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  2. Well its REALLY bad music this top 10 I tried listening currently music yesterday and i cant stand all this bad rap rnb in everything
  3. So much money but the house is a tacky nightmare
  4. I think RH is a better version of MDNA mess, but both dont compare to CT and S&S
  5. her coachleaa stuff is a reductive of her superbowl which is a reductive of her career 5 years ago
  6. Why is it wrong to be selfish?
  7. i find the whole article pretty rude and made just to mock these people
  8. Yes but these are no Taylow swift or beyonce numbers I think she is investing her own money now
  9. Im not french so I am not following that so close. This actually surprises me! But i can understand why a lot of people want the extremist measures of le pen in this moment. After trump/brexit the world is going another direction for a few years there is no turning back now.
  10. The expression is not perfect, but this is better and more more sellable than all her other tour covers
  11. France has suffered a lot with terrorist and people are afraid, it is one of basic emotions of the human nature so this is more relevant than other issues for the moment and i can understand that.
  12. I wanna know how she still makes money... because its not though music if you consider how much is invested on her. i wouldnt be surprised if in a few years we get a "broke" and in debt surprise from her
  13. Sadly i think shes is gonna win for sure