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  1. Yes, I agree with you on that point. Again, as with many recent issues, it seems to me like many are only thinking in black or white patterns. It's either "You must totally support all forms of protests" or the exact opposite. Sorry, but what does any of this in the below clips have to do with fighting against racial inequality? Protesting a crime by committing a crime yourself, as robbery and theft clearly is? And it's not just the big chain stores that got robbed and looted, as clearly seen here. Again, what does destroying the property - and in many cases the
  2. I actually do it find it quite ironic how she pretty much served us Dante's Inferno with her performance (and how everyone criticized her that it wasn't fitting), and one year later, look at where we are
  3. Just listened to it this evening again after a while, this is definitely growing to one of my favorite songs off the record. The variety of instruments and different layers give this song such a rich and full sound. From the Moroccan Gnawa rhythms (finally I know what that 'guitary' sound in the background is) to the strings, the trumpets, the choir... My favourite part is the build-up from the verses to the chorus, where the strings intensify and the trumpets hit. Gives me goosebumps every time. Underrated track for sure!
  4. Stunning indeed! Reminds me of the 2017 Vogue Germany cover, similar styling. Will look forward to reading the interview.
  5. At this point this is actually more of a myth though. I don't post too often in the political section, but it really should be pointed out that the problem of far-right populism has, as unfortunate as it is, become much much more complex than this. As an example, in Germany the far-right AfD became the second-strongest party in a couple of regional elections this year, but what really rocked the boat was when statistics came out showing who voted whom. Because, unlike what is often claimed, there were big amounts of supporters from pretty much any economic status, age and gender - women,
  6. Haha good on her for showing the lyrics, now we can also rest the case of 'fight against the anguish vs. English' I'd greatly appreciate a lyrics sheet for Come Alive next, I can never understand what she's mumbling in the pre-chorus
  7. You guys remember this small clip from the Apple Music Interview back in April? We never got to see more of it, and I was wondering if they're ever going to show sth more...well, I checked on Apple Music now and they have put up two more clips. One she's talking about Dark Ballet and in the other one she gets asked which previous era was Madame X inspired by the most (hint, she doesn't give a clear answer haha) I can't link but just check it out for yourself if you've subscribed there
  8. Thank you! Sounds very interesting indeed. I might check it out for myself now!
  9. Oh wow, could you tell those were older interview excerpts or is it brand new? Hope sb can capture the interview parts
  10. Yes, I get what you mean. Critical comments, those that are voiced respectfully, do deserve to have a place IMO. Sth I've always liked about the M fanbase is the variety of preferences and opinions, unlike many, and I would say, most other fan communities (of pop singers, mind you) that have pretty much turned into cults where all have to follow one line of opinion. (So also to @cocolattee, I don't see anything wrong with your post) The problem is unfortunately, at least from what I observed, many don't really know when the line is crossed which is why, way too often here, instead of cri
  11. I can't @ how this word is censored here now Anyway, wanted to add I loved her military style jacket. Her styling this era so far is totally on point to me.
  12. No way I'm ranking the Top 5, picking them was already hard enough. So, in no particular order: God Control Looking For Mercy I Don't Search I Find I Rise Come Alive or Killers ...or Dark Ballet, and maybe Extreme Occident Shit, can't decide!
  13. Yes I just noticed too and wondered what was going on....wtf. I never paid much attention to the discussions there, but they did have an amazing multimedia section with so many goodies and rarities. Some of the M stuff I collected on my PC over time I would have never found without that site. Hope they keep it online tbh. Anyways, yes the performance was great. My favourite was Vogue, perfectly executed and extra points for the live singing! (Isn't this the second time ever she sang the Vogue verses live, S&S being the only other case?) Using the spy doubles was a brilliant idea, she
  14. She‘s such a tease, playing IDSIF at the end but not performing it after all haha So this was the setlist, right? 1. Vogue 2. American Life Speech 3. God Control 4. I Rise
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