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  1. Has this turd tweeted/instagramed the Manchester tragedy yet???
  2. Wtf!!! How classy! Lol If Madonna did that to a fan, media will be screaming it's sexual assault lol
  3. God must be so proud of these religion nuts, NOT! They show no compassion, no love, just pure hate.
  4. Haha this could be from a film! Haha so embarrassing that it is real.
  5. And the GP will read her post and think WTF! Nothing wrong with what she said. The stupidity of some people, internet has really birthed stupid morons.
  6. Aw that was sweet and funny, I was grinning the whole time.
  7. I know right. Miley Cyrus posted a pic of Ariana and herself..
  8. Why? Arianna wasn't at the arena? Arianna not involved with what happened? Arianna not Madonna's friend?
  9. There are trolls out there being hateful towards Ariana. People have no heart and brain no more.
  10. Thank god she's ok. This is traumatising for these young teens..devastating what has happened.
  11. It happened at the exit I think so possibly the scumbag was waiting by the exit. Also bags are only checked, they're not body searched.. They have apparently arrested a 23 year old in connection.