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  1. IMO, the strikethrough ones aren't know by the GP. You forgot to name If I Were A Boy, that's a popular one.
  2. What unperformed 80's songs would you like to see on tour?
  3. Music from the tours ranked

    The only correct answer! Honestly, Music from S&S is probably my least fav Madonna's performance of every tour! That remix, those moves, the outfit, the background... horrible!
  4. Material Girl from the tours ranked

    1 - Rebel Heart Tour (Excellent performance, I love when the dancers push the veil (like a lost of innocence sign) and M's chat with the public after that) 2 - Re-Invention Tour (A great return, I love the video screens, the physicist interpretation of the song and the "I can't remember the words" act lol) 3 - The Virgin Tour (One of the highlights from the first tour) 4 - Who's That Girl Tour (Musically it works in the medley, but visually not) 5 - Blond Ambition (The tour's weakest number)
  5. Sorry but I need GAMBLER on the next tour !

    Was this her handwriting?
  6. What do you think of Gloria Estefan?

    I didn't know about her tour acident. The photos in Google Images look scary. I like her. I don't know all her discography, but the singles that I've heard of I like: Anything For You Don't Wanna Lose You Here We Are Bad Boy Rhythm Is Gonna Get You Reach
  7. In which tours should M have sung Spotlight?

    The Virgin Tour and Who's That Girl Tour aren't listed for chronologic reason. Spotlight was done long before the WTG tour launched, but the song was only released to the public after that. And, at the time, Madonna didn't include outtakes, demos or b-sides in her tours setlists.
  8. Spotlight remains one of the few Madonna singles that has never been sung on tour; but, did it fit into any of the past setlists? In which tours should M have sung Spotlight?
  9. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

    1. BAT 2. TGST 3. MDNAT 4. RIT 5. S&ST When was that tour?
  10. Sorry but I need GAMBLER on the next tour !

    Yes! The stars are aligned! It's the right moment for Gambler's triumphant return!
  11. Vogue from the tours ranked

    Some must be on the top, right?
  12. Vogue from the tours ranked

  13. 90's: Favorite Tour Sections?

    Art Deco with more votes than Dick Tracy? How?
  14. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    What a career change that would be for Louise Oriole: a former high-powered and successful Manhattan female executive turned into a Cyber-Punk/Geisha/Cowgirl/Ghetto-Pimp lol .