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  1. Why is this back? Cant disney find new disponsable teen bands? how come people are still interested to make it #1??? I dont get it
  2. It's been the same rappers + taylor swift and beyonce for the last 10 years. It became a popularity contest and nothing about it celebrates music anymore
  3. Oh wow. If annie lennox can do it why cant we have this with Ms videos. they must have the negatives somewhere. Sad indeed
  4. Oh thats awful, not only for the costumers but an envriomental disaster I never knew about these practices
  5. It seems they went in to protect thenselves from the rain but then got trapped
  6. Its bad doctors because you could get the same procedure in a much more neutral way
  7. Well i think everything is 100x enhanced if your job is to be in front of the camera, so image becomes more important than your real. I dont think its degrading or desperation, its just human nature to try to relieve the past. obvious ken is an attention whore at this point
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