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  1. Everybody knows the damn truth...

  2. Guys, this might have been discussed already. But is there anywhere I can download the live performances in MP3 format - I just need the audio - not the video, thanks
  3. Do we know for sure if she is doing a medley yet? And if yes, how come we still don't know which songs are included?? :huh:
  4. I'm a sinner Beautiful killer Love spent acoustic
  5. Metacritic put all the negative reviews, she is down to 65 now!
  6. I think from my first couple of listens, this is my favourite from the album.
  7. This video is EVERYTHING i love about Madonna! Thank you M.
  8. I must say I'm very happy about the non leakage! Impressive. Her real fans wouldn't have leaked it anyway. Lol
  9. Well then that won't be a leak really as the album will be streaming online on various websites anyway.
  10. What's going on in the UK?? GMAYL remixes have been out everywhere and still no sign of them in the UK. And now this. GGW out internationally, no sign of it on the UK iTunes?? So annoying.
  11. I'm so excited for the acoustic version of Love Spent. Sounds beautiful.
  12. i'm so glad it hasn't leaked actually. They seem to be doing a good job, collecting mobiles and bags before the listening sessions. Love the building excitement and anticipation. I love the fact that i havent listened any of the snippets.
  13. Can I ask a question to members from the US? Apparently this ghastly boy band called One Direction we sent over from the UK is currently huge in the US. I think their album released in the US this week. There are rumours, they are so huge, MDNA can never top their album in 2 weeks time, any truth in this? I can't believe it, cause they are proper shite!!!
  14. A leak would be a disaster! I'd be extremely annoyed. The first leak totally ruined the excitement of the first single already. I don't understand why people do it!
  15. Thanks a lot, much appreciated.
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