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  1. Lol yes he does and I don't this is it. His gf tags him and it's not this account
  2. Miley should be in A Star is Born not this turd. Joanne wishes she did this but she hasn't got the ounce of talent.
  3. And he is only 11 I believe? Can't be 11??? imagine him being 18, he is gonna be such a handsome young man. So protective of his mother
  4. Haha exactly. I just be in there thinking ARE THEY FOR REAL?! But I have seen some smart comments but not from monsters
  5. I know right but I love reading what they say, makes me laugh and think what a stupid fan base
  6. From 20 mins onwards till 39 mins.
  7. Miley Cyrus

    That's how you do it! ^^ FANTASTIC!
  8. Ooh I love this response to a Gaga loon from Atrl That's not true. I'm allowed to have my own set of standards for these kinds of things because, in the interest of being pragmatic, the end effect is more important. The risk factor involved with, say, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper's advocacy for the LGBT community in the 1980s was extremely high and could have absolutely destroyed their careers. In an era where the president himself would not dare utter the word "AIDS," Madonna made some choices that were arguably very bad for business and yet did them anyway. Peter Gabriel did the same thing with South African Apartheid in 1980. You can incorporate politics and civil rights into your work if you actually have something to say and are willing to do it for more than just your name. Beyoncé's use of Black Panthers iconography in a Trump-era society at the most American-as-apple-pie event of the year was extremely risky-- and as you saw, she got dragged through the dirt for it. Regardless, there is an intrinsic difference between Beyoncé's "Formation" and Lady GaGa's "Born This Way": It must be stated once again that Beyoncé is a black woman, meaning she has experienced these injustices first hand and will continue to face prejudice in American society for as long as she lives. She is involved in civil rights, the history of slavery, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, and whoever else comes along whether she likes it or not-- because it's a part of her. It's a part of every black person. Lady GaGa, by comparison, is not somebody who has ever had to experience discrimination based on her sexuality-- so for her to take one of the most iconic and important slogans of the gay rights movement and use it for herself was unbecoming, selfish, and wrong. She had nothing interesting, new, or important to say with it. She just took it and made the most basic, common denominator pop song-- that she flat out said was meant to be some sort of gay anthem. She can take her pandering and sit on it. Gay pride is not about Lady GaGa's career. So, no, they are 100% not the same thing.
  9. Oh please when will these coward acts ever stop! Thank god you're ok @karbatal and your friends. Heart goes out to those victims :(
  10. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    I know right! Use your normal real pictures M!! Your skin is glorious!