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  1. I dont think she enjoys having A live televised show anymore, superbowl was very nerve-racking for her
  2. yes she looks her age but her face and eyes are striking its really a marble sculpture come to life
  3. Starman

    Where there 2 cone bras??

    There are probably multiple corsets of the same kind from fittings.... rehearsals...damaged from concerts and etc and they may have small differences but i think they were always the pinkish skin color for example This corset is a different one
  4. Starman


    Oh wow. If annie lennox can do it why cant we have this with Ms videos. they must have the negatives somewhere. Sad indeed
  5. Starman

    Where there 2 cone bras??

    No , For RIT there is a beige and a lilac corset.
  6. Starman

    Where there 2 cone bras??

    I think it depends the color temparetaure setting of the camera her whole skin tone is more warm on the second pic looks pinkish/gold here
  7. Imagime if she annonces the album with the headline !! IDIE
  8. Starman

    MDNA tour

    Great tour awful Bluray , any audience video is more compelling and interesting
  9. Is it me or the ponytail is bigger in the USA than the japan shows?
  10. Starman

    New Album Means New Tour

    Brazil is in Election year right now and the economy is still struggling. If they make it to SA i only expect to finish the tour there as an afterthought depending how the economy does next year. (obviously Brazil is the biggest market in SA) Also I agree that the tour market is saturated
  11. Starman

    New Album Means New Tour

    I doubt she will return to OZ , her reputation is pretty much in the vaults after the bad press over the “drunk” and late concerts. Even RHT didnt do well , had she gone with mdna or sticky she would have made 3 times the money
  12. Starman

    Why don’t we already

    I agree maybe they dont think they need money
  13. Starman

    Why don’t we already

    Its clear that M will not look back on her past. Thats what keeps her revelant and currently after all these years. Look at the 60th birthday, not even a recap
  14. I think she just havent had time to auditiom musicians for the past tours tbh