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  1. This is fascinating. I'd never seen it before. I wish this sort of stuff would have wider exposure as it really shows what an authentic person Madonna is and always has been.
  2. Can't see what the problem would be.
  3. And yes, I wasn't being entirely facetious, sweetcheeks.
  4. This is Madonna we're talking about. Someone who's asked for - and got - police escort cars, to assist her in getting around the capital. I'm sure if they'd put an emergency call in to say she was in danger, the police would have been there like a shot.
  5. If Jo Wiley wasn't well known, he'd probably have punched her too.
  6. If you get so angry because someone's trying to talk to your partner that you end up lashing out, then you've obviously some serious issues. Guy despised the attention Madonna received and made that clear on a number of occasions.
  7. I do think it's a 'biggie', as you put it, as Guy ended up being arrested. I bet all the fan was doing was something like pestering her for an autograph and then Guy got annoyed because Madonna's attention was taken away from him. Just like what happened with Jo Wiley.
  8. If the fan was really harassing her, then why not just call the police? There's ways of being protective of someone without getting yourself arrested. And yeah, I get the whole 'not wanting to be interrupted' thing when you're out with your partner but as Madonna said, she was happy to see Jo, so it shows how bratty and charmless Guy is that he immediately made his irritation clear.
  9. Never liked Guy. In the early days he attacked a Madonna fan who was waiting outside their home. There's also the Hard Candy era interview with the lovely Jo Wiley where she referred to a time she saw Madonna in a restaurant so went over to say 'Hello', and she mentions that Guy was really pissed off. It's obvious that he wasn't a big enough person to be able to deal with the baggage that inevitably goes with the territory of being in a relationship with Madonna.
  10. The kind of gays that who thinks think that Kylie's X album cover is 'iconic'. Vocalism said 'Fixed'. 'That' is perfectly acceptable grammatically, and the 's' on the end of 'thinks' was merely a late night typo.
  11. The kind of gays that thinks that Kylie's X album cover is 'iconic'.
  12. Even at the the time they were considered poor taste - the sort of posters that teenage girls put on their bedroom walls But as someone said above, this is the kind of thing that appeals to certain gays.
  13. The album cover looks so cheap and tacky. Like am 80s Athena poster.