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  1. It was around the same time late 16 early 17
  2. the implants arrived together with the twins
  3. Its her new ass get over it its not 2018 anymore
  4. This is the definition of Killers who are partying when people dont see the real enemy
  5. The shooting part is very intense and feels so real. One of her best moments in video its pure cinema when it plays against the hapinnes of the song
  6. I love how clear the message is and how specific , its not like future where is too general. this one is very well done. very amazing for her
  7. I Agree very well done for her Amazing song great editing Its PURE MADONNA the woman we all love *wish it was so pixelated (her team always uplosd shitty quiality videos lol)
  8. Good song, i wish it was about a more human subject besids being a sjw revolutionary
  9. Vogue is probably going to be just the intro.... What are you looking at ? Strike a pose..... You aint woke :s
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