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  1. It's the favourite track amongst my non-fan friends. I love it - apart from the auto tune parts in the verses which quite frankly are unnecessary!
  2. I felt really uneasy when she was fiddling with the cape for what felt like too long. I was worried it would get caught in some way but never imagined it would have been tied so tightly that she'd be yanked off stage like that. I LOVED how she got up, composed herself, and carried on. Legend! I'm also very pleased hardly anyone has picked up on the (very quiet) backing track which continued to play when she fell.
  3. ooooooooh

    The MDNA Thread

    Has anyone seen the big digital billboards advertising the album? They really stand out and catch your eye. I saw one last night in Vauxhall in South London (what a very targetted ad placement ) when on the way home from my parents'. The neon pink looks amazing. There's one at the end of my street in Battersea too.
  4. oooooooooh la la

  5. ooooooooh

    The MDNA Thread

    So his thoughts are: It's a strong album. Very much aimed at the clubs again - kinda Confessions Pt 2, but in a good way. Will be on a lot of gym iPods. Lots of heavy dirty bass beats ("Gang Bang" and "I'm Addicted") and a lovely William Orbit track with lush strings "Falling Free". The extra tracks on the deluxe version are good as well. On one listen I'm really liking it. Roll on March 26th!
  6. ooooooooh

    The MDNA Thread

    My friend is at Abbey Road studios in London right now, at an official album preview. Some people have such fun jobs! I will write again if / when he posts news on Facebook.
  7. ooooooooh


    So approximately how many pre-sales of the album / downloads of the single would she have got in the UK over that 3 day 'deal' period?
  8. ooooooooh

    GMAYL video .... STUNNING!

  9. Awful! Shit song made even worse by the addition of that hideous and annoying (vocally and facially) Minaj thing. W-H-Y? MADONNA?! I can't see kids buying this, or gays in their 30s and 40s.