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  1. I didn't recognise her for a moment. She looks great
  2. Her look in the video is something I could get used to
  3. He was a nominee last year in Best Dance Recording, but I don't think he's one this year. I can't see anything about it for this year either.
  4. oh that's a shame i really liked the #4 snippet... do you know what song it is in reality?
  5. That's such a nice idea. It'd fit so well ------ All I want is some strong + bold colours
  6. It was apparently answered here http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/5740625/ask-billboard-how-does-the-hot-100-work I tried to understand it but it went straight over my head.
  7. could do with a nice colourful background
  8. I don't think she'll get any nominations in the big 4. I hope they put MDNA in the dance category and she gets nominated for Best Dance Track or Dance Album. Hope for the best, expect the worst.
  9. Is that Christina Aguilera in your sig?

  10. nah she'll probably just release superstar instead
  11. Confessions on a Dance Floor True Blue Ray of Light American Life Like a Prayer Madonna Bedtime Stories Music MDNA Hard Candy Erotica Like a Virgin
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