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  1. She's already summoning Demonna with Kaballah water on Ratner's pics (didn't he direct the Beautiful stranger video ?)
  2. It's been a very chaotic few days since sunday and it's not over yet. People don't want Le Pen but don't want Macron either. I spent the last 3 days trying to convince them, i can't believe i have to but i understand. We are in the same configuration as Trump/Clinton....People see Macron as a banker, a capitalist, someone who will create even more poverty and make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer. A year ago there were strikes all over France against him and his work law so it's very hard for the people who marched and protested against him just a year ago to vote for him now, they completly flip out even though they are aware of the bigger danger Le Pen is. On top of that Macron is doing a very bad campaign since sunday while Le Pen is doing what she does best, manipulating the masses. On her new poster for the second round she's posing sitting on a table exposing a thigh to "provoke islamists" according to her staff....on the other hand they did not say why she's photoshoped so much... A few hours ago a famous french journalist (black) was suspended from her channel because she signed a petition against Le Pen. A taste of things to come ?
  3. Maybe this will push her to finally write her own memoir.
  4. She eradicated them all, don't look no futher. Bitterness is a bad look. I still love Debbie Though (even though Blondie's latest album is as dumb and eventless as her solo projects)
  5. I'm hung over still The result is as expected. hat bothers me really is people acting as if Macron has already won and people from the left saying they won't vote for him. People are very upset. A longer post later but i leave you with this, it's not made up, every candidate went on snapchat and chose a filter themselves. Just to show you how weird and fucked up this campaign has been (and it's not over yet)
  6. I won't be able to come back here until monday (elections is work for me^^) but i'll keep you posted as soon as i can And yet it was barely approached during the debates...Can you believe it ? Charlie, Bataclan, Nice never mentionned.
  7. I'm supposed to be sleeping but i had to pop a Xanax to tell you the truth. We are very tired, the campaign was exhausting and no one can tell who's gonna be in the final round between Le Pen (we decided to never use her first name anymore to show she's just like her father and that this is a family business) Macron ( he scares me too because we still don't exactly know what he's going to do and if he does what he did when he was president Hollande minister of economy it could lead to a big crisis and make poor peole even poorer) Mélenchon ( i never liked the guy, he's so smug, some of the things he wants to do are just plain crazy internationally, only nationally his program is good) and Fillon (I hate his guts). Hamon is the nicest of all the candidates ( i interviewed him 10 years ago and we talked about The Cure...the band not "that thing" latest turd) but no one wants the Socialist Party anymore especially all the old farts in it who in a few years transformed it into a social democrat party. They lost all the workers for that. Like i said we are very tired but not until late june this will be over because we have parliament elections in june too, so we are going to vote again meaning another campaign will start as soon as this one will end. Macron is projected to win in the end but since Trump & Brexit we can't trust polls and predictions anymore. Whoever is gonna win he or she ( GOD FORBID) won't unify the country, we are too divided....IF the USA are divided imagine how we french must be with our usual attitude we are infamous for.... As if things weren't stressfull enough we are at the highest level of terrorist attack watch. We already know Le Pen is Isis & co favourite candidate because they want a war, they want french muslims to feel persecuted so Isis can start a religious war within the european soil. We know Macron will sell what is left of the country to the european parliament and private interests, we know Melechon will chose Putin as an ally and put an end to the french-american alliance and we kno fillon will steal as much money as he can in 5 years. At this point i have no idea whom i'm gonna vote for tomorrow. It's a first for me. And i work DAILY with these people (maybe that's why i can"t see any of them being the president). Off to bed now. I'll do my best to vote for the least dangerous one.
  9. Five years ago Didier Lestrade (he's in Cannes this year to present a documentary about act Up) a friend of mine who is a french gay icon (he made french Act Up and Tetu the first french gay magazine) wrote a book about gays going right and far wing, he sent me a dedicated pre copy to review but as soon as every other journalist got their copies they went after him, telling him he was crazy to say that, in the wrong, it was vicious. He even got sued by a journalist he talked about in his book because he said he was a right winger in disguise. Five years later it turns out he's right. That journalist who sued him was even outed two days ago as the ghost writer of fillon 's speeches (fillon is the candidate of Sens Commun and La Manif Pour Tous, the groups behind the anti gays rallies and marches during the gay marriage vote). Marine Le Pen first immédiate collaborators are mostly gay men especialy Philippot, the mastermind behind her campaign of cleaned up her image. Nonetheless in her program she wants to overturn the gay marriage bill. Her party is playing the "muslims are against gays" card. But it would be silly to think that gay men and women are angles just because they are gay, being gay does not help from being an asshole. It's the same gays who infiltrated the Madonna private concert at the Olympia to disrupt it in 2012. She panders to them by singing Dalida songs on social media. I just truly hope she and fillon won't be selected for the final round. They are thieves. She took a big slump after the last debate when the far left candidate Poutou told her on live TV that she was sayng she is against the system when she uses it to avoid going to the police convocation after the revelation she was stealing money from the european parliament. She did not go to the convocation using her ammunity as an european parliament deputy about which Poutou said "You are against Europe except when it's to steal money from it" and finally told her that workers (like him) don't have ammunity, when they are convocated by the police they must go". She was speechless and it hurt her in the workers votes since she appeared as not being one of them.
  10. Like for many people of Missy's generation, M is an icon she grew up with so she took the opportunity presented to her to work with her. Artists who grew up with MTV in the 80's and 90's really respect Madonna.
  11. I'm scared shitless. Pray Le Pen and Fillon don't make it to second round.
  12. I have close friends working with him whom i trust, i sometimes wonder what they find in him. One even ran under his flag for a local parisian election (he lost). I don't like him as a person, he polished his image for the campaign but it won't last. As for his program, it may sound ok regarding national policy but for international policy it's a catastrophe.
  13. If a record company (if those still existed) decides to launch a new popstar the way they launched gaga, she's dead.
  14. Bodyguard has nothing to do with that remake of a remake of a remake of a remake. Even in movies she can't be original.