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  1. She gets thise 5 milions back with 2/3 tour dates she will be fineee
  2. People use stand ins and doubles all the time.... This is a dance performance with a horse, it requires specific training...it may e the horse trainer.... 4 minutes it was a double who was jumping in the cars too Who cares
  3. She looks do good in this interview its like she came straight from 2015
  4. Come on Madame X Is nothing new as they all come from the movie refference
  5. The best cover is the guitar one, i dont get why we need 3
  6. Its OK for me. I dont really have a chorus to sing and Too much Maluma. The lyrics are good but it’s not a standout track if you hear somewhere else. The production is interesting
  7. Maybe she finally will join X Factor as a judge for some millions
  8. So apparently is about MDNA skin X the moschino colaborarion like H & M X moschino had a colaboration too... dissappinting and what a fail
  9. Actually think that its the opposite She had a stable personal life and could really focus on work. Guy was “the wife” in that relationship
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