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  1. It's nothing new. Her previous work is much better than this drivel.
  2. You could clearly see she was joking in the clip. Girl cant remember everything she said in the past.
  3. This! I hope some respectful producer/director takes an interest in telling Madonna's story now this is making news. I wonder if she knows about the documentry film, Emmy and the Breakfast Club.
  4. Has Dan Gilroy got his own film about Madonna? That would be more respectful and closer to the truth. Lets hope his film gets more noticed..
  5. She's probably got her lawyers on this! Sue them Queen!!!! Lol
  6. Haha ^ she's so silly! I love her!!
  7. ^^ well said That Cohen is one asshole of a bitch I must say. I noticed he tries to get people to be nasty bitches towards other artists/celebrities.
  8. He was at her Tears of a clown show in Miami. I believe he brought one her stuff that was auctioned. I believe they are probably friends.
  9. Maybe for MET gala?
  10. I was there last week!! I want to go back!!! so beautiful
  11. He worked on her Malawi documentary @elijah I am because we are.
  12. Wasn't this the argument for Trumpsters who voted for him. The hypocrisy of it all. Let's not give excuses for Trump, he is the president, not Hilary. He is making the decisions, not Hilary.
  13. One my all time FAVES!! Melts my heart
  14. Ugh!! Those fucking morons need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
  15. Glen Close and Helen Miran What a fabulous thread
  16. Should be made into a movie tbh.
  17. Will the remain vote for or against Theresa May? This election will be interesting.
  18. He needs to suffer in prison, execution will be an easy route for him.
  19. This wouldn't have happened at all if guns weren't present.