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  1. Ringmybell

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    When doves cry Thieves In The Temple Sign o the times Purple Rain Kiss Get off Cream My name is prince Batdance Partyman!
  2. What about tears of a clown unplugged album?!
  3. Ringmybell

    Rebel Heart Tracklist

    14 track clean version appeared on itunes Unapologetic B**** B**** I m Madonna
  4. Ringmybell

    Rebel Heart Tracklist

    Standard edition needs rebel heart and messiah Not sex or bitch I'm m. Mess
  5. And I was thinking about how they will lunch the standard edition
  6. Ringmybell

    New Album Thread - without Demos

    thats the most weird but i cant even think messiah as a bonus track
  7. Ringmybell

    New Album Thread - without Demos

    Amen! Put bitch im madonna now out of the standard edition and we are ok
  8. Ringmybell

    New Album Thread - without Demos

    Am i the only one thinking they will give 2 songs or 3 (with living for love) by pre order and the rest 5 will be album only from february 9? I mean we dont know yet if the 19th track album is the standard or the deluxe
  9. Ringmybell

    iTunes reveals album tracks length

    So the edited/clean edition must have 13 tracks
  10. March 10 is fine They had plan to release it late April propably presented with the second single. Hope she ll be able to shoot 2 videos until march 10 now
  11. 9 and 9 or 10 and 10 would be perfect! no remixes plz or bonus tracks. All equal
  12. Double plz Liked her idea hope she ll change her mind and finally do it
  13. Ringmybell

    DEMO Discussions (Spoilers Ahead)

    Hey back it up lovers Pharrell promoted the album on twitter maybe the track has a chance, to the beat to the beat to the beat... groovy