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  1. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Yeah what's wrong with it? Version Of Me is her best album since Northern Star so it's a perfect setlist. I dont know know what people want anymore? Her singing "I Love Candy" and Spice Girl songs? I mean come on...
  3. I loved every second, saw it multiple times at different premieres with the cast and q&a etc...I agree the nicki and Donna exclusion is jarring IF YOURE THINKING ABOUT IT. But when you just watch the film and see it being from the perspective of these SELECT dancers, it's amazing. I cried and laughed so hard.
  4. Omg incredible!!!!
  5. and it wasn't a new ray of light. we know what we got...leaked, released and everything in-between. as good as it was, none of it was groundbreaking or would've been accepted as something brilliant. it was a solid record. she needs to go in a different direction.
  6. got second row to see her on monday the day after my cher party! can't wait!! love the new song (obviously not meant to be a banger...but hearing her voice is always appreciated ) ...just overall happy for her.
  7. Ugh I wish she would've taken off the coat cause that dress looks so hot on her. The pop of color, her freshly blonde hair, the necklace, skull rings+crosses and gloves ❤❤❤
  8. Me too!!! That's what I was JUST THINKING!!!
  9. The NFL genuinely doesn't care who plays. It's all just part of the system and a break for viewers of the game and the players...
  10. It was terrible. Prerecorded intro, awkward fall, the same outfit for the entire performance before changing into a crop top, she wasn't playing the keytar, and the same godawful choreography for telephone, bad romance and just dance. The stage wasn't entertaining in any way and she played it safe for obvious reasons...I have a million reasons why that was the lamest Super Bowl performance in the last decade.
  11. but it will get ratings, regardless of whether we like her or not...everyones gonna watch the Super Bowl and the halftime show is just something that comes on while everyone goes to take a leak, smoke a cig or get another drink...unless they care, then they'll keep watching.