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  1. This thread must be one of the most depressing places on the internet
  2. I have to admit, I was very surprised when I heard her new song. I found her quite annoying with her whole 'rebel' act in 2013/14 which appeared kind of try-hard / desperate to me, but this single is a breathe of fresh air for sure!
  3. Doesn't really fit the topic, but when was the last time we've seen her in London? She used to go there quite regularly last year, didn't she? We always get the best pics of her there
  4. As funny as this report is, I'm honestly wondering, why is there a thread about MJ's personality every month here? Like, doesn't it get tired to mock at the same thing and repeat the same jokes over and over again since 2005? Oh well...
  5. So I've never followed Katy's career closely, but isn't she behaving kind of bizarre lately? I mean, watch this
  6. "Waving With The Crowd", please Or "Sitting On The Whole World" would do, too
  7. Didn't we speculate some time ago it was about David Collins? The architect whose funeral M went to, some years ago...In any case though, I agree with vocalism, I think it's about a friend rather than her mom.
  8. Where did you find it?? I too always thought the orchestral version never leaked in full. Too bad she didn't go for this version on the album though, I think the added strings would have elevated the song a lot. In its released version, it falls a bit flat...I still enjoy 'Masterpiece' though
  9. Ah, the good old ranking threads! I think we have these every other month, but it's still always fun to take part in them! Here's mine: 1. Like A Prayer 2. Ray Of Light 3. American Life 4. Confessions On A Dance Floor 5. Rebel Heart 6. Music 7. Madonna 8. Bedtime Stories 9. True Blue 10. Erotica 11. Like A Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. MDNA My top 3 is not going to change any time soon (and maybe the bottom 2), however all the other positions are interchangeable, really. To me, making a 'definite' ranking of her albums is like explaining dark matter. It's just NOT doable!!
  10. I think a reason many of us fans were so harsh on this album is because it was supposed to be her comeback record after an almost 4 year gap, so naturally expectations were pretty high and the album failed to meet them. Of course the extreme lack of promo, not just by her team but by M herself, added a bitter taste too. At the time of its release, MDNA really felt more like an "accessory" for the tour to me rather than a piece of work M spent much time and effort on. But despite its flaws, I think it's still a solid album after all. Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Love Spent, Masterpiece, Falling Free and Beautiful Killer are all great songs and absolutely on par with her previous work. It's mostly the Solveig tracks that don't work and drag down the album's quality. And, of course, it gave us her modern-day Blond Ambition (the MDNA tour) and a return to top-notch visuals
  11. Who else is in love with this track? I feel like it's one of those songs where listening really becomes an experience! It's like M is taking you on a journey...I always drift away listening to it. Such a relaxing song, yet there's something mystical to it as well. And isn't the chorus beautiful?
  12. I've loved it since the very first day the demo leaked! And yes I agree it's got pure classic Madonna written all over it I remember that interview where she stated she wanted her new album to be all about melodies again and I feel like Living For Love is one of the best examples - it's very reminiscent of the killer hooks in her 80's and early 90' singles! Beautiful and motivating lyrics too. I just wish she would have developed the song a little further, the original demo had a lot of potential IMO with the choir and the "Lord lord lift me" part and I feel like the released version was a little step back again. I don't want to turn this thread into a "was the demo better" discussion again though so I'm going to stop there :) Oh and the live versions were all amazing too, especially the Brits version, such a powerful performance! Especially adored the dance breakdown before the last chorus. The remix version she used in some of the TV shows as well as in the tour needed some time to grow on me, but now I really enjoy that version too. Such a powerful song in every incarnation!
  13. Sorry if my post is a little off-topic, but it's the same situation in most of the European countries, actually. In the 00's, up until Celebration, her new singles always used to get a fair amount of radio plays and the majority reached chart positions in the Top 20, or at times the Top 10. Here in Germany even Miles Away, with practically zero promotion on Madonna's part, peaked at #11! Then with MDNA it suddenly all stopped. GMAYL did reach high positions in most of Europe, but completely dropped out of the charts within a few weeks. Since then, I don't think there was any single that got even remotely close to her stuff pre-MDNA in terms of airplay and charts. In the case of the UK, ageism does seem to be part of the cause since, as others have pointed out already, several radio stations stopped playing her. However, seeing how M is suffering the same fate all over Europe, I hardly think ageism is the sole reason. She was already pushing / hitting 50 during Confessions and Hard Candy, yet continued to be succesful. No, there's definitely more to it and as jazzyjan has said, it all comes down to that LiveNation deal she signed, with Interscope taking over distribution. Ever since she's signed with that new label, her material has gotten the low-end treatment in terms of promotion. We always used to complain about Warner, but they did push her releases hard and made sure her music got 'out' there. I remember a few years ago how a member on here who was working at a radio station told us about how Warner sent them all these promo goodies as incentives, even for Celebration, and then once Interscope took over there was absolutely nothing. Add the incompetency of her team (e.g. releasing LFL mid-week in the UK and therefore cutting it off from two full days of sales) and it's not that surprising anymore why her singles are struggling. Unfortunately, as long as she stays with Interscope under the current distribution deal, I don't think we will see much of an improvement. Quality is not an issue IMO, Ghosttown was the strongest single she has put out in years, yet it too failed to make an impact. I hope once the LiveNation deal expires, she gets back to a traditional recording label who cares to promote her music the way she deserves it.
  14. Haha same here! I rarely buy magazines, but I can't wait to pick this one up next week. And yes, I don't remember any previous Vogue issue where she was on the cover (in Germany)... By the way, I just figured out why some of the pictures somehow seemed so familiar to me. They look pretty reminiscent of "Himmel ├╝ber Berlin" (famous German movie from the 80's), or at least it reminds me of it