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  1. So she's officially (morbidly?) obese now! Promise To Fry as the next lead single? Or rather Diet Another Day?
  2. It's not actually that bad, though...At least they cared enough to feature her, even in two shots. The real crime is leaving out all the other artists who were so much more important to the music scene than some of the featured ones. Where's Whitney, MJ, George Michael...?
  3. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    I've actually been listening to her debut a lot lately! Yes it's too long, some songs are terrible (especially the ballads, she has never been good at them), but there definitely are some smooth R&B jams on there... Love these!!!
  4. So I finally decided to give the album a try to see what all the hype is about (or all the flack, if we consider his thread ), and it's actually pretty decent. Obviously her music will never be even remotely as good as so many media outlets make it seem to be, nor will it ever live up to its success on the charts - but it's still solid, well-produced pop music if you ask me. Delicate, Don't Blame Me, Getaway Car, Call It What You Want, Dress, Dancing With Hands Tied and some others from this record are all perfect examples for that. I think when it comes to Taylor I would separate between the persona and the work she puts out...She certainly is absolutely uncharismatic, and I don't doubt for a second she's a back-stabbing witch behind all the fake kindness and victim-playing. But (unfortunately, I guess) she, or probably rather her team, knows how to pick the right producers and make her sound work for the masses (that's also the difference between her and Gaga IMO, with the latter both the persona and music have become unbearable)...

    I rarely rave about pop princesses, but I love what she's put out so far!! It's pop music done right: well-produced and catchy at the same time, and - the most important thing to me - does not sound like 90% of what's in the charts today. I'm sick and tired of this stupid "pop-drop" trend (these musical interludes after the chorus, eg on all Chainsmoker hits) that you hear on every other song now. It's not like this girl is bringing something really new to the table, but for mainstream pop it's definitely a breathe of fresh air IMO. These are my favourites, some of her lesser known songs:
  6. I'd be up for that! I think there are actually quite a lot of Berliners in this forum
  7. I recall seeing this before, but thank you for posting! There are quite many videos of the MDNA rehearsals floating around on the net....They must have shot a lot of footage (and probably did the same for the RH tour), it's a shame we barely get to see any of it. They could give us so much more than these 10-minute workshop videos!
  8. Yes!!! I'd be soooo envious of the person sitting next to her! However, after all she's probably better off sitting next to some business man who couldn't care less, because let's face it, most of us would be absolutely hyperventilating if seated next to her I know I'd try to start a conversation, but it would be the most awkward thing ever and most likely freak her out
  9. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Funny, I've been listening to this album a lot lately and didn't even realize until now that it just had an anniversary. So, happy (belated) birthday to Bedtime Stories!! I feel like this is a rather overlooked album, especially among her more casual fans, probably because it was perceived by many as a "safety release" after the hugely controversial 2 years that preceded it...In my opinion though this is really the underdog of her discography. It's such a smooth and warm-sounding record, always makes for a great relaxing listen. I find myself coming back to this album again and again. I'd say my favourite track is Survival, it's the perfect example for that cozy, warm sound that makes me love the album, plus, similar to Rebel Heart (the song), the lyrics really sump up what Madonna is all about. Another highlight is Inside Of Me, probably one of the most melancholic songs she ever recorded. It's quite somber, but soo beautifully dreamy at the same time
  10. I agree with the majority here, it‘s definitely Beautiful Killer by a HUGE margin! Also one of my favourites of the album and of 2010‘s Madonna generally Such a catchy melody and it flows so well from beginning to end. I like ‚I Fucked Up‘ too, but I feel like it‘s not developed enough...Could probably be a favourite of mine if they would have worked on the production a little more. Other than that...well, let‘s not go there
  11. Wow, that's quite a special anniversary, isn't it? Exactly 35 years since the very beginning of her career...incredible! I have to admit when I first got the debut album I wasn't too crazy about the song, I somehow felt that it lacked something, but by now that kind of unpolished quality is what I really appreciate about that song. And what's truly remarkable is that if you look at the video, she's already captivating - despite a low budget, and practically nothing going on besides the dancing. She's had that star power from the very beginning!
  12. Happy belated birthday to my idol!!
  13. HOLY TRINITY | Madonna

    Physical Attraction, Borderline and Holiday