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  1. Yes Trump go “run” in the middle of mass shooting please! Make yourself a target and take Pence and the other shits with you also. Assholes.
  2. Child could have had severe ADHD, a child screaming for 8hours is not normal at all. I suspect the child had some condition/illness. Now if that mother came down on that kid hard, she would have been shamed! Damn if she does, damn if she doesn’t. Kelly Clarkson should have been on that plane lol
  3. I’m sure the mother wanted to jump off the plane too.
  4. I guess it’s the in thing to bash him now Jeez! Give me Justin over Barlow Bore anytime! No lol
  5. Is his album officially out? How much has it sold??
  6. Just watched it, seems to drag on forever. Where else Madonna one, flew by so fast. Just seemed like a concert held in a club. His mic was on low, hardly hear him tbh. Madonna always gets ignored every year, just sad and disrespectful. She’s the one who rebooted the halftime show.
  7. Madonna is a strong polarising figure. Other artists can be controlled, Madonna can’t be. That’s why she always get a bad rep from media and conservatives folks but hey SHE’S THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TOURING/SOLO FEMALE ARTIST EVER.
  8. And this toooo! With French and Saunders in it.
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