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  1. It's the old farts in show business that keep her going. Young don't give a crap about her, they don't listen to her that's why she's doing crap on streaming. Old farts think she's "cool" and that's why she licks their arses. Media hardly write about her personal life, her boyfriend cause it's BORING! She's no swifty or Katy Perry who's personal lives are always reported.
  2. Let's hope the new health bill will make these scumbags suffer!
  3. Oh thank you for these!!! Beautiful
  4. And yet you're in here checking this thread
  5. Yeah I just don't get how they get money from streaming and also most of these young artists hardly do world tours.
  6. How are these record companies making money?!!!!! Internet is really destroying everything
  7. Then what a load of bollocks! I love Katy but this streaming count is just bullshit!
  8. She better not jancel! I want to have a good laugh, she gives us the best gifs lol
  9. Let's hope her kid doesn't turn out like his racist mom.
  10. When's her tour? We should have a periscope get together and have a good laugh lol
  11. Not many comments considering other celebrities get thousands. No one cares about her.
  12. It's all business with this fake couple.
  13. Rumours she gave birth last Tuesday or maybe someone else gave birth lol idk
  14. Yeah and I'm sure the white guy has "mental problems"..
  15. Poor Blue Ivy lol Now she has to share lol
  16. ^^ Just shocking and so devastatingly sad that these 42 poor victims cradling eachother in one room :(
  17. I heard it's cause it's hard to identify these bodies and a lot of them don't have dental records. Thry have to be identified to be confirmed dead.
  18. It is a travesty that a simple fire alarms weren't installed in hall ways and these people complained about it for years! People have the right to be angry and get justice!
  19. Cultural appropriation gang are the worst!
  20. She looks like Donnatella Versace to me.
  21. Terrible! Scary for those victims. :(
  22. I always forget she used to be married to him.
  23. Oh Katy Katy Katy
  24. I love your posts!!!
  25. ^^^ Fantastic numbers for Katy, pleased for her.