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  1. The fire is largely put out now and the structure is safe. Definitely not burning to the ground, as the thread title implies...thankfully!! https://edition.cnn.com/world/live-news/notre-dame-fire/h_b65ed0ae7b1533f801dd7c989212497a
  2. Certainly not the end, but this is definitely going to have, beside the immense physical damage, a psychological impact on many in Paris and beyond as it obviously has such a landmark meaning. To see such a symbolic and visible building now charred and partly in ruins for several years is a tough thing to swallow for sure. It's good to hear nobody gut hurt, though!
  3. Looks like most of the roof including the large spire has already collapsed...This is going to take years and years to reconstruct it all.
  4. Just heard about it as well. That loos like a horrible fire! Hope they can put it out as quick as possible, but looks like there's going to be a huge damage already... Hope they could evacuate everyone.
  5. Well, that‘s a first. Can you explain how leaving a 28 state organization (and structuring xenophobic arguments around it) is opening itself up to the world? Britain is suddenly going to strike groundbreaking partnerships and befriend new nations now that they laid off their chains, or what? Are they going to conquer India again?
  6. The first time I heard the news about the cold spell in the US, I just knew this moron would use it to advance his claims against climate change. And voilá! So predictable, really.
  7. I'd be up for that! I think there are actually quite a lot of Berliners in this forum
  8. Well, if he really wants to take a page out of THAT book then he just needs to go back one chapter to the "Reichstagsbrand"...and there you have some inspiration. Although I really hope this is not the direction the country is heading to...but I agree with karbatal, it's not beyond the realms of possibility....
  9. Has this been posted here yet? You guys have to wach it, it's BRILLIANT!
  10. It's 10 minutes from where I live...been there several times the last couple of weeks. Quite shocked right now! Germany has been rather spared from attacks like these so far, but obviously it was always a matter of time before something worse would happen here too. So sad.
  11. Wow. These are some shitty news to wake up to! That guy will flop so much as a president. Oh well...at least people will hopefully come to realize he's as imcompetent as it can get and half of his promises will never become reality.
  12. This is brilliant! I'm sorry I have nothing substantial to contribute in this thread, but this one got me in tears too
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