?
  4. where are you listening to this song... why ARE you listening to this song before friday?
  5. i really do hope that the add will be something of substance. #Crave
  6. i love the.... Maluma, it's Madonna bit in the beginning.
  7. i actually didn't mind LAP. It was exactly the same as the Met Gala 2018. Also enjoyed Future. it had some really cool parts to it.
  8. i am getting unapologetic Bitch vibes from this song...
  9. does anyone have the link for the call in that M did with Mario Lopez?
  10. why are you all contributing to this leak. Bet most of you will be bitching in a week when it doesn't chart. Save your energy for the songs that she plans to release and when she plans the release.
  11. i am being really good, i still haven't listened to the leak. i want to hear it for the first time on friday.
  12. there is a chipmunk version now out on YouTube. Lets see if we can get that one to chart.
  13. listen to this instead of the leaks.... i know you can!
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