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  1. ThiefOfHearts

    Part II: New album discussion!!

    I hope to god it's her. If it is she's got another HIT on her hands. I LOVE it.
  2. I love how Diplo's cock seems to be getting a lot of attention in here.
  3. This is fantastic news. I'm soooo happy. :bounce:
  4. Oh come to London, Jan. Would love to meet you. Barneyb, Chelle and Cicatrix, Loomer will probably come along also.
  5. I'm still REELING at this news. I didn't think it would be done so soon.
  6. ThiefOfHearts

    Pretty Girl Seeks Rich Husband

    Love how he put her back in her box.
  7. ThiefOfHearts

    MDNA Album Thread

    Because they're being arseholes, that's why. Talk about "tormenting" the fans.
  8. ThiefOfHearts

    MDNA Album Thread

    *runs in* OMG!!!!!!!!! WHOEVER HAS IT, GIVE IT TO ME NOW, KUNTZ. *Twirls and runs out*
  9. ThiefOfHearts

    Madonna 2012 Album: NEWS & UPDATES!

    Neither can I. I mean, Diana Vickers and Alexandra Burke?