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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Did everyone see the conversation she had with Questlove? Nope, where it is ?
  2. EWW the movie is produced by Live Nation but also by rat Pac the production company of Holywood other sleazy freak Brett Ratner.
  3. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    They all sound like unfinished demos. I fucked up is the most finished one of the pack. Beautiful Killer is second but i have major issues with the cheap and repetitive snare drums, it's not even a loop but Solveig actually playing drums like a kid with only 10 lessons in his pocket. I like I don't give A but i wish there would be a bigger choir singing I don't give a fuck like on the live version, there's also a fanmade remix i adore but i can't remember the name of the remixer, he made the track sounds like Kavinsky. I like the instrumental of B day song and the demo of Give me all...but not the final version. Turn up the radio is as boring as madonna sounds singing the chorus.
  4. Janet Jackson thread

    Well to be fair, i consider Control a Jam&Lewis album featuring Janet.
  5. Janet Jackson thread

    I still don't understand why The Velver rope is considered her best album. Janet is her best album. Velvet rope more than any other Janet album is completly destroyed by the interludes, if the lyrics are already about the topics you want to talk about then interludes are just dragging down your intentions. If you remove the interludes you have a great 90's RnB-downtempo cool album but it's nothing like the RnB album that was released the next year : The miseducation of Lauryn Hill, it does not even have the coolness and authenticity of Baduizm (released in 1997 too). The Velvet rope sounds like a Pespi cola version of both albums. Only the first single could be in the same league as these two milestone albums in american RnB music and albums made by women. Got Till it's gone was really full of promises that the velvet rope did not deliver because the sound is not innovative. TLC had already used that Atlanta sound many times before the Velvet Rope. Together again was house when house was not cool and passé...Next to the Miseducation and Baduizm, The Velvet Rope sounds like a Britney album. More than anything else i think this is what killed the album and the fact that for the first time she did more promo in Europe than in the US for an album which did nothing for the album. Re-listening to the Velvet rope made me think about Sly Stone, Jam & Lewis more than any other producer totally ripped him off. 60% of all Janet songs are based on a Sly Stone sample. And do you know who bought Sly Stone's rights in 1985 ? Michael. So most of Janet's royalties went to Michael and of course Jam&Lewis did not have to fight much to get the permission to use Sly Stone's work. Sly stone (of Sly and the family stone for those who don't know) lives now in a trailer and had really bad years. This music genius has been totally ripped off and this time not by white men in suits but by Michael who did nothing for him. Sly Stone had to sell his song rights to pay his legal bills and he always regretted it. This video really broke my heart because i am a huge Sly Stone fan
  6. The version with Barbra Streisand was panned by the critics and considered one of the worst movie ever. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1019831_star_is_born
  7. Cannes 2018 will be from may 9th to May 20th so it won't open it. Usually the opening movie hits the theaters in France on the same day even if it's not the usual day of the week for a movie to open in France (wednesdays). Anything about that movie going to cannes at this point is just propaganda from the production. They may hope to have it open in Cannes but it just does not work like this. They probably want Bradley Cooper there more than Cagada. I don't see the movie being selected in the competition. They can deal a special screening though but will the producers take that risk when Cannes film critics are the harshest ?
  8. Is it confirmed it's going to Cannes ? Because movies picked up to be screened wether they are in competition or not are selected in january and the announcement comes in late march or early in april. Anything about the movie going to Cannes until january and march is PR bullshit. I know since i cover Cannes every year :)
  9. Live Nation is the producer of the movie. There you have your explanation. " A Star Is Born is also a Live Nation/RatPac-Dune Entertainment production" When they saw the numbers for the Joanne tour they pulled the plug, they know she's not as popular as her PR machine makes her out to be and they need her to promote the movie more than her flop album.
  10. Pink is a mystery. Nothing she does is made to last. Her songs come and go. I guess she was not burnt by superfame because she's off the radar and never had that kind of fame. She does her thing and that's it. But will she be remembered in the long run ? It's the songs that make a pop singer last.
  11. Be smarter and don't take the bait :) otherwise it's just gonna escalate because that's what is expected of you
  12. Can you stop the insults please ? That goes for everybody. How old are you all to insult each others over popstars ?
  13. Why dragging Michael into this ? I was not a fan AT ALL but he was a huge pop culture icon. The biggest star on the planet until 1993. It's because he was that giganormous mega supersatr and pop icon that Janet was able to get a recording contract. People wanted anything Jackson, even Bubbles could have had Janet's career in the US at the time.