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  1. Mensch

    How come there isn't a Grammy thread?

    Idk what any of this means...I mean I know black panther is a movie 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    this is such a perfect pop song! Makes me emotional!
  3. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    Omg I just saw video of this exact section. I saw you recording! How cool!
  4. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    Are you in Australia? Go go go!!!
  5. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    Beyond incredible. I cried during Doesn’t Matter. It really was the best pop show and best pop album of the year!!!! I can’t believe how well orchestrated the show was and how strong and well conceptually everything came across!
  6. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    I know all the spoilers! I love her and she’s done that when I’ve seen her (go around the crowd)...she is tiny!
  7. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    Wait what? No I wanna be completely in the front. I’m gonna wait all day!
  8. Saw her live a few weeks ago and she was sublime and made me like the album so much more. I play it in full at work and get so many compliments and requests for more lykke li
  9. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    Le G is probably mine but I think the bet song on the album is Doesn’t Matter. The Walker, Damn, Feel So Good, and Comme Si are all great tracks too! I love it all!
  10. Mensch

    Christine & The Queens

    Listen again and again and you’ll see this album is miles better...there’s a growth and an understanding that’s just so impressive. Trust I loved the first album. I didn’t think this would be better at all.
  11. Mensch

    Years and Years

    Yeah it seemed pretty short or non-eventful for my taste. I’ve already seen them 4 times! But glad they had a successful show! Lykke Li was amazing!
  12. Mensch

    Years and Years

    Communion is much better. I saw it was a rather short setlist in other cities which is why I changed my mind last second. Did he have a stage production?
  13. Mensch

    Years and Years

    I changed my mind. Going to see Lykke Li there tomorrow and it’s too much to go to both days.