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  1. I have been completely enjoying this era!! I was on youtube watching all the new performance clips when I came across this video. This is pretty much me over the last two weeks . . . https://youtu.be/RKZuQRzqaN4 (Not sure how to embed videos here.)
  2. I woke up this morning. My cat gave me a headbutt, and I reached over to look at my phone. DEAR.GOD. I ran to my laptop IMMEDIATELY after posting the album cover with hashtags (of course) on Instagram, facebook, and twitter. I think the production and arrangement on Devil Pray are fantastic. All of the songs are catchy, very commercial, and have depth. They play right into her MO. It's all a mix of aggression and tenderness. This album is gonna be very special. Ghosttown is beautiful. Wow. That album cover is EVERYTHING!!!! Damn, I haven't even eaten breakfast yet. Sigh.
  3. I visit this site every day for news, and I haven't posted in a while. I wanted to say something about the people selling the demos in private messages here. It's a testament to Madonna's body of work that hundreds, if not thousands, of people make money off of her image and music (both released and unreleased, apparently) without her permission and without any of the profits going back to her. However, this doesn't make it right. My golden rule is to spend my money on products that go directly back to her. This means purchasing her singles and albums and buying real tickets to her shows. (As a performer myself, I would appreciate the same courtesy.) Now there are those who argue that she is filthy stinking rich and isn't gonna lose a house over this illegal stuff. The principle of the matter is that she is an artist who has given SO MUCH of her life to us. Selling her work illegally just cheapens its VALUE, and to me, the VALUE of her work is practically immeasurable. Try having a total stranger take something that you deeply love and sell it on a street corner without you getting anything back. It's not a good feeling. To be honest, I like to think that not only do I get to honor Madonna and her work by legitimately paying for it, but that I am also indirectly supporting an orphanage and school in Malawi. Madonna is not the type of celebrity to divulge all of her philanthropic work, but I'm willing to bet that she is pouring an INSANE amount of money into the sustainability of those orphanages and the infrastructure of those schools, if not the entire country itself. I am very okay with that. Ultimately, there will always be greedy ass bitches trying to make a dime off of anything they can get their hands on. It is up to the rest of us NOT to patronize these people. As a diehard fan, I know it is hard, but I hope we can patiently wait long enough until the Queen delivers the goods. She always has. She always will.
  4. The first clip sounds like it samples Dark Horse. The second clip sounds like Madonna to me.
  5. We all actually do not know the full story yet. This might be for a separate project altogether or one of those "Avicii featuring so and so" kind of scenarios. I'm just happy that something musically creative is happening. It does feel like something significant is brewing. All of those appearances in the last month coupled with a blatant collaboration announcement on instagram are probably not just a series of accidents. It's as if there is much more intention towards keeping her name lingering in the stratosphere. I'm actually surprised she mentioned Avicii. It's more her style to let us feast on a heaping pile decaying rumors, wishful speculation, and "he said/she said's". Whatever it is, bring it on.
  6. I just watched W.E. here in Nashville. In the context of the film, it creates a poetic afterthought during the closing credits and fits well with the story. It's a beautiful, understated ballad. She really has a knack for the tender, sad stuff.
  7. If the adorable person in your default photo is actually you, then I don't think you'll ever be banned from here,but just in case, maybe you should change it to a shirtless pic. It never hurts to be too safe. Just sayin'. Back to MDNA, I am most eager to hear "Falling Free" and "Gang Bang". I generally prefer when she goes to extremes.
  8. I think somewhere in the 300K to 400k range is attainable. Besides, nobody saw the big Clear Channel promo for GMAYL coming. I can't help but wonder if something similarly huge is in store for the week prior to and the week of the album release. At the very least, I hope that it has a respectable debut at No. 1 and that it also maintains a consistent run for a long time similar to Adele's latest album. Based on the reviews alone, this album has a lot of potential singles and could have a long shelf life. I guess we'll find out soon enough what will happen.
  9. My first pick would also be David Fincher, but since that is highly improbable, then Jean Baptiste Mondino ALL THE WAY. That would be truly awesome. They've done some amazing work in the past. (Justify My Love, Human Nature and Don't Tell Me, to be exact)
  10. Have any of you seen this yet? Hysterical . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOJNQS54YVw
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Kylie's last tour sporting a Greek Goddess theme? Tonight we saw an Egyptian theme didn't we? Maybe all the gold and the gladiators threw it all off. In any case, Madonna was a true star tonight. All Hail The Queen!!!
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