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  1. The fact the people write this thing proved shes still relevant it the media
  2. Of coruse she will , thats already implied
  3. What is next Her assistant brakes up with her boyfriend
  4. I think those selfies are from some video or photoshoot she wouldnt dress up for nothing
  5. Turns out she is doing a tourist commercial for Portugal and TAP will offer MDNA samples for their executive passengers
  6. She was touring in 16/17... she got the twins and moved to portugal in 17/18 aswell so she only worked max 2 years on this
  7. I do think using drag queens is a little overplayed at the point by pop artists, its like , lets get some gay credit and they hire them... gags.... katy perry etc... special if they stay in the background
  8. Even “Music makes the people come together” can be politial in this climate
  9. It’s all latin stuff Her team probably considers all the same
  10. My guess is mostly Mike dean, urban hip hop anitta maluma + 2/3 tracks from mirways with Portuguese influences
  11. She looks great and happy glad to see her enjoying her music
  12. There is also nothing wrong with product placement to pay for the video aswell... its a commun practice for big budget ones
  13. When Madonna educated us about art and had the best of the best working with her for 20 + years.
  14. Its not the garneder anymore Its Nunoxico on instagram who is the new video guy for ther team
  15. I have a big problem with this. These clips are very basic and the editing/cinematography is really uninspired, the filter and bad colors make it very difficult to connect with her
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