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  1. Happy belated birthday to my idol!!
  2. HOLY TRINITY | Madonna

    Physical Attraction, Borderline and Holiday
  3. Mercy James Center Opening

    Beautiful news and pictures Keep them coming guys!
  4. I'm late to the party as always, but yep, congrats to her for that purchase! Looks like a beautiful home and might be just what she and her family needs right now, some new incentives, different culture around etc. Although I'm not sure how much she'll actually be able to venture out of her mansion As beautiful as Sintra is, it's also overcrowded with tourists...
  5. Katy Perry thread

    Hmmmm....I do have to give props to her for finally breaking away from that bubblegum-pop sound she kept relying on with her last albums. I think she could have easily scored many more hits if she kept on going in that direction, but clearly she's decided to head for something different now...That does take some courage However at the same time, I'm not so sure if she's 'there' yet...I'm listening to the album now and it does sound rather underwhelming So far, the 3 songs we've already got appear to be the strongest...
  6. No but seriously though, what IS going on with that movie? I don't think we've heard any news about it in the last couple of months, have we? Maybe she really did shelve it completely...I mean, even if she's busy with her kids, I can't imagine her putting the whole project on-hold, so it is kind of weird she turned completely silent about it. I guess she might have moved on to something else...Or probably that's just my wishful thinking coming through
  7. Britney Spears thread 🍔

    Wtf? She doesn't even remotely care about moving her lips to the backing track. I'm so sorry to say this because I adored her back in the early 00's, but she truly has become the epitome of a lazy performer...
  8. Ariana Grande

    Watched parts of the concert too, and even though some artists weren't really my cup of tea I enjoyed it a lot! Great atmosphere and many emotional moments I always liked Ariana, and I have to say she gained a lot of sympathy from me after this show - she really does seem to be a very kind, down-to-earth artist. I wish her all the best, she was clearly still shaken up from the events.
  9. This thread must be one of the most depressing places on the internet
  10. Miley Cyrus

    I have to admit, I was very surprised when I heard her new song. I found her quite annoying with her whole 'rebel' act in 2013/14 which appeared kind of try-hard / desperate to me, but this single is a breathe of fresh air for sure!
  11. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Doesn't really fit the topic, but when was the last time we've seen her in London? She used to go there quite regularly last year, didn't she? We always get the best pics of her there
  12. As funny as this report is, I'm honestly wondering, why is there a thread about MJ's personality every month here? Like, doesn't it get tired to mock at the same thing and repeat the same jokes over and over again since 2005? Oh well...
  13. Katy Perry thread

    So I've never followed Katy's career closely, but isn't she behaving kind of bizarre lately? I mean, watch this
  14. "Waving With The Crowd", please Or "Sitting On The Whole World" would do, too
  15. Never let you go

    Didn't we speculate some time ago it was about David Collins? The architect whose funeral M went to, some years ago...In any case though, I agree with vocalism, I think it's about a friend rather than her mom.