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  1. How curious is that The Beatles have a classic called Lady Madonna and that through Madonna's career she did work with the four of them. George Harrison Although not a blockbuster movie, Shangai Surprise was produced by the quiet Beatle. John Lennon Well, he was dead when Madonna appeared in 1982, but, like it or not, Imagine was one of the Re-Invention World Tour highlights. But not only. Paul McCartney Madonna presented Video of the Year with him at the 1999 VMAs. And Madonna's best friend Stella is his daughter. And the Queen and the Sir seem to have a good friendship as well. Ringo Starr As she did with Lennon, Madonna also covered a song from The Fab Four's drummer, in 1998. With a Little Help From My Friends is one of the few songs just sung by Ringo when he was a Beatle. And last but no least, here's Madonna singing a Hard Day's Night: (which title was an accidental creation of Ringo, according to Paul). I love The Beatles!
  2. A 1985 Madonna stunt dressed as Madonna from 2001.
  3. Oh, good times. I rememeber when we (fans) saw this picture with the cross in the background and how we all went crazy.
  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much!
  5. From what I heard, I liked the covers of Can't Stop and Love Makes The World Go Round.
  6. In your opinion, what are Madonna's stronger and weaker studio albums lyrically?
  7. Take a Bore Forbidden Love' inclusion on STR was intended. It was supposed to be BS last single/STR first single and so working as a bridge between the two projects.
  8. Have you ever had a Madonna themed birthday cake?
  9. What are your favorite live performances of La Isla Bonita?
  10. What? Why? Love Tried To Welcome Me is one of my favorite Madonna songs since I bought Bedtime Stories; Top10 definitely! It is sad, haunting, beautiful and a great theme-sequel to Love Don't Live Here Anymore! I don't even know what I love more about it: if the music or the lyrics!
  11. Nothing Really Matters remains one of the few Madonna singles that has never been sung on tour; but, did it fit into any of the past setlists? In which tours should M have sung Nothing Really Matters?
  12. Bad Girl remains one of the few Madonna singles that has never been sung on tour; but, did it fit into any of the past setlists? In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?
  13. Lyrically: American Life probably will be the most answered one Bitch I'm Madonna belongs here as well, although, IMO, Madonna here is not herself per se but a statement, a way of life Miles Away, to a less extent Material Girl? Even herself can't relate to the song lol Revolver, maybe Musically: Give Me All Your Luvin' annoyed a lot of people back in the day lol
  14. In your opinion, which Madonna singles were not that relatable to the average Joe? Those ones which music and lyrics weren't universal and kinda alienated listeners?