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    Some people pressed me here to tell the stories i heard about Kylie. I'm giving you one. Remember 2 or 3 years ago when she did that Valentines promo show in Paris at La Gaité Lyrique to promote her flop me once album ? Well let's say she won't be invited there again. She wasn't nice to anyone but not just the venue staff but also the record company staff and her own staff. Someone who works there and was a fan (not a hardcore one though) was left disgusted by her attitude that is the opposite of the image she crafted in the media : inoffensive giggling, bubbly, nice Kylie....She was rude, agressive and overall nasty. She treated everybody like shit. And that's just ONE of the stories i've been told on Kylie...but there's a pattern of not being nice in all of them.

    Christophe who ran Lucky Records the "Madonna shop" in Paris before his death in 2004 was a close friend of mine and he told me that once Kylie came to the store when they were remodeling the threshold and she did not watch her step and fell on the ground, he ran to help her but he did not recognize her, he though she was a child because she's so short so he spoke to her like one speaks to a child. Then he recognized her. He was a big fan, in fact he's the one who turned me into Kylie by burning me cd compilations to change my mind :) She looked at all the Madonna collectors then hers and bought a Dead or alive picture disc. She also signed something (i can't remember what)
  3. throughout her career it's been constantly bad Live in 96 (poor Donna de Lory, it must have been so easy for her to go from choreos made by Vincent Paterson to choreos made by Mylene herself. That hair : 2000. Bad hair 2006 even more bad hair 2009 a bit less bad but still bad nonetheless Her anamorphosée album cover was shot by Herb Ritts, she then hired Donna de Lory on tour and abel Ferrara for her California video. Then she had Olivier Theyskens make a dress for her video "Je te rends ton amour" a whole year after Frozen , Michael Haussman (Take a bow, you'll see) directed "optimistique moi" . Gaultier did several costumes for various shows. And she got chipmunk cheeks a few years after M's.
  4. the video for Rolling Stone is out on Feb 24th
  5. I don't like her shows though except for the first one in 1989, they don't pass the test of time at all. And she's a terrible dancer from the Kylie Minogue school of dancing with your arms rather than your feet.
  6. One of my favourites by her Music + Video from 1988
  7. Even My soul is slashed sounds corny, like she does not understand what she's saying. There's a lag between the music and the vocals too. They don't fit. And yet again they chose a different instrumental for the english version and like for My mum is wrong and Bad Girl it sounds flat compared to the french version
  8. She tried earlier thant that. Her first single was recorded in english but the instrumental they chose was so lame. She did it again with Libertine, renamed Bad girl in english and it is atrocious. the english version of her first single compared to the french version which is delightful Bad girl The chorus in english is atrocious
  9. IMO Monkey Me is her worst album. The only decent track is a remake of the song "Chloe" from her first album (largely inspired by Lalo Shiffrin's theme fot Amityville). She loves Madonna, they met her with Boutonnat in 2004 during Re-invetion tour in Paris. Farmer was also photographed entering MSG in NYC for the Rebel heart tour (with a cast on her leg). She did a track for Maverick's soundtrack for The Rugrats movie. Madonna said in an interview in 1994 while promoting Bedtime Stories in Paris that she wanted to see Farmer's first movie Giorgino. Farmer used Donna de Lory as a back up singer on a tour.
  10. Not a lot but french dj Para One is a huge fan. Thing is about Mylene that she has very bad taste. This new album is also her first one not for Universal. She left the record company after the last one and followed its president whom was fired in his independent adventure. I totally see her working with Red One something Universal pushed her to do (he is a big fan). It reminds me of the Damita Jo situation when Daft Punk said publicly they would love to work with Janet in interviews and apparently even sent her a demo but she never even replied. I absolutely love Plus grandir but the album & single version, the version on the compilation "Les mots" is bad. Anamorphosée is when i started taking her seriously as an artist because she tried something different for the first time and it really took her to the next level that does not mean that "Cendres de lune" "Ainsi soit-je" and "l'autre" are bad, far from it but Anamorphosée is something else. The teaser for her new video reminds me of Ghosttown.
  11. I must say that i really really love her run from her first album to her "Les mots" compilation after that i completly ignored her because the music was terrible and she was not very creative anymore. But on her first 4 albums she's magical, i like "Mylenium" less but it still got great songs (Je te rends ton amour is my favourite) and except the tepid duet with Seal, the new tracks on her compilation were great (C'est une belle journée but most of all Pardonne moi). She really hit rock bottom with that awful awful Red one track oui mais non) That said i quite like Rolling stone, it's probably my favourite track of hers in the last 20 years or so. Her movie Ghostland just won a the top prize at a festival and the buzz surrounding it is very good. Laurent Boutonnat (her Patrick Leonard) is developping a mini series with an horror and fantastic theme or "terror" like he says, i have a very close friend who is friends with him and he told him that 3 weeks ago. Mylene is part of the project. She ALWAYS goes to #1 in France, it does not mean it's good. All her albums and first singles from the last 20 years went to the top of the french charts even though they were the biggest turds ever. This however gives me hope that it is a comeback to being creative. I hate the people she's accointed with, gosh she collaborated with that fucking idiot Michel Onfray, we have the worst philosophers in the world, here they become tv personalities but most of the ones we see (ALL THE TIME) are from the right to far right politically speaking. I don't understand why she worked with this guy who is misogynistic. She also worked with two of her worst novelists, Amélie Nothomb (though she's from Belgium) and Marc Levy. My favourite album of hers is Anamorphosée.
  12. It's still the best piece written about her to this day : New diet puts the wind up Lady GaGa LOOPY Lady Gaga is creating a fresh stink in the music business – because she can’t stop farting https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/324859/New-diet-puts-the-wind-up-Lady-GaGa
  13. Gaga always stroke me as the kind of person whom put a hand before her ass when she farts to catch that fart and smell it.
  14. It is not in her interest to mention Madonna badly because since she started doing it her records sold less especially singles and less and less people came to her shows. Why ? Because her early success was due to Madonna fans embracing her and sometimes liking them both BUT they were not there to put Madonna down and left ship as soon as they saw that it was going nowhere. Madonna can say whatever she wants about Gaga because her fanbase is like snow in the sun and she has a huge loyal fan base she built during almost 4 decades now. that's what her and her fans don't get, they turned Madonna fans off her now you can park 6 trucks in the venues during her shows. And because they hae slow learning skills they also turned off other fanbases off her with their trolling.

    Poor Kylie doing the promo around her bad breakup when it was BEARDING the whole time. Joshua likes dicks, dickheads are just for the paparazzi.