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  1. This is very sad . I hope that they can save everybody. :(
  2. But isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Wikipedia itself is not reliable...
  3. Wow! Giraffe is such a popular animal that I wouldn't even guess about something like this! I hope we can save them!
  4. Selfies should be banned everywhere! Such an annoying thing!
  5. Following that logic, it will be a single
  6. Some fans really take Madonna relevance for granted just because she's an icon and have been around for so long. It's a fact that she's part of History already, everybody meantions her as a role model, bla bla bla; but let's face it, she's not perfect and yes, she can do wrong and become irrelevant and boring. And she's been doing wrong a lot in the last years. It almost feels as if she gave up of making good music and is living at her catalogue. It's like she thinks that whatever she puts out there nowadays, people will buy cuz she's Madonna. Which may be true. Numbers will appear. But not quality. Someone mentioned before that when ordinary people think about her name dance songs pop up in their minds, and that may be the consensus; but that doesn't mean that more serious songs equals flop. Live To Tell, Papa Don't Preach, Like a Prayer, TUTBMP, Rain, I'll Remember, Secret, Take A Bow, You'll See, DCFMA, etc, all were hits and are adult songs. But since 2003 what we're getting is Give Me All Your Love, Celebration, Revolver, So Cool, Hard Candy, Hey You, Confessions Of A Damage Control Album, American Life, Me Against The Music... it's been basically a decade of forgettable and embarassing stuff. And to blame the current radio/tv for works like Hard Candy or Give Me All Your Love isn't fair. Crap songs always existed and have been around, but Madonna didn't go with the bad flow in the past, so why go now? From where did this obsession with another BB100 #1 and to be talked among young people came from? It's impossible that a smart woman like she don't see the lack of quality and soul of her last albums and that that is pushing her true fans away. How many more shitty songs about dance can she put out and until when (even Frozen had a damn danceable remix in S&STII)? And why to see Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry or Rihanna as inspirations to attrack fans and not Adele, Robyn or Florence Welch? If this leaked GMAYL turns out to be the finalized track, she did become a parody of herself and maybe this is it.
  7. So, we expect the best (LAP, ROL), Madonna give her worst (HC, Celebration, Revolver, GMAYl), and she's a genious for that? Seriously...
  8. It's been not even a year since a song like that was released, calm down!
  9. I don't like the verse (her lyrics get worst year after year...), but the chorus is addictive.
  10. I understand that the hype is to high and I don't wanna be the party pooper, but let's not forget that Orbit and M last collaboration wasn't ROL album. There was something after it; something called: American Pie, Runaway Lover and Amazing...
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