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  1. Shes doing Human Nature for sure , we heard already the kalakan/portuguese trio version
  2. I dont think she cares a bout performing in live shows/awards anymore. Dont know why she was even booked on this if ishes not willing to at least make it a promo tour show. This would have been perfect
  3. Of course it will sell out! Its a theatre tour... she did stadiums 10 years ago. Look at the decline
  4. I love that she keeps working but She is just destroying her legacy at this point, had she been more reclusive and made every appearance an Event we wouldnt be discussing this.Think of rolling stones how they only appear on TV when they are on point. There was nothing fierce about that performance, it looked like she struggled to keep walking and standing still, at least the BBA had a smile on her face even though that was a boring too. Its ok if she cant perform like she used to, we will never know what are the circumstances. But i feel there was no effort from her part in this performance. The fact that she choose such a bad song like future and had the nerve do bring quavo To eurovision when if shes doing an album inspired by portugal? Why not bring some of that talent there? Or is that a Lie? I dont think she cares about music anymore... Shes certainly not interested in singing or taking care of her voice. She looks uncomfortable on stage. The best moment was the snippet of music in the before the show interview... She wants to protest against israel? Why accept the gig on the first place? Why grills again? Why trap and RnB? What happened to Madame X personas? All I see is bitch im madonna 2.0... its even more shame because she does look great in this era, the face is on point. A lot of people were rooting for her. The gay community is eager for a Madonna song yet she collaborates with an homophobic rapper? Why not at least Frank Ocean? Its just frustrating to see such an Amazing woman make mistake after mistake and embarrasse herself for the last 5 years Had she done even La vie en Rose on her ukulele would have been more interesting
  5. Thats like the 4th time this happens lol
  6. The BBM performance shoukd have been at eurovision and the eurovision should have been at the bareback awards
  7. This was just a missed opportunity but this performance didnt change her career at all for a lot of people she still madonna
  8. Its probably Kevin Cassio Keyboard Antunes Nevermind seems like Mike dean is the new musical director for these peeformances we can barely hear her
  9. Disagree Shes being judged by HER choices A flat version of LAP and a terrible song like future with an homofobic rapper at an Event thats about campiness, cheerfullness and music. Messy staging, no idea what was hapenning and being lost in her own performance it was an Ok performance for every other award show but A real missed opportunity. She said she was inspired by world music in this album... I see nothing of that... clearly she couldnt give a shit about the event itself. we could have had a great la isla- medellin- holiday type of performance that would keep her currently and still celebrates her past...
  10. It was Ok, not as bad but a missed opportunity and she should never brought that rapper to eurovision. shes just clueless and Has noone to guide her anymore
  11. Damn we get all these pics already
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