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  1. M at Eurovision?

    Its tacky for her
  2. Just the fact that se knows the lyric means she rehearsed at some point
  3. Madonna is working on new music.

    Having the album not leak is good enough
  4. Concerts for sure, M made her bucks at the best time
  5. YouTube reaction videos

    I really dont get this videos
  6. Is Courtney Love Referring to M?

    Courtney is a fan, she was even stanning at thr TOAC in miami
  7. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    The fact is she does have nice skin, she should show it in a more natural way
  8. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    Love her computer self
  9. I wonder if that was filmed at the same day
  10. The funeral was also in Milan, it was a full comotion. She was working on rol and just had lola
  11. So now we know why she wasnt at the funeral She was with donatella before that
  12. She looks like she cant wait for the show to end there