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  1. Strange. Many of the people commenting on the Daily Mail are adamant that it's not her (when it obviously is).
  2. I always found it curious YCD was launched without a single.
  3. This, for me, is the key issue. I think we have to accept that Madonna is going to promote non-music products, but the execution of the 'campaigns' is so poor that it reflects badly on her. I doubt I'd ever buy any of this stuff, but it would be immeasurably better if they used proper advertising agencies to come up with well thought out ideas that were cool, edgy and aspirational. Instead, we get Madonna crawling around on the floor in her dimly lit bathroom, whispering ''MDNA skin, serum serum, MDNA SKIN', which is just toe-curlingly embarrassing. Clearly, they don't have a Pepsi budget but, still, there seems little desire on Madonna's part to 'merge commerce with art' these days. Generally, fans recall the Pepsi ad with fondness, but the marketing for her own products is something most of us would sooner forget.
  4. Madonna's lawsuit pretty much puts paid to the idea that the 'mediocre' letter was 'fake', as some here were claiming. The basis of the suit essentially appears to be that her private possessions are being sold on without her consent, rather than items being fraudulently passed off as her former belongings.
  5. Where are you getting this from, because it's not in this letter?
  6. The authenticity of the letter wasn't what I was addressing in the post you quoted.
  7. Oh, and you're much funnier when you're mauling Ms. Minogue than when you're trying to police lifelong fans opinions of Madonna.
  8. It's not 'nonsense' at all. Either you missed the articles or you have a selective memory.
  9. I distinctly remember reading articles where the writer would unfavourably compare Madonna to Sharon Stone. Body of Evidence was disparagingly dubbed 'Basic Instinct 2' even before its release. With the Bodyguard, Whitney's star was widely perceived to be in the ascendant, whereas Madonna was weathering a huge backlash, so it does actually make a lot of sense.
  10. That's not what the letter is saying, though. Madonna (if it is indeed her) writes that she's frustrated with the media saying that Houston and Stone have the music and film careers that she doesn't have, because she doesn't see herself as being anything like them.
  11. Katy Perry thread

    Chained to the Rhythm sounded more like a 3rd or 4th single. Definitely not the right choice for a lead when she'd been away for a while. She's had a good run, but she's peaked now. The industry's different now so pop princesses don't just have one or two hit albums and then vanish without a trace like they did in the 80s ie Taylor, Paula,Tiffany, Debbie,Martika. etc Now, their success is drawn out over a number albums and tours, picking up as many endorsement deals on the way to boost their income. But, nonetheless, they still have a sell-by date. Taylor Swift has probably got one more hit album to go, before she suffers the fate.
  12. Katy Perry thread

    I don't think most of this matters to the vast majority of people. The real issue is that her latest music's not very radio-friendly and thus is not connecting with the public.
  13. Will she sing Cherish ever again?

    A useless piece of noise? No way. It's a brilliantly crafted,infectious pop song, with some critics hailing it as the strongest track on the album. Exquisite ABBA-style melodies and a classic Madonna rhyming couplet: 'Don't explain yourself 'cos talk is cheap. There's more important things than hearing you speak'. Genius.
  14. I read she was going to name-check the Spice Girls!
  15. Madonna RARE

    This is fascinating. I'd never seen it before. I wish this sort of stuff would have wider exposure as it really shows what an authentic person Madonna is and always has been.