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  1. I don't know exactly when it happened, but I just noticed that ASCAP has officially added Casey Spooner as a co-writer of "God Control". https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/898045261
  2. Full article at forbes.com. Published almost half a year ago, but still very relevant ...
  3. Italians Do It Better https://instagram.com/stories/siterainhamadonna/2265021702047401137?igshid=kuvrnrzzoo3d
  4. Seems to be a direct sample: ASCAP has added James Brown as a co-writer of "Funana".
  5. The drums seem to be heavily inspired by James Brown's "Funky Drummer":
  6. KAN, the Israeli public broadcasting corporation, which produced the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, has sued Live Nation over Madonna's performance in the show, claiming that Live Nation violated the terms of their contract with KAN. According to the court filing, KAN provided Madonna with technical and logistical support that went beyond the production of the Eurovision show, including projectors, headphones, tents, security, catering, extra staff etc. According to Madonna's contract with KAN, Live Nation was supposed to cover those costs ($ 390,000), but it appears they never paid u
  7. These are the ones that will be commercially released on Friday, according to DrownedMadonna: DJLW Remix (4:36) Kue Drops The Funk Remix (5:56) Offer Nissim Remix (6:56) Thomas Gold Remix (3:17) Daybreakers Remix (5:24) DJ Irene & The Alliance Remix 3:50)
  8. AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine 4/5 https://www.allmusic.com/album/madame-x-mw0003274282 Madame X is the rare album from a veteran artist that puts earlier records in a different light. Ever since the 1980s, the conventional wisdom about Madonna claimed she brought trends from the musical underground for the purpose of pop hits, but Madame X -- a defiantly dense album that has little to do with pop, at least in the standard American sense -- emphasizes the artistic instincts behind these moves. The shift in perception stems from Madonna embracing a world outsi
  9. Danish music magazine Gaffa published their review of Madame X. Here's my rough translation: Split personality from Portugal 3/6 https://gaffa.dk/anmeldelse/137968/anmeldelse-personlighedsspaltning-fra-portugal/ It's obivious that Madonna's fourteenth album, Madame X, was inspired by sounds from all over the world, serving you anything from Eurodance to Latin rhythms. Several songs are even bilingual, with Madonna singing in Spanish and Portuguese. Madonna has explained that the Madame X character has several identities. She is a professor, a home carer, a nun
  10. Danish newspaper Politiken published a 4/6 review on the cover of their Culture section. I haven't had the chance to read it in full yet, and it isn't online yet either, but they call the album the craziest experiment of Madonna's career.
  11. It's probably digital-only and hasn't been added to the store yet.
  12. Madonna - Madame X 6/10 https://www.clashmusic.com/reviews/madonna-madame-x Bizarre or bold, delusional or avant-garde, this album is guaranteed to make you feel something - good or bad, or even both... Expecting the unexpected is the wrong way to go into ‘Madame X’, after all, this is Madonna. If anything, expecting the expected (and then some) would be a more appropriate way to digest what really could be the most bizarre album of 2019. Madonna’s edge has always been the shock factor. When it comes to lyrics and music videos, she practically invented it. But ‘Madame
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