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  1. I'm in the car (in London) and have Gaydio on. They just played an official tour advert specifically for the Glasgow date only, not the other cities. Bit random!
  2. ooooooooh

    London O2 Arena

    I think only on Fridays and Saturdays?
  3. Exactly: Madonna, booze and a beautiful setting. Perfection.
  4. I have a BA companion ticket to use by April so hoping I can get a flight at the right time. Yay!! Gonna try get tickets for Sydney and Perth.
  5. Surely even if she did 3 nights each at Rod Laver and All Phones that would be about 80,000 tickets sold. Nothing to be scoffed at and worth the visit! I wish she'd hurry up and decide as I'm waiting to book flights to Oz from London!
  6. It's the favourite track amongst my non-fan friends. I love it - apart from the auto tune parts in the verses which quite frankly are unnecessary!
  7. Do you think she will sell in Pink quantities if she comes to Oz?
  8. I felt really uneasy when she was fiddling with the cape for what felt like too long. I was worried it would get caught in some way but never imagined it would have been tied so tightly that she'd be yanked off stage like that. I LOVED how she got up, composed herself, and carried on. Legend! I'm also very pleased hardly anyone has picked up on the (very quiet) backing track which continued to play when she fell.
  9. ooooooooh

    London Hyde Park, 17th July

    Nice article promoting the show in today's Metro. Basically saying how she's at her best on stage.
  10. ooooooooh

    London Hyde Park, 17th July

    Saw some gays with suitcases on the tube this morning. Obvs the first thing to cross my mind was that they're down in London for Madgey!
  11. ooooooooh


    Hard Rock is to Madonna what Wireless was to the Hit Factory. I just popped out to collect some dry cleaning and it's pissing it down AGAIN. So boring.
  12. ooooooooh


    The woodchip has been laid in Hyde Park! I wonder how it will hold up over the weekend with this Hard Rock thing on in the park... fingers crossed.
  13. ooooooooh

    The MDNA Thread

    Has anyone seen the big digital billboards advertising the album? They really stand out and catch your eye. I saw one last night in Vauxhall in South London (what a very targetted ad placement ) when on the way home from my parents'. The neon pink looks amazing. There's one at the end of my street in Battersea too.
  14. oooooooooh la la