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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    What is she singing?
  2. Let's discuss and see if we can agree about what we think that the general public knows about Madonna. For that, let's considerate the general public as a non-fan average Joe, someone who knows about world news but that doesn't follow or own any Madonna work and all that he knows about her is through the so-called Pop Culture. For that, we'll divide such knowledge into sections: The Person Famous and controversial female singer, with blonde hair, tooth-gap, muscles and a mole (her main visual is recognizable, but, sometimes, it seems to be mixed with Marilyn, as both are the image to famous blonde woman). Her "old" age also seems to be common knowledge. But, does the GP know that Madonna is her real name and not a stage one? That she's from Michigan and not from New York, despite her street smart persona? That Madonna was married to Sean and Guy or that's forgotten? What about that she lost her mother at 5y? The Singles Like A Virgin is her signature song. Material Girl, Into The Groove, Papa Don't Preach, La Isla Bonita and Like A Prayer are well-known and recognizable Madonna hits. Vogue, Ray Of Light, American Pie, Music, Hung Up and 4 Minutes were huge back in the day, but nowadays aren't they in the Oh!-I-remember-this-song! category for the general public? Secret and Don't Tell Me also seem to have some niche fans. Are all the others singles unknown, forgotten or thought to be sang by some other female singer? The Music Videos People know that she made good music videos and she's connected to the MTV era. And again, Like A Virgin is the winner. The wedding dress, the lion and the Venice city are a holy trinity in Pop Culture. Material Girl is quite popular as well, and so is Like A Prayer. What other Madonna music videos are the average Joe aware of? I'm not sure if Hung Up video is known among the general public; maybe just the pink leotard look and not the whole video. The same can be said about Nothing Really Matters/geisha and Don't Tell Me/cowgirl Madonna . The Albums Can the average Joe name a Madonna album? Perhaps if knowing that some of her singles are title-tracks, the person can say Like A Virgin and Like A Prayer, but, without that info I'm not that certain. True Blue, the single, is not popular like La Isla Bonita or Papa Don't Preach, so even if the album did sell 20 millions I don't think that its title would easily pop up as an answer by a non-fan average Joe. Immaculate Collection is one of the best selling albums of all time, but is it recognizable to those who don't own it like Thriller or Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band are? However, there's a Madonna album that I believe that did enter into Pop Culture territory without help from its title-track: Erotica. Not that a lot of people would name it, but, when it comes to album names (without thinking about title-tracks), Erotica is the only one I can see to ring a bell with non-fans because its release was kinda of a moment in Music history. The Tours This is a hard one since it is a live experience. But, just judging by Pop Culture, Blond Ambition Tour is credited as the birthplace for the modern, multi-media pop spectacle, so every once in a while it is mention in the Media, and the majority of the general public must know about its relevance/importance. Maybe the mirrored cross from Confessions is still remembered, but, other than that, the other tours stuff isn't general public common knowledge. The Non-Tour Performances The Kiss is one of those M moments that everyone seem to know about. What else? Superbowl, maybe? The Acting She's known as a bad actress, that's for sure. As for her filmography, Evita is the popular answer. Susan is the runner-up, but it isn't that well-known, is it? Truth Or Dare is too much connected with Blond Ambition Tour, and I have doubts if it have an identity on its own for the general public. I believe that all her other works as an actress are unknown or forgotten to the average Joe. The Enterprises Is the general public aware of the Hard Candy fitness centers? Truth Or Dare perfume? MDNA skincare line? Maverick? Books? The Achievements Fourth best-selling act of all time, second top-selling female albums artist in the United States, highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time, etc.. is the average Joe aware of any of this?
  3. 90's: Favorite Tour Sections?

    Art Deco with more votes than Dick Tracy? How?
  4. Favorite new songs on compilation albums?

    Thanks Pedro! Added!
  5. Favorite new songs on compilation albums?

    At first I was gonna include it, but, according to its info at Mad-eyes: This track was recorded by Madonna and Oakenfold for the Celebration compilation, but didn't make the cut in the end. It surfaced online in September 2010. Early 2012, fanclub ICON revealed a 12" vinyl cover for the track. Platinum members received a free physical copy in their mailbox. And Wikipedia: "Broken", the fourth song recorded for the album but not used, was written and produced by Madonna and Oakenfold, with additional writing from Ian Green and Ciaran Gribbin. "Broken" was given to Madonna's fanclub Icon's official members as a free 12" vinyl, as a part of their membership. It was eventually given to members in late 2012. So, it seems that even if Celebration project was Broken's birthplace, there was no longer a link between the compilation and the song when the latter was released. It was more a thank-you-for-being-a-fan gift than a new song on a greatest hits album. That's why I didn't include it.
  6. What are your favorite new songs on compilation albums?
  7. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    Oh, I thought it was the guy on the moon with Madonna lol.
  8. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    Who's that xkir5tenx guy?
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedtime_Stories_(Madonna_album)
  10. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    What a career change that would be for Louise Oriole: a former high-powered and successful Manhattan female executive turned into a Cyber-Punk/Geisha/Cowgirl/Ghetto-Pimp lol .
  11. What are your favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?
  12. The maze reminds me of Whitney's How Will I Know music video.
  13. Mexico's Fatal Earthquake

    How's Mexico doing, @Pedro?