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  1. In Denmark, all elections are governed by national laws. All citizens are automatically registered for general elections, and all permanent residents are automatically registered for local and regional elections. Mail-in votes are not allowed; you can only vote in person whether you vote early or on election day.
  2. Some states accept ballots received after election day, as long as they are post stamped no later than 3 November.
  3. Georgia's Secretary of State just announced that the final result will be so close that there definitely will be a recount.
  4. Trump supporters in Arizona: 'Count the votes!' Trump supporters in Michigan: 'Stop the count!' https://fb.watch/1AHOILwqAx/
  5. In Georgia, there are 47,277 votes left to be counted, according to the Secretary of State. Joe Biden needs to win about 64 % of those in order to win the state.
  6. Senate control hangs in balance with a few races undecided Control of the Senate hung in the balance Thursday, a cliffhanger after Republicans trounced Democratic challengers in crucial states but failed to lock down the seats needed to retain their tenuous majority. One race in Georgia is headed to a January runoff. A second contest in Georgia and races in North Carolina and Alaska remain undecided, leaving the chamber now deadlocked 48-48. An outcome may not be known until the new year. https://apnews.com/article/senate-democrats-gop-key-races-9c8eeefbdaac168941ef75458a644cbc
  7. Election official in Clark County, Nevada, says 51,000 ballots will be counted Thursday and then reported at 10 a.m. local time Friday.
  8. I don't know exactly when it happened, but I just noticed that ASCAP has officially added Casey Spooner as a co-writer of "God Control". https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/898045261
  9. Full article at forbes.com. Published almost half a year ago, but still very relevant ...
  10. Italians Do It Better https://instagram.com/stories/siterainhamadonna/2265021702047401137?igshid=kuvrnrzzoo3d
  11. Seems to be a direct sample: ASCAP has added James Brown as a co-writer of "Funana".
  12. The drums seem to be heavily inspired by James Brown's "Funky Drummer":
  13. KAN, the Israeli public broadcasting corporation, which produced the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, has sued Live Nation over Madonna's performance in the show, claiming that Live Nation violated the terms of their contract with KAN. According to the court filing, KAN provided Madonna with technical and logistical support that went beyond the production of the Eurovision show, including projectors, headphones, tents, security, catering, extra staff etc. According to Madonna's contract with KAN, Live Nation was supposed to cover those costs ($ 390,000), but it appears they never paid up.
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