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  1. TODAY'S THE DAY!!! Starts at 5:30pm, but knowing M, she won't show up until a couple hours later ....
  2. The official MDNA Skin instagram just posted this picture of my friend and me trying the stuff out back in October!!! Good lord I want Her to rub this stuff all over my body face
  3. Soooo...... I just got a call from my girl at the MDNA Skin counter at Barney's in Beverly Hills... She called me somewhat quietly on the phone and let me know that MADONNA is planning a special event at the store in B Hills on March 6th to come promote a new moisturizer not yet on the market!!! She will be there in person, potentially selecting a couple people in attendance to demo the chrome clay mask/new moisturizer on (sort of like the NY launch event back in September) I had to purchase a $250 product bundle to confirm my RSVP - the second option was a larger one with the whole set for $1200, and the first 2 people to pick this will get an autographed bath robe she wore!! (The loon inside of me of course pondered this, but i decided to give my practically non-existent bank account a much needed "rest") They haven't released info to the public yet, they're just going through their list of clients who have spent X amount of $ to determine if there's space to release for tickets I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!!! I know I swore this to secrecy, BUT COME ON - IT'S MADONNA IN THE SAME DAMN ROOM!!!
  4. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    So I went to Barney’s in LA yesterday...... Got a little buzzed at the bar upstairs, and decided - FUCK IT Bought the skin rejuvenator set and The Serum, and let me say, putting my Madonna bias to the side, this shit is the REAL DEAL Literally INSTANTLY you feel so fresh and plump and glowy and supple 😱 Yes, I won’t look in my bank account for a while, but damnit THIS SHIT WAS WELL WORTH IT!!!
  5. Her skin is FLAWLESS I remember being in the golden triangle at MDNA during Like A Virgin, analyzing every square inch of her face and body....completely mesmerized by her perfection (I always tell people, there was no photoshop in sight and she looked immaculate) And yes, like others above, I have to comment on how POWERFUL her eyes are! At one point we locked eyes, and it was so powerful and so intimidating - there was so much emotion in there. Good god, she IS god!
  6. Happy Birthday!!! 


  7. Looks like some women are still doing Madonna drag in 2017
  8. Honestly, I can't stop playing Rebel Heart lately - seriously one of her best best ever.....but I feel like I say that about every album! She's just so fucking amazing in every way
  9. Favorite Madonna song of ALL TIME

    GET TOGETHER (obviously)
  10. Just turned 25 last week, so I guess I'm in my 'Everybody' / first album era!
  11. 5 Favorite RHT Moments

    1. When M and the dancers re-enacted the Last Supper of Christ onstage as an orgy - people went NUTS!! That absolutely blew my mind and took my love for Holy Water to a whole new level! 2. Watching random concerts around the world on periscope as they were actually happening, so cool to feel a part of it so many miles away 3. Don't Tell Me being performed for the first time on the tour (can't remember which city), but seeing her in those amazing shorts, knocking over her chair and busting out into some classic M moves was instantly iconic 4. Definitely the speech after the Paris attacks and the impromptu show after the actual concert, what a brave and incredible woman. She is just so amazing in every single way. 5. Being a part of the Rebel Heart era, seeing her twice, and falling deeper and deeper into my Madonna love all over again! We were so spoiled with this album/tour! 2015 was indeed the year of Madonna
  12. Some Girls

    Definitely a highlight of MDNA!
  13. Favourite Music??

    Confessions all the way!
  14. Pet Shop Boys - Super [new album]

    It makes the song THAAT much better! Love this song, can't get enough of it
  15. I keep re-stocking my ToD Naked obsession every year! Thank god for ebay, but this stuff lasts so long I love it! Great scent, I'm always getting compliments