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  1. Because she doesnt need to, she doesnt need a man to defend her. Neither another less sucesfull artist because they know she is making millions anyway.
  2. Yes, but the performances are very artsy and theater like, and a lot of underground songs Its not for mass consumption as other tours
  3. Isnt just because john wayne sounds like Joane
  4. Its very different from everything, almost as a new persona
  5. What does Macrom stands for?
  6. Yes, i know because i knew someone working for a rod at the time , she would stay at his place in miami
  7. I noticed that But the unshakira parts kind of reminded of somethin mdna would have
  8. Prob didnt even got recorded as a demo, she prob only submitted Move your body could work for M
  9. I support that, its like when she dated basquiat
  10. Its real, from the outtakes he was handsome and still very fond of her
  11. Thats enough material for us to speculate for years
  12. She visited her archives and showed the BAT film reels, thats why, if it nots a DVD she must have had a reason to go there
  13. Again this tread is about the uk she did 12(?) sold out arena shows in 06 in london now she did 1 and a half