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  1. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    I love this girl. She’s everything. I love everything she puts out!
  2. I agree. It’s possoble we discussed this before and I relistened and appreciated it more because of that discussion...
  3. Homogenic Vespertine Post Biophilia Utopia Vulnicura Debut Volta Medulla idk, it's hard for me to rank. i can say i didn't love volta and i don't listen to vulnicura or utopia too much but i love them all.
  4. I still don’t get why they always write songs that sound like they are dating shitty guys and no matter how bad they act up, they will stick by them. It’s an annoying thing about their songs I don’t like.
  5. In a perfect world, they would open their new shows with Glorious with huge screens behind them with an amazing slow mo video of strong women walking in crowds and hair flipping and just overall #girlpower ...it has a great drum roll that they could repeat over and over before the show starts as they slowly enter the stage
  6. Hahaha you got it all wrong. The Spice Girls have been in complete high demand since the 2000’s. All Saints aren’t really selling much. They are doing it cause they love it and are selling small venues and enjoying that but I wouldn’t make that comparison. I love both but the Spice Girls two albums Spice/Spiceworld are infinitely better than anything they’ve released in their careers altogether. The Spice Girls were overall more fun, didn’t take themselves as seriously and sold out stadiums and reunited to much of the same sell-out success. Red Flag came out and AS performed small venues. Spice girls were international for most of their height 1996-1998 anyway, it’s funny cause I hear songs similar to red flag but they sound better and more fully realized. Seems like the time since red flag has made them all more in sync. After All came on and my heart skipped a beat cause I instantly thought of Drowned World but it was different. 🤣 side note, I love Mel C’s Go produces by Orbit!! Such an incredible album opener to the best solo Spice album!
  7. I def prefer the album cover artwork for red flag over this new albums...I do love plenty of the songs on red flag. Anyhow, I’ll listen. Listening now.
  8. I wouldn’t say this is there comeback album! It was the last one! Kind of interesting that they released a new album so quickly after the last one. Can’t wait to check it out..
  9. Mensch

    Grace Jones thread

    She’s not a mess. She’s eccentric and wild. Big difference. She’s fully aware of her actions. They are conscious choices.
  10. Mensch

    Grace Jones thread

    Exactly. But I knew it was impossible. She’s touring next summer...that’s what the producer told me...we’ll see
  11. Mensch

    Grace Jones thread

    I forgot about the album. I’m focused on M now. Grace will probably release in 2020
  12. Mensch

    Marilyn Manson thread

    It happens in nyc all the time too.
  13. Mensch

    Marilyn Manson thread

    Physical* agression but I fought back and had my friends with me and they are all gay and would not back down. ☺️❤️❤️❤️
  14. Mensch

    Depeche Mode

    I can literally ask his wife this week...give me more deets if you remember or someone on here knows.Dave I don’t see frequently.