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  1. Mexico's Fatal Earthquake

    This is very sad . I hope that they can save everybody. :(
  2. Which setlists had the best oldies & newbies?

    Who's That Girl World Tour newbies were: Open Your Heart True Blue Papa Don't Preach White Heat Causing A Commotion The Look Of Love Where's The Party Live To Tell La Isla Bonita Who's That Girl MDNA Tour newbies were: Girl Gone Wild Revolver Gang Bang I Don't Give A Best Friend Give Me All Your Luvin' Turn Up The Radio Masterpiece Love Spent I'm Addicted I'm A Sinner Celebration But, so far...
  3. Songs Covered By Madonna

    What's the history of Lela Pala Tute? First recorded (outtake/demo) and then performed at Live Earth or the other way around? And as for Evita songs, the ones in the soundtrack are the same ones that she sing in the movie or the soundtrack have extra songs that didn't make it into the movie?
  4. Songs Covered By Madonna

    Well, it is a song that was created/recorded by someone else first and that Madonna incorporated in her show. It's not a sample, the whole song minus vocals is there.
  5. Songs Covered By Madonna

    Or I can add a new section: Live performances of a cover that existed first as an official studio recording: 1993 - Fever (1956, Little Willie John) - The Arsenio Hall Show 1993 - Fever (1956, Little Willie John) - Saturday Night Live 1993 - Fever (1956, Little Willie John) - The Girlie Show 2001 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1976, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice) - Drowned World Tour 2008 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1976, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice) - Sticky & Sweet Tour 2012 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1976, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice) - MDNA Tour 2015 - Love Don't Live Here Anymore (1978, Rose Royce) - Rebel Heart Tour 2015 - Fever (1956, Little Willie John) - Rebel Heart Tour 2016 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1976, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice) - Rebel Heart Tour
  6. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    What about If I Had A Hammer? Anywhere to be found?
  7. Songs Covered By Madonna

    The Arsenio Hall Show Saturday Night Live The Girlie Show Rebel Heart Tour Is that it? Didn't she sing it at the S&ST request section as well? Hmm, maybe they should... I decided to add this one after all. She didn't sing it, but the instrumental was performed, so.... And what is she singing here? https://scontent-lhr3-1.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/18218457_128925884319316_6287513000978939904_n.mp4
  8. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Then, maybe you will enjoy Deolinda: And Ana Moura (friends with Prince and Mick Jagger):
  9. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    That's an oldie, but done in a very new school way (aka happy). In its roots, Fado is sad. The closer that Madonna ever got to it in her discography was Frozen. Some of my favs: Mariza - O Tempo Não Pára (so sad ) Mariza - Oh Gente Da Minha Terra (an instant classic) Dulce Pontes - Canção Do Mar (original from Amália Rodrigues, but this cover's popularity is bigger)
  10. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    This Madonna photo from 2000 did always remind me of this classic one from Amália Rodrigues (Fado's Queen):
  11. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    But don't worry, you wilk speak it fluently after listening the opening track of M14: "Portuguese Lesson".
  12. Songs Covered By Madonna

    What about Deeper And Deeper's line "When you know the notes to sing you can sing most anything", from Do Re Mi? Should it be added as based on/inspired by or doesn't count as a cover at all since the melody isn't the same?
  13. Lola Front row jeremy scott fashion show. Nyc

    What does Lola's R tattoo stands for?
  14. Songs Covered By Madonna

    Gif ilustrating Sky Fits Heaven editing the thread and Crystal Coffin's notifications coming up, minute after minute: Jk Thanks!