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  1. Did she just say in the next half hour or the last half hour?!
  2. She's playing Like A Prayer! Surely some Rebel Heart tracks would be better!
  3. I can see the chess analogy but I stillI think the meaning is ambiguous and purposefully so. Hence people have different interpretations. Thats the beauty of art!
  4. While I love the song, the lyrics are quite dark. It feels like M reflecting on her career and acknowledging to an extent that she's perhaps no longer the music force she once was in terms of sales and charts. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but the whole 'your queen's been slain - she'll never rule again' seems to be almost admitting defeat, making way for the new, albeit inferior, pop tarts! I also think this is the exact reason she didn't include it seeing as this album is almost a reassertion that she's far from finished. Maybe in the end she felt it didn't fit the triumphant message of Rebel Heart. Just my theory!
  5. She looks amazing but there is a district difference in the enthusiasm levels of the two of them that makes me laugh! He looks like he's struck gold and she looks like she wants to be anywhere else than in his grip!
  6. How much you wanna bet that she's asked when the Reinvention Tour is getting a DVD release? Don't get me wrong, I'd love it but it's almost passed into mythology now. I bet she barely remembers it.
  7. Does anyone know if Smelton has piped up about the incident? He was probably sat at home sticking pins in a Madge doll, desperate for revenge after his 'Masterpiece' humiliation. I don't buy his whole 'we're friends again' shit! He'd take every opportunity to stick the knife in!
  8. I want something gothic and atmospheric! Maybe GaGoyle could cameo as a ghost!
  9. I'm buying all three physical editions. Got to have the complete collection!
  10. Thanks for the heads up! I did look thinking surely someone must have noticed but clearly I missed it! Is it in this thread?
  11. Does anyone know why the UK ITunes release date for the LFL single is now the 26th Feb - the day after the Brits?! I get that they're hoping that the performance on the Wed night will encourage people to buy the song but I'm worried she's gonna miss out on a UK Number One single due to only 3 days worth of sales! It makes no sense after holding back the UK release until now!
  12. It's up there with the lack of Re-Invention Tour DVD! How does that woman still have a career!!
  13. Oh I'm looking forward to it alright - I've been looking forward to this era all year and my appreciation of it will not be defined by how successful it is viewed . But I still like to speculate about how this era will play out beyond the world of Madonna fandom. :-)
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