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  1. If the tour is in september rehearsals would start in may/june, I dont think it will start so soon
  2. Wrong. Im sorry she was never a right wing favorite so those people wouldnt go see Madonna anyway, and the ones who would have seen her in past tours. RH wasnt selling as well as other tours (due to her own late starts and all stuff we already discussed) but still was almost half of the total grossing and where LN has the most power and has contracts with arenas , making the operation much easier instead of dealing with a promoter. Also the fact that the stage can travel by truck instead of planes, theres a lot of logistic advantages that touring the US has. + the fact that she charges per seat and is able to do those vip packages. In terms for charts I agree but her objective is to sell the tour always. So people need to see her in their homes again.
  3. First comes the gays, then comes the girls.... then comes everybody. With good gay buzz she will reach everyone
  4. I agree but Im not talking about herself as a person or artist, but more to the songs itself on these albums. I felt they were divided in “Fun” and “Mature/real songs”. And she’s the best when she does both at the same time.
  5. Im kind of over the duality theme though Hard Candy MDNA (different aspects of Madonna) Rebel Heart All deal with the rebel vs loving Madonna, I hope this isnt so straight forward
  6. Chanpangne Rose Candy Shop and Batuka feat Anitta. I just pray she has a good song and not a messy performance feat. grilss and rappers
  7. What does having a song with Anitta has to do with anything she fights for? I appreciate Anitta for what she does individually. But the collab only works if the Music good and thats what I need from Madonna.
  8. Honestly because M is much more photgrapher than those bitches who only go out with heavy makeup and red carpet ready
  9. I think the Film may have been postponed and thats why the era has been pushed aswell
  10. The only rightt answer is dance song, like hung up or celebration
  11. The blonde curls only look good from far away, but she looks great short and brunette because thats her natural hair aswell
  12. I dont think she likes that pressure of having to put on a mindblowing performance anymore ... Unless they pay her a lot
  13. How come she goes out wearing that and we have no paparazzi pics!
  14. I think these are just brolls for footage for the press and instagram/social media... Im not sure I buy the netflix thing. Simply because there is no indication someone new is working on that.
  15. Thats when you get GMAYL and Then we would also have Candy shop a lead single
  16. I like it, she never chaneller a mature hairstyle and it actually looks great on her, it doesnt age her either . Its her natural hair color and bring her face up When i saw the video of the location I thoight it was perfect for a photoshoot so it may be the album photoshoot or something tour related. I dont think a Mag shoot because its too similar to vogue last year
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