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  1. Nonoka

    Michael Jackson

    Wow, that‘s a weird coincidence...2 days after his son‘s death anniversary... I always had very mixed feelings about his dad...On the one hand, he was the driving force behind Michael‘s early fame and most likely without him he wouldn‘t have had such an unique career...Then again, the trauma Joe inflicted upon his children (not just on Michael) by taking away their childhoods is pretty much inexcusable...not to mention all the violence they had to endure. Possibly Michael would have never gotten into that downward spiral, if he had been able to just live a normal life in his youth...So yeah, I don‘t know how to react to these news. Feel sad for the family, but not that much for Joe...
  2. Nonoka

    Eurovision thread

    I wish Europe was like this every day!
  3. Nonoka

    New Album Means New Tour

    As for the venue discussion - I absolutely can see her playing stadiums again in selected places, like in South America or in Asia as well (like others said, this is the new region she could really milk). But in places like Europe or the US, where the demand is lower and the market is saturated, smaller venues obviously make much more sense. I'd love something like a grand theatre tour! Like Tears of A Clown in bigger. Europe is full of beautiful, majestic theater and opera halls, she could put on a spectacle while still keeping an intimate atmosphere. Would drive up ticket prices obviously, but this is something she has never done before and could totally work, if you ask me!
  4. Nonoka

    New Album Means New Tour

    Yeah, I didn't want to say it out loud, but I too have my doubts whether she could pull off something like the MDNA Tour again, in terms of high-energy dancing over a longer period of time. And honestly, I don't think so. For isolated performances or a small-scale tour, then yes it's possible, but if she will embark on a longer tour again, I think she'd have to cut down on the choreography. Which is perfectly fine, she was terribly exhausted by the time MDNA ended, so we don't need a repeat of that situation.
  5. Nonoka

    Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

    Really like this one:
  6. Nonoka

    Eurovision thread

    I missed it but I watched the short rewind, didn't look like too many songs stuck out...I liked Portugal, Austria and Sweden (though that one was very by the numbers). Interesting to see Israel doing so well, I see Eurovision hasn't changed
  7. Nonoka

    Michael Jackson

    Sadly, with the state of things in 2009 - his extreme sleeping problems and the hazardous drug treatment he used as compensation - I don‘t see him lasting much longer anyway... If he would have gotten his health problems under control, then yes, we might have gotten the one or other exciting project...As VogueMusic said, This Is It was already a good start and and the hype around the shows also proved there still was a lot of interest in his career too. But if he didn‘t, his death was just a tragedy waiting to happen IMO.
  8. Nonoka

    Songs that you hate.

    ^^Well, at least Echo is cancelled now, so we won't have to endure the yearly ass-kissing and flood of awards she gets there...
  9. There's a full amateur recording of the Chicago show with a pretty good quality, I think it's one of the best audio recordings of the tour, apart from the Tokyo soundboard one. She played both Who's That Girl and Ghosttown that night, so that might be what you're looking for. Not sure if sharing links is allowed here? (maybe via PM?)
  10. Nonoka

    Songs that you hate.

    I still don't get how this became so big...I do enjoy a couple of her songs (especially the R&B stuff from the late 90's / early 00's), this is definitely NOT one of them. From 2009-11, you couldn't escape that awful RedOne production...it was everywhere in mainstream music Oh, and the most recent contender is definitely Despacito. God, people really do have shit taste
  11. I'd be up for that! I think there are actually quite a lot of Berliners in this forum
  12. This thread must be one of the most depressing places on the internet
  13. Nonoka

    Eurovision thread

    Is it just me or are many of the entries really bad this time? I know Eurovision has never been the place to seek out quality music, but occasionally there have been some standouts...but this time I don't think there is any memorable song
  14. Nonoka

    Eurovision thread

    This is so funny!
  15. Nonoka

    NASA discovers new solar system

    This never gets old!