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  1. Such an incredible album, I really hold this one so near & dear to me! Madonna truly is a one-of-kind musical artist to release a record like this so far into her career
  2. 1. God Control 2. I Don’t Search I Find 3. Ciao Bella 4. Killers Who Are Partying 5. Extreme Occident This really is such a spectacular album
  3. Completely agree with this, it really is a masterpiece
  4. I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, especially because it was my least favorite when the album first came out, but right now I cannot get enough of Bitch I’m Loca it’s just such a fun highlight!! But I honestly find myself saying “this is my favorite” to almost every song, so I know that this album is already something very very special in her flawless discography!
  5. I love this write up so much! I couldn’t be more proud to be a Madonna fan right now. I love that she’s not easy, that it really takes time and thought to understand her art and where she’s coming from. We will never have anyone like her again. Thank god we are on this ride with her right now, I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us!
  6. I am still loving this album so much, I’m starting to catch new sounds and textures in the production on further listens. This album is truly something special. Madonna really fucking brought it this time - not that she doesn’t normally bring it, but this one just has that “X” factor, that “magic” something.
  7. Maybe we could get Aldo Diaz to design the card for us? (joking )
  8. I love this song! It has that classic 80s Madonna vibe / attitude about it
  9. Ohhhhh that is totally not true! But I know we all digest music differently. I hope there's something on here you enjoy!
  10. Get Together is my username AND favorite song for a reason! It is....perfection. And I just feel that we are sooo so lucky to be Madonna fans. She keeps going. She keeps looking forward. She keeps experimenting. She keeps BRINGING IT. Fuck, I am falling down another Madonna hole all over again. And I am loving every second of it!
  11. You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion! And I love that! We all celebrate an incredible woman who inspires us all to live our Truth(s). But I do of course hope this album grows for you! It is SPECTACULAR! That's the beauty of Madonna - there's something for everyone!
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