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  1. What a good way to end the bad 2020! Hope rose from the ashes and stronger!
  2. I just watched it on TV. So horrible and scary.
  3. @Curtains I don't wanna be the party crasher, but it seems that you mixed the results: 1 - The rates are exactly equal to the ones you did at Madonna-Infinity 2 - Madonnanation don't have members with those names; they do
  4. 01. Colombia's Second Largest City 02. Cuz Your World Is 03. Everybody Knows 04. Not Everyone Is Coming (To The Future) 05. Long Way/Long Day 06. Dangerous Cravings 07. I'll Be 08. Louca 09. Alive 10. Life Is A Circle 11. Faz Tão Gostoso 12. Loca 13. Finally Enough Love 14. Rise
  5. Off-topic, but today Morna was included in the UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The power of Madonna X.
  6. Faz Gostoso. Bitch I'm Loca sounds like an inferior version of Bitch I'm Madonna (loca means mad(onna) in Spanish). I would have switched it for Ciao Bella or Funana at the official tracklist.
  7. Hmm, it seems that they aimed at a rhapsody, but something's lacking and it doesn't totally work. Maybe if it had more length, vocals and instruments, it would sound more complete. In my opinion, of course. My least fave so far.
  8. Eurovision was Madonna's biggest Google trend since Feb 2015 (the Brits fall, I suppose): https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=madonna
  9. In my opinion, her recent years team is a bunch of Yes People and that's the type that can do serious damage to one's success. A perfect example is the Aretha tribute speech; hours before she went to the MTV, she posted an Instagram muted video where they were doing her hair, make-up, etc, and she was reading what she would say (the paper with the speech text could be seen). Now, how come no one told her: "M, I believe that your speech is full of good intentions, but as it is it sounds a little bit self-absorbed, it's too much about you and too little about her. Maybe you could balance it more so that a backfire scenario won't happen."? No one told her this? Or maybe they did and she didn't care? Who knows. The truth is that it backfired badly and it did her image no good at all. One can say "who cares, she survived all of that, etc", but the legacy of these poorly planned situations (Aretha, Eurovision) is nothing but negativity. Madonna goes there, do her stuff and obtains little to none positivity in the end. This! And I find it funny that some fans make no big deal about the missing opportunity that was Eurovision and are now focused on Pride in NYC as if such event will do anything for Madonna (get the general public back, give her a good public image, etc). Will it be broadcast for 200 millions of people of different nationalities at the same time? I mean, for all I know, Pride is something just local and isn't even broadcast, am I right? The only events on the league of Eurovision are the Superbowl and mayyybe the World Cup and Olympics closing. As @Kim said, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so every scenario should have been thought for it to be a success; but, to be frank, we are very lucky that a 2015 Brits situation didn't happen again, cuz God knows what a video game final level the whole thing looked like: 60yo, innumerable stairs to go up and down, an eye patch to not see straight, heavy clothes to limit the moves, accessories asking for a wardrobe malfunction, a lifeless version of a classic that everyone loves, a non-single, I repeat, a non-single to promote a new album and a featuring guest that no one knows in Europe and that she had to take care for how much lost he looked like. It's amazing what an Herculean task it all was and how in the end the vocals were the only thing that went wrong. Madonna is a pro, there's definitely no doubt about it.
  10. Maybe cuz back then Madonna had Liz Rosenberg who could do damage control in a blink of an eye from backstage. Now she have who?
  11. In my opinion, the post 2001Madonna rarely, if ever, wins anything from collaborations. Okay that some performances and songs end up looking/sounding good, but, at the long-term, the ones that benefit from it are the featuring singers, the producers, etc, with whom she work cuz after working together they have Madonna name on their curriculum and that's a big thing. But, for her, what they add to her art is, most of the time, a footnote and nothing to write home about. The fact that Quavo mentioned Champagne Rosé as his favorite Madonna song can be interpreted from three points of view: 1) It is, in fact, his fave Madonna song and he just gave a straight honest answer 2) It's not his fave Madonna song (he had other one in mind), but as the other song that they did together, he lied and answer it in order to promote it 3) He doesn't know or couldn't think about any of her numerous hits and so just answer it cuz it was their first collaboration/what he could remember Which one I'm most inclined to believe that is the real one? The third option. But is this an exclusive Quavo thing? I bet not. If one asked the same question to Timbaland, Timberlake, Martin Solveig, Benassi brothers, Billboard, Kanye West, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, Drake, Anitta, Swae Lee, Dino D'Santiago and, I dare to say, even Maluma, how many of them could really answer a non-collaboration track or a non-safe signature hit (Holiday, Like A Virgin, La Isla Bonita, Like A Prayer, Vogue) as their favorite Madonna song? How many of them really know her back catalogue? How many of them worked with her cuz she's a singer that they admire since ever and how many did it cuz she's an world wide icon and a good name to be attached to? This is food for thought.
  12. What do you mean? Does she ever take them out?
  13. Candy Shop inclusion at MDNAT and RHT setlists is looking at you three.
  14. The Girlie Show Tour: October 4, 1993 - Tel Aviv, Israel (sixth show of the tour) MDNA Tour: May 31, 2012 - Tel Aviv, Israel (first show of the tour) She also spent almost a whole week there in 2004 with Guy Ritchie: I'm guessing that you did not watch the super interesting "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" till the end . Bad, bad fan.
  15. Heavy costume and eye-patch limiting her moves, grillz limiting her singing, a slow version of a dance classic and a new unknown song to entertain live 200 millions of people? Well, let's say that the stars were aligned for a flat performance. It's in situations like this that I feel that Madonna is for sure surrounded by yes people, cuz how come all of that got green-lighted? It wasn't bad per se, but, in my opinion, was just boring and unmemorable and in the end it feels like a big wasted opportunity.
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