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  1. Do you have ur avatar pic its beautiful
  2. Didnt dicaprio donated something for rasing malawi in miami? she will prob go to exchange the favor
  3. I really wanted a video for this, i think it had true potential in 2009
  4. How come i never knew about this have to say thats very entertaining and unlike her other relationships BTW how many people she dated between 94 and 95 ??
  5. :( same feeling , i feel very nostalgic watching the CT because its not something old like BAT or Girlie, it still very currently and i was part of that era, at the same time i find it difficult to expect same level of performance in the future.
  6. Id rather she only releases new music when she takes the time she needs and the material is up to her standards. I have already 35 years of songs to enjoy.
  7. Omg she is really into the city
  8. Her baby is blonder than rocco and lola 😂
  9. Imagine how many boxes of stuff she has around her houses, around the 90s she prob had 5/6 houses in the USA alone and prob lived briefly on each one. Prob Darlene/christpher ended up with a few of them.
  10. Because there is letters and stuff for example the gaultier sketches that were sent to christopher and are at the same auction
  11. I find it appalling that those items like the LAV album corset and the crucifixes are being sold, thats should be in a museum, i bet gags gonna buy them
  12. The blond ambition sketches are amazing
  13. She prob doesnt care about recordings or corsets/outfits as these items are always in auctions, its the letters that probably surprised her and its clearly come from that Darlene person
  14. Why doesnt she has a publicist she shouldnt have to answer this