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  1. Msig

    Eurovision thread

    The venue and dates of next year's Eurovision Song Contest will be announced in September. However, a senior official of the Israel Finance Ministry stated last Sunday that the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds is the only site in Israel meeting all of the production requirements.
  2. Msig

    Eurovision thread

    Malta is getting its own version of The X Factor. The first series will be broadcast from October 2018 - it was just announced today that the winner will represent Malta in next year's Eurovision Song Contest.
  3. Apart from M releases, I've bought only a handful of CD albums in the past 4 or 5 years. And once I've ripped them onto my hard drive, I've never taken the actual discs out of their covers. I've also bought a handful of vinyl albums, all of which are numbered limited releases. Most of the time, I stream my music through Google Play Music, which also allows me to upload stuff to my own GPM library if it isn't already in their catalogue. I also have about 14K songs on my hard drive, which I listen to when I'm home. However, most audio files on my hard drive are from before 2016.
  4. Msig

    Eurovision thread

    7 qualifiers predicted right, out of 10. Serbia was a huge surprise to me. Australia and Slovenia weren't, though I thought they'd just miss making the cut. Here's the recap of the final, in running order. I think the running order benefits especially Cyprus and France.
  5. Msig

    Eurovision thread

    I was at yesterday's dress rehearsal of semifinal 2, once again in the Golden Circle. The musical quality is remarkably lower than that of semifinal 2. Probably the lowest-quality semifinal in Eurovision history. Anyway, these are the 10 countries that I expect to be announced as finalists tonight: Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine.
  6. Msig

    Eurovision thread

    I was in the Golden Circle for both Monday's jury rehearsal and the live semifinal. As always an amazing experience I managed to predict 8 of the 10 qualifiers: I had Armenia and Azerbaijan in, Albania and Bulgaria out. However, I'm thrilled that Albania and Bulgaria made it through 🙂
  7. Msig

    Eurovision thread

    Eleni is smokin' hot! Potential winner of semifinal 1! 🔥🔥🔥