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    Best Night is one of my favorites.Love how it reminds me "Waiting" and "Where Life Begins", and how it would fits perfectly in Erotica's tracklist.
  2. Devil Pray Appreciation Thread

    In brazilian portuguese when she sings "ooh save my soul..." we can perfectly hear something like "I suck pussy" (chupo buceta), it's kinda odd, but it's funny. It's something like a gestalt sound effect. Anyway, I love Devil Pray. Best song and lyric in years.
  3. This kind of censer it's called thurible, it is generally used in Catholic ceremonies to bless or purify everything that represents Jesus Christ. I can't wait to see the Vatican reaction.
  4. Bedtime Stories is absolutely lovely. Unfortunately it's one of the Madonna's most underrated albuns. I remember the first time I listened to "Secret" I thought "how can it be so perfect?". I also like Sanctuary, Love Tried To Welcome (it would be a very succesful sinlge, maybe), Human Nature and Bedtime Story.