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  1. Can't wait for day they stop being so officious and just say "This message is a lie"
  2. Was that after the doors were first opened? It sounded like they let us in before the soundcheck finished (I think I heard Burning Up). So annoyed by the staff guy being "you're not allowed to queue yet as you won't be let in [to the seating area] for 20 minutes". He was so rude too.
  3. IIRC last night the DJ finished closer to 9 than 8.30
  4. To be honest, it was still a fantastic show. I'm not mad about the songs cut. They would've been nice but M put on a great show regardless.
  5. Her speech was so obviously a joke and the audience knew that. We laughed with her
  6. I agree with the person who says the seats were poorly arranged. The floor seats had no numbers and not even the staff knew which side was the start at 1. The staff I spoke to were kind (no instructions to sit down as far as I saw), but frankly not that great at helping
  7. P.S. for anybody else who was there, why were the two big gaps in the audience for?
  8. IIRC the crowd told her they didn't want WTG so she asked what they wanted instead. Several suggestions were made then we settled on a capella OYH
  9. I didn't see anything like that on my way out. The show was performed, why would they give out refunds?I was gutted that songs weren't performed, but the show was great. Open Your Heart just about killed me!!!
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