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  1. It's all in how you phrase a statement and your intent when you say or write something. I'm the first to awknowledge that judging a lot by a few isn't right.. however in this case, I think we can all agree that madonna nation is a family, and the focus shouldn't be on certain statements that members make in reference to this situation in Charlottesville. We stand with the white members here because they are on our side. They shouldn't feel attacked or hurt because the statements don't apply to them. I'm pretty sure that whats being said apply to the white people who support discrimination and are openly racist, which in this country are MORE than a few. madonna nation largely stands for love and equality. I just think that the focus is being shifted.
  2. It's reallly annoying that white people on this board feel like they are getting attacked or their race is getting attacked because of GENERAL statements. If you know that arguably a good chunk of your race is problematic, why are you fussing about generalizations? I could see if the people on this forum are saying that white people need to die or any other extreme statements..
  3. My post to him was deleted, I guess to make an argument less likely sorry for the off topic Kim
  4. If she doesn't, she's just as bad. Supporting racism is wrong! Period.
  5. If you support a racist, you're racist. THATS offensive.
  6. I get what you're saying, I do. But this man incites hate. People like him shouldn't have the right to freedom of speech. They shouldn't have a universal platform if they are going to promote bigotry and violence. It should be unconstitutional to do such a thing. We've moved past this, and white supremacists like him and the KKK are holding us back.
  7. Let's use puds logic everyone! hitler was exercising freedom of speech with the way he felt about Jews. We just have to deal with it! The holocaust was ultimately a result of freedom of speech. I get it now. segregation was FREEDOM OF SPEECH guys! Black people being inferior are opinions we just have to accept! People thought we should be separated by race who are we to condemn them for their OPINION? , we're ignorant for that!
  8. Saying that black people are ghetto which is a stereotype, and inciting hate is freedom of speech? Saying they are poor and can't afford shoes, how they are stupid? You SUPPORT THAT? pud, I'm so disappointed in you. This really hurts me. How you can sit here and defend racism against my race, hatred and bigotry and disguise it as freedom of speech. It breaks my heart. I cannot believe you
  9. That milo man is a RACIST! He's a racist! That's not free speech that's HATE! How you can you support that? Do you know the things he's said about black people? How he taunted them at a speech at a college saying that he fucked all of their brothers and that they are GHETTO? Again how can you support that???! Are you racist pud?
  10. I thought you blocked me? but seriously I know conservatives that not only practice tolerance but are respectful. Trashing Michelle Obama when she has done nothing to deserve it, but condemning people who trash trumps wife and supporting racists and not calling things out when they're right in front of you is horrible. do you know that Donald trump has RACISTS in his cabinet??? RACISTS AND BIGOTS. People backed by the KKK! How can you still praise trump when this is a known fact?
  11. You guys are PATHETIC! Grow up!
  12. "Let's talk about how what Obama did was worse! Even though he's not in office! What trump does doesn't matter!1!1!1!"
  13. He loves women but he just called Madonna disgusting and went off on Meryl Streep for having an opinion. He loves women but he said he would grab a woman by the pussy. He loves women but he's stopping funding on abortions and birth control. jesus
  14. Why do trump supporters have to rebuttal with things Obama done every time trump does something horrible? Are we 12 or something around here? Jesus
  15. So...are we gonna criticize him for this ridiculous Muslim ban, or he's still the best president in the world?
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