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  1. She should have done this song st the Super Bowl
  2. Most of my followers actually agreed that madonna was a better artist than Whitney. I didn't really see a lot of negativity on my end which was great. A lot of people also recognized, that madonna was damn sure not referring to whitneys voice, but her material. Because let's be real here, Whitney was no artist. She had RAW talent, a gift that she used when things were given to her. And I doubt madonna wanted to be that much out of control, depending on others and just relying on ONE thing that you're good at.
  3. Bedtime stories, Erotica, Music and AL are up there lyrically for me. As cringe worthy as the AL lyrics are, I connect deeply with them for some reason. weakest I'd say would be MDNA.0
  4. Ummmm the production of madonnas version of nothing fails is totally different from the original. She did more than a slight change, she altered the way the lyrics were sung, changed a few lyrics and added a damn choir. lol that's what producing is. You guys are annoying. She deserved her writing credit.
  5. The second photo is simply stunning.
  6. Her tour is definitely downgraded now. All areanas.
  7. Lol who cares about her numbers. Madonna, set the STANDARD. Are people really upset or worried? She holds the record for people viewing her show more than the Super Bowl. The first time that's happened. Why are people really making a fuss?
  8. I was expecting her to do something that competed with madonnas show. Hell, even madonnas entrance. it was OK. Serverly stale. Something definitely was missing.
  9. I was just playing around geez why do you all take things so literal lol
  10. I wonder if you will since you're the obvious fan
  11. My post to him was deleted, I guess to make an argument less likely sorry for the off topic Kim
  12. Why did Hilary win the popular vote then?
  13. I hate passive aggressive shade. Girl get on now.
  14. If she doesn't, she's just as bad. Supporting racism is wrong! Period.