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  1. IMO, the strikethrough ones aren't know by the GP. You forgot to name If I Were A Boy, that's a popular one.
  2. Favorite single covers from Bedtime Stories?

    You voted for them all, including the none option lol
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    ^ Is that an original? Sounds like:
  4. What are your favorite single covers from Bedtime Stories?
  5. What unperformed 80's songs would you like to see on tour?
  6. What are your favorite M songs produced by David Foster?
  7. Music from the tours ranked

    The only correct answer! Honestly, Music from S&S is probably my least fav Madonna's performance of every tour! That remix, those moves, the outfit, the background... horrible!
  8. Material Girl from the tours ranked

    1 - Rebel Heart Tour (Excellent performance, I love when the dancers push the veil (like a lost of innocence sign) and M's chat with the public after that) 2 - Re-Invention Tour (A great return, I love the video screens, the physicist interpretation of the song and the "I can't remember the words" act lol) 3 - The Virgin Tour (One of the highlights from the first tour) 4 - Who's That Girl Tour (Musically it works in the medley, but visually not) 5 - Blond Ambition (The tour's weakest number)
  9. Sorry but I need GAMBLER on the next tour !

    Was this her handwriting?
  10. Collaborations that never happened

    I remember reading in some 80's magazine something about a duet with Billy Idol. Right now, this is all I can find: When asked in the mid-80s which male singer she thought she could record a song with, Madonna suggested “Billy Idol… because we’re both white and plastic and blond.” https://ifyouwerethere1980s.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/released-today-in-1984-eyes-without-a-face/
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Is this really Madonna? I'm asking cuz I remember that some months ago there was a movie about her being made and the actress looked a lot like M and I think that this picture was one of the pictures from the set.
  12. Your top 5 favorite Madonna movies?

    Only ranking movies, not character/acting: 1 - Truth or Dare Who's That Girl 2 Swept Away 3 Body of Evidence 4 Dick Tracy 5 The Next Best Thing