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  1. I knew he would win. 'Tis a shame but this country is full of desperation, hate and idiocracy.
  2. I have 65! Haven't been playing much! I think I'll start back up tomorrow! I want as many as I can get in my pokedex
  3. You're just fucking trolling. I don't think you need to jump on any bandwagon if you're not inclined to. Who are you to be the judge and jury of what someone else puts on their Facebook. I got five G's for you! Good god girl get a grip! you're ridiculous.
  4. Is it bizarre because it's Pokemon and people are enjoying something other than just being glued to their social media? Cause people have their eyes glued to their phones anyway...it's just now you can tell they are playing a specific game...
  5. Not yet but soon you'll be able to do so many amazing things like trade your Pokemons with other users among other things
  6. A bunch of morons! Playing a game now is deemed not having a life because it utilizes augmented reality and/or because you don't like it? They should get a life. The crossing of private property is seriously being blown out of proportion. You don't need to go into anyone's yard to find Pokemons and you can go to a bar, have a drink and still enjoy the game. I think haters need to get a life. They spend more time constantly hating on everything anyone likes and meanwhile I'm enjoying myself LIVING MY LIFE, not hating another's decisions.
  7. If you're not roaming, the game is virtually useless unless you just have if open and some Pokemons randomly appear, you can catch them but that's about it. It's about moving through the streets to find them, stopping at poke stops to collect stuff and going to the "gyms" to fight and protect your team.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/MoviepilotHorror/videos/1167384506633316/ And let me just add, it's not OUR fault that whatever show or game is having such a strong viral sensation that it lasts long and funny memes pop up, along with videos and people continue to share them. It's part of the enjoyment of it and with a show like game of thrones, that only got better and better, every episode of every season, week after week, of course to someone NOT watching it, they get tired of seeing posts about it...but is it shocking that we continue to post about it? It comes on every week for a couple of months...the excitement and awe of the show makes us want to share it and then other stuff pops up in relation to that that makes us want to share that.
  9. But then again, it's also overwhelming how bad I am playing it. I thought I was getting better but all these Pokemon obsessed players are like MASTERS I'll never obsess over it to that extent but I'm enjoying the game. On my day off, (since I hate the heat) I want to stay in...instead people are running through every single street in zig zags to collect as many points, potions, Pokemon and lure modules as possible, hatching eggs with every mile and stacking up hundreds of thousands of points...whereas I only have 7800 !
  10. That's a stupid answer. I wish there were a super Mario version too. I would love it but if you're making it seem like you just don't like it because it's "Pokemon" ...in which case, I'll tell you...I thought the same. The game is fun. End of.
  11. Exactly. When they are doing the same exact thing...the only difference is right now, it's a gaming app that has a 90's-kid-nostalgia ... I was never into pokemon. I always laughed it off...the card games, the show, the video games. It was cheesy as hell! For nerds with no social lives. The app is fun and the creatures come to life (maybe my lack of imagination made it hard to visualize these creatures on playing cards and their "powers") and evolve and are cute and interesting to see how and why they evolve the way they do and have the powers to fight that they do. It's time consuming but also fun to be out and about playing it.
  12. the idea of hating something you don't get continues to grow as fads grow stronger. I've never been a "hater" for something I didn't get. I honestly dislike or "hate" on something I don't LIKE. Like Taylor swift, Justin beiber, American horror story etc..I think something is bad after giving it a try or understanding it, then I just think it sucks. People that haven't given it a shot (same with game of thrones) hate because they don't give it a shot. I mean, if you don't have any interest, that's fine too. I didn't either until my coworker convinced me to try it out. Lol I'm glad I did!
  13. Oh for fucks sake. I don't know every single buildings history in the entire city or historical fact about each block. People just fucking hate to hate. This is a pure example of that.
  14. Yeah. The "poke stops" where you collect things are landmarks or just specific facts about locations. I've learned so much about different parts of the city playing this game. I found the friends building, the sex and the city apartments, and so many other historical/entertainment landmarks I didn't even know about.
  15. All of you that don't like it can fuck off! It's amazing and engaging, fun and informative! All the haters must be the same haters that don't watch game of thrones and LOVE American horror story and Britney's new song go dance to that and leave Pokemon alone!
  16. By some random, white, Christian Trump supporting piece of vile shit. That's who.
  17. I think it's all just beginning. I'm prepared for more lgbt-mass-shootings. I'm not even joking. I've been mourning the world around me for a very long time. I would always sense a level of intolerance and now I'm see it all come to reality.
  18. They are saying there's a bomb planted somewhere in Dallas now
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