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  1. No no! That can NOT be subjective! 😳😳😳😳🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬
  2. Yeah you know it always takes longer than she might insinuate.
  3. It seems like she’ll spend this year working on music and it won’t be out till early 2019 and a tour in fall 2019. Regardless, it’s exciting news to hear her say she’s getting restless whilst not touring!
  4. There’s no none option?! Wtf! Who started this thread!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    It’s a bit boring. I love her for who she is but her two best albums are her first two. After that, she’s had fun singles/videos and 2-4 decent but not great or interesting songs on her follow up albums. Interestingly enough, she has had remarkable album sales success considering how little albums sell in the last decade. I have nothing but love for her.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I don’t understand the world. So bizarre. So many strange people out there. 😬😬😬
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Does anyone know @rebelstwins ?? I don’t understand...is it really M’s children. It seems odd to me that they would post so much and be so proficient in English at their age... i just find it odd...that it’s likely a crazy fan who made an account...
  8. hardly young! lmfao i've been screaming for her for over a decade! man, i love her and i just cant control myself when her energy overpowers any space. even on the street, it was insanity!
  9. This is mine !! https://instagram.com/p/BZhZfLmgBDVdiHA-t6Vcbf3xpI965sYsik6xk80/
  10. I bet she didn’t. It’s not easy to see someone when you’re back there. Everyone’s on a time schedule and knowing M she probably left immediately.
  11. Why does her one lazy eye annoy me so much!!!! Other than that, she looked fabulous but the MDNA skin experience was a bit lame to watch. She SHOULDNT have done the M and should’ve just done a big chunk on his cheek and showed how it sucks it up.
  12. He seems like he’s having an off day. He has an upset look in his eye. Even in that clip of M twerking, he looks annoyed. Anyway, I can’t imagine doing a show every single day...of course some days you have personal issues and the show must go on.
  13. No, I don’t think that’s how she meant it. I think she’s unaware when she’ll release a next record with her movie in mind...