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  1. Happy 'Madame X' Week! :kiss2:

  2. Hey ... thanks for saving my NYE.   You’ve had me excited with this news for days now... 

  3. Happy Happy Birthday @Mensch!!!

    1. Mensch


      Thank you love!!! I'm so hungover right now. 

    2. todsmod


      "The hair of the dog that bit you"!!!  Start drinking again!!!  LOL

  4. I knew he would win. 'Tis a shame but this country is full of desperation, hate and idiocracy.
  5. XXL

    Is this Mensch? :laugh:

    All these user names changes are confusing

  6. I have 65! Haven't been playing much! I think I'll start back up tomorrow! I want as many as I can get in my pokedex
  7. You're just fucking trolling. I don't think you need to jump on any bandwagon if you're not inclined to. Who are you to be the judge and jury of what someone else puts on their Facebook. I got five G's for you! Good god girl get a grip! you're ridiculous.
  8. Is it bizarre because it's Pokemon and people are enjoying something other than just being glued to their social media? Cause people have their eyes glued to their phones anyway...it's just now you can tell they are playing a specific game...
  9. Not yet but soon you'll be able to do so many amazing things like trade your Pokemons with other users among other things
  10. A bunch of morons! Playing a game now is deemed not having a life because it utilizes augmented reality and/or because you don't like it? They should get a life. The crossing of private property is seriously being blown out of proportion. You don't need to go into anyone's yard to find Pokemons and you can go to a bar, have a drink and still enjoy the game. I think haters need to get a life. They spend more time constantly hating on everything anyone likes and meanwhile I'm enjoying myself LIVING MY LIFE, not hating another's decisions.
  11. If you're not roaming, the game is virtually useless unless you just have if open and some Pokemons randomly appear, you can catch them but that's about it. It's about moving through the streets to find them, stopping at poke stops to collect stuff and going to the "gyms" to fight and protect your team.
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