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  1. Well, you can look forward to a whole lot more certainty if we leave the EU. Many years of it, in fact.
  2. And that's the bit the gun lobby refuse to accept, so resort to empty slogans which willfully skirt the issue and are effectively meaningless.
  3. She knew exactly what she was saying and it made her look like a complete imbecile.
  4. Exactly. The gun lobby is just as bad as the tobacco industry by defending their products at all costs with no regard for how they negatively impact on society. They both seek to frame the issue as one of personal rights, when all they care about is $$$$; in reality, they couldn't a fuck your 'freedom'. 'Cigarettes don't kill people. People kill people!!!!' Yeah, right.
  5. Eyewitnesses said the gun looked antique or homemade, but more recent reports have stated it was a modified .22 rifle with sawn-off barrel.
  6. In the US, 'mental illness' is used by the gun lobby as an argument to maintain the status quo. It's invariably followed by the old chestnut 'Guns don't kill people. People kill people', which merely flags up their own moronity, rather than contributing anything meaningful to the debate. Here in the UK, where we have far less of a gun problem, the Right will attempt to push the mental health aspect in regards to Jo Cox's murder, in order to deflect attention away from their own lethal ideology. So it's always worth considering the agenda of those that grasp onto the 'mental health' trope. And furthermore, we don't want to stigmatise the many millions of people who suffer from mental health issues who would never go on to kill anyone.
  7. ''Thomas Mair has given his name as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain” as he appeared in court charged with the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.'' https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jun/18/thomas-mair-charged-with-of-mp-jo-cox So, by his own admission, he's a terrorist.
  8. 5 stars for that photo alone. yum

  9. This just reads like more PR guff. It doesn't explain anything about what makes Tidal different to the alternatives. What's its USP? Why should people choose it over other streaming services? What's the justification for its price-point? Tidal could be the most amazing streaming service ever, but the launch hasn't conveyed that to the public at all. And the two minute video of the meeting that took place a while back was some of the most self-congratulatory nonsense I've ever watched. They should hire a decent PR and ad agency immediately to completely overhaul its image because, as it stands, the very people they need on side already view it as a toxic brand and will be only too happy to see it fail.
  10. I love how she walks over to the table - so full of herself! http://www.justjared.com/2015/03/30/madonna-signed-the-tidal-declaration-by-mounting-the-table/
  11. Ah, ok. It is a bit strange though if it's going to be a single in a few months. And it's been ages - years? - since I saw any Madonna flyposting so I was a bit surprised.
  12. Did you put them up because you love the track so much?!
  13. Today, I was walking around ma 'hood - Shoreditch - and I saw about 8 of these flyposters in a few places: But I thought Ghost Town was the current single, no?
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