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  1. I let it sit tucked away for a while. I’m re listening and the songs are really hitting different guys. To think that she did this 30 years into her career. Our queen is like non other!
  2. When I first listened I felt disjointed. But then I kept listening and I connected to Killers so passionately I seriously just felt myself enlightening to the experience of the album. With time you’ll get there, trust me. with that being said for me this is a mood album. I try not to listen to it too often because it truly is an experience. and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m so proud to stan this woman.
  3. I sucked myself back into atrl and I’m feeling this way right now. People who ARENT fans are always the ones putting her on this insane pedestal talking about how she hasn’t made a great album in over 10 years...disguising themselves as people who truly care when they DONT. I of course have gotten better with handling the negativity because I love her so much and it’s kind of not healthy to get so wrapped up, but it gets very hard sometimes
  4. Do you happen to have a link? I like when instead of don’t hang your shit on me, it’s the loud bang. It’s always gave the song a little more spunk to me
  5. Lyrically though, those three songs that she have released have been fantastic and have also had emotion and creativity..very mature and sublime with beautiful uplifting messages and laid back production. She’s been getting a lot of praise. I’m really proud of her.
  6. Is she not releasing another single before the album? I swore there was another ballad she was gonna release
  7. Nobody I know is talking about it which is why I can’t really relate to the feelings others are presenting so I apologize if I sound insensitive. so many people in my crowd are spouting so much positivity about her new songs and era so it sucks to come off of that air and come here and see so much didsapointment.
  8. I GET IT. I do! There’s been performances controversies and things Madonna has done that has made me feel the same that were on a different level. So I understand. But I just feel like we as Madonna fans should expect that she’s gonna fuck up sometimes and upset us because she’s human. I just don’t want us to dwell on it. We’ve got so much to look forward to. I used to let her disappointments get to me really bad but I learned to look past it because underneath it all Madonna is my most favorite artist in the world, not my mom. I want better for her when things go dire but what can you do other than voice your disdain and hope for better moving forward? I just don’t see this as career altering or life changing. I see it as a mis step in her career she can bounce back just like everything else. That’s it.
  9. Why can’t you express how you feel without insulting me?
  10. It might. I can’t imagine how Madge must feel with having a clear vision of how she wanted things to go, and it not going the way it was supposed to go in her eyes. But she always bounces back bigger and better. It’s a lesson learned and a chance to improve even at this stage in her career
  11. I wonder if that’s why people left this forum? Because people really do love to hurl insults at people for no fucking reason..
  12. Furthermore this is not a tragedy! It’s SIMPLY a bad performance. My point is it’s not the end of the world. Although I don’t think beside the vocals that it was that bad in the slightest.
  13. Honey, idgaf that you think my posts are embarrassingly stupid...I said my peace and I’m done. I don’t see the big deal about a misdirected Eurovision performance because there’s bigger things to worry about. the insults are not a good look
  14. I understand that Europe is a whole other force, and Eurovision is a big deal, but honestly think about it. Even if she did what everybody wanted, people would still call it rubbish because she’s madonna. There’s still people calling her Super Bowl performance trash. People HATE Madonna. She could find a cure for cancer and it wouldn’t change a thing. But I understand the disappointment.
  15. I just don’t understand it. I used to get upset about things like this...but Madonna is SIXTY years old, still giving us controversial thought provoking performances and concepts of art for her music. She could have easily turned into tribute to herself and released pop bubble gum music with Ariana grande and sing about sunshine and rainbows to please the masses. Hell, she could even lip sync for the rest of her career. but that’s never been what Madonna is about. She hasn’t been a universally liked superstar since like a virgin, because she decided to stand up for what she believed in after that and turn into a STRONGER SHIT TALKING PHENOMENAL ARTIST. Look at all of these boring fucking artists like Celine dion and Barbara Streisand and Janet Jackson who suck the GP ass and never do anything shocking or thought provoking and use playback all day everyday. Seriously have we ever heard Janet Jackson sing live? EVER? im so past the disappointment. Madonna is a universal, global achievement. A superstar. A statement in itself. A STANDARD. Nobody else would have the guts to go to a fun campy watered down music show and perform and speak with a message but her. She will never be boring, she will never be predictable, she will never be “oh I’m gonna smile and do la isla Bonita with a smile on my face to make people who don’t give a shit about me happy” shes madonna! That’s why I love her. And that’s why I always will. And that’s why this shit dosent bother me
  16. Do y’all remember when Madonna kissed drake and got backlash? ...who’s talking about that now? Exactly
  17. Honestly, and I’ll get flack for this..Madge has never been a consistent live vocalist. EVER. She has sounded bad on many occasions and I have not once cared. Because it’s not for everybody. The fact that she attempts it is courageous in itself because I feel like she even knows it can go either way. But we all know she can singZ People have ALWAYS said she can’t sing. She’s always had performances on a high popularity level that were big where she’s fucked up vocally. This is nothing new. She’s fucking Madonna for Christ sake. She released..a SEX BOOK AND GOT NATIONAL BACKLASH. Why are people not used to this? Why are people caring this much? Do we know how long she’s been around..how can her career suffer from this when she’s been through worse? Seriously what the fuck is the big deal?
  18. Which is exactly why people left. I truly don’t give a fuck about eurovision, the performance was ok. People are justifying their blatant horror over this because they live in Europe when Madonna has been through far worse. Madonna breathes and people fucking hate it. You guys make me sick here. Move tf ON!
  19. Not necessarily ashamed, but pleasantly surprised that this is my all time favorite from the ones she’s released. and can we talk about Quavo? His feature was so tasteful!
  20. It’s quite telling when Madonna fans are the only ones complaining about a performance. I literally have not seen one negative comment or reaction from casual and non fans.
  21. Didn’t you already post you didn’t like it?
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