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  1. Yes! Between Candy Shop and Bitch I'm Madonna! Could you imagine?
  2. #JusticeForBedtimeStoriesEra
  3. I love 4 Minutes! The message is great and the video is fantastic! And it should have been part of the Superbowl setlist! I agree, but... Like A Prayer was skipped in 1993 and 2001.
  4. Oops! Fixed!
  5. What are your favorite performances from Drowned World Tour?
  6. Cats? Last week she was wearing an outfit covered with dogs...
  7. The Brunet Goal Tour!
  8. Wasn't Drowned World Tour stage inspired by Ricky Martin's Livin' la Vida Loca Tour (1999-2000)? From a quick look at youtube videos for his tour, I can see 3 large video screens on stage but they all show the live show, not videos made for the concert like Mer Girl or Paradise (Not For Me).
  9. What's your favorite "Beautiful" song?
  10. Probably not a popular opinion, but I always felt that You'll See is one of Madonna's most well-known singles. Once out of the signature hits territory, You'll See must be one of the first songs that average Joe can name or recognize. Am I wrong?
  11. I can't wait to bump this comment after the opening show of Madonna Stadium Tour 2018-19, where she does CAC on electric guitar for sure! All your gifs!
  12. So, I was watching some rare Madonna clips and I noticed something different in this rap footage from American Life music video making of. It is a scene that didn't make the final cut in both the censored and uncensored versions, where it was replaced with scenes from the flag version. But what really caught my eye was that Madonna seems to do doing sign language. Am I right? Here's the scene: And here's what she's singing while doing the signs: I'd like to express my extreme point of view I'm not Christian and I'm not a Jew I'm just living out the American dream And I just realized that nothing Is what it seems How cool! What a pity it was left in the editing room lol.
  13. Will it just be a mathematic/scores rank or will we do write ups like we did with the official 2016 MadonnaNation top 40?