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  1. Ok it's not worse than the MDNA hung up!
  2. They look so beautiful together and look like genuine friends. She looks STUNNING AND THAT JACKET.
  3. Omg!!! I would die! Or like someone else pointed out, some kind of retrospective of her incredible career...
  4. I think it's directly related to the film. Maybe she'll break it into parts and it could be a limited one-off series. Or maybe it's going to be released directly to Netflix and NOT in theatres.
  5. I love those+ when a woman, me enamore, comme moi, trap and nada (which reminds me of her oral fixation and even older ballads) ... the album bum is a grower. She's in this weird place where she doesn't crossover into American radio but is still pretty solidly successful around the world. funny enough, chantaje is getting airplay in NYC gay bars. im pleasantly surprised with this album!!! Love her! Happy to hear her voice again and enjoy some of her songs.
  6. I know. It's beginning to do my head in that every bodies asking if it's good, and what it is and what's happening. Clearly we don't know. It seems HIGHLY likely that it's unofficial but it IS 2 steps behind me from the RH sessions. We don't know who Guido is although he has a twitter/SoundCloud and yet he's supposedly some DJ ...that's all WE ALL KNOW. Stop with the questions. If you wanna hear it and not purchase, YouTube madonna 2 steps behind me!!! That is all!
  7. Can't wait to show Josh (in the gif) that you used this gif in reaction to something M related on a forum! He's gonna crack up!
  8. Maybe this Guido guy produced it and he has the copyright.
  9. It's obviously not official. And the money stays in whoever put this ups pocket even when it gets taken down.
  10. Yeah I'm beginning to think this Guido guy did it...that cover art is horrid and it should've gotten some remixes with its release!!!!
  11. So Madonna released the "Two Steps Behind Me" demo as "Behind Me" Patti Lupone SHADE! 😂😂😂 but the cover is awful.
  12. Madonna Instagram thread

  13. Spice Girls thread

    Yeah what's wrong with it? Version Of Me is her best album since Northern Star so it's a perfect setlist. I dont know know what people want anymore? Her singing "I Love Candy" and Spice Girl songs? I mean come on...
  14. STRIKE A POSE documentary

    I loved every second, saw it multiple times at different premieres with the cast and q&a etc...I agree the nicki and Donna exclusion is jarring IF YOURE THINKING ABOUT IT. But when you just watch the film and see it being from the perspective of these SELECT dancers, it's amazing. I cried and laughed so hard.