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  1. Hmmm.... this is the thing, though. I guess if she's doing what she wants then as fans we should at least support that, even if we don't like her choices. But I think it's obvious that it alienates a lot of the more casual pop fans (of all ages) and ultimately impacts negatively on how she's perceived by the media and public.
  2. She doesn't have a 'team'. She has Guy Oseary and, er, that's pretty much it. To be honest, I'm subduing my expectations for the next album cycle because I think Madonna really needs the weight of a big record company behind her to plan and coordinate a proper campaign, that covers all bases - streaming, radio/TV, social media, news sites, magazines, billboard and fly posting advertising. I'd be very surprised if her current record deal delivers something on the kind of scale she needs.
  3. I'd like her to work with Sufjan Stevens on a few tracks. There's a song of his on the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack which I can totally imagine Madonna singing. He's got an interesting approach to music whilst still keeping the sound accessible:
  4. My But my sense with Madonna is that she doesn't think of herself as a 60 year old. It matters to the world, but not to her, so that's why I don't think she'll be highlighting it as part of her work.
  5. Hmmm.....I don't think Madonna will want to draw attention to age. She visibly bristled in interviews when asked about turning 50. I think the new album should concentrate on classic pop - catchy songs but without the production being too of the moment. The timing could be right now that the world appears to have cooled on Taylor and Katy. I also think she could do with a new stylist, to help put together a flattering and stylish new image. Perhaps, then, she might regain some of her aspirational/unfluential fashion status that I think she's lost in recent years.
  6. Madonna NEW out and about pics

    ''Age has caught up with her and she has more than piled on the pounds. She must be comfort eating at the thought of the new single and album from Kylie being a worldwide smash followed by a sell out world tour thus proving one and for all that Kylie has kept it going longer and is the UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF POP, the world over. Way to go Kylie!''
  7. What happened to Spotlight?

    I love Spotlight, and still play it to this day. I think the lyrics really capture Madonna's go-getting, positive outlook. I'd like to see this on tour - I can totally imagine this working with a latin/flamenco breakdown towards the end. Here's the brief demo that was mentioned upthread:
  8. The album's only been out for three weeks and it's already out of the UK top 10 (#12). It will be interesting to see how quickly the tour dates here sell out.
  9. Strange. Many of the people commenting on the Daily Mail are adamant that it's not her (when it obviously is).
  10. I always found it curious YCD was launched without a single.
  11. This, for me, is the key issue. I think we have to accept that Madonna is going to promote non-music products, but the execution of the 'campaigns' is so poor that it reflects badly on her. I doubt I'd ever buy any of this stuff, but it would be immeasurably better if they used proper advertising agencies to come up with well thought out ideas that were cool, edgy and aspirational. Instead, we get Madonna crawling around on the floor in her dimly lit bathroom, whispering ''MDNA skin, serum serum, MDNA SKIN', which is just toe-curlingly embarrassing. Clearly, they don't have a Pepsi budget but, still, there seems little desire on Madonna's part to 'merge commerce with art' these days. Generally, fans recall the Pepsi ad with fondness, but the marketing for her own products is something most of us would sooner forget.
  12. Madonna's lawsuit pretty much puts paid to the idea that the 'mediocre' letter was 'fake', as some here were claiming. The basis of the suit essentially appears to be that her private possessions are being sold on without her consent, rather than items being fraudulently passed off as her former belongings.
  13. Where are you getting this from, because it's not in this letter?
  14. The authenticity of the letter wasn't what I was addressing in the post you quoted.
  15. Oh, and you're much funnier when you're mauling Ms. Minogue than when you're trying to police lifelong fans opinions of Madonna.