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  1. Get Together

    For all of you who saw Madonna live, close up...

    Her skin is FLAWLESS I remember being in the golden triangle at MDNA during Like A Virgin, analyzing every square inch of her face and body....completely mesmerized by her perfection (I always tell people, there was no photoshop in sight and she looked immaculate) And yes, like others above, I have to comment on how POWERFUL her eyes are! At one point we locked eyes, and it was so powerful and so intimidating - there was so much emotion in there. Good god, she IS god!
  2. Happy Birthday!!! 


  3. Get Together

    Pet Shop Boys - Super [new album]

    It makes the song THAAT much better! Love this song, can't get enough of it
  4. Get Together


    I need the official tour dvd in my life NOW!! At least we have some bootleg gems to hold us over until then :
  5. Get Together

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    Sad my Houston plans fell through and I'm not able to make it tonight but Tony quoted "Modern Love" on insta today: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAc7lFjyxod/?taken-by=super_hero_tony
  6. (Top 3 in no particular order, and please note that I love ALL OF THESE ALBUMS dearly!!) 1. Confessions 2. Music 3. Erotica 4. Bedtime Stories 5. Rebel Heart 6. American Life 7. Ray of Light 8. MDNA 9. Hard Candy 10. Madonna 11. Like a Prayer 12. True Blue 13. Like a Virgin
  7. Trying so so hard to remain spoiler free! I've had to unfollow literally every Madonna fan page on Facebook/Instagram, I'm considering unfollowing her too, now I feel so isolated. At least I have you guys to whine and complain to! ONE MORE MONTH TILL I SEE HER!!!
  8. Is it "absinthe," then "mink stole" ?
  9. Get Together

    Hold Tight!

    Where did you hear this from?!!
  10. Get Together

    Róisín Murphy

    Can't get enough of this album! So good, too good.....Róisín's been gone for far too long!!
  11. Every fucking day, I can't stop!!
  12. Get Together


    I agree, I totally agree!! But I personally LOOOVE the final album version!!!
  13. Get Together


    DEFINITELY prefer the final version, all the way! It's great having the demos and all, but nothing beats the finished product. I think it's interesting that almost everyone on this forum seems to prefer whatever version of a given song they heard first, and claim that whatever version they heard after was inferior...... The demo listening process should only ever happen AFTER an album is officially released patience is a virtue!
  14. Get Together


    Can we please bring this thread back & celebrate this INCREDIBLE SONG!!!??? Definitely wedding album material....
  15. I FUCKING LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH!!!!!! This was so great to watch