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  1. There's this big debate on tv tonight, they did not even invite ALL candidates (11) only the 5 ones from the main parties. I'm not even watching because i'm so over it. Months of hearing the same things over and over. It's not like i'm gonna vote with my heart anyway, i know i'll vote to stop Le Pen from winning (and believe me Fillon is not better, in fact since the scandals around him exploded he looks more and more like those american right wingers like Ted Cruz). And then we'll have the Assembly vote in june so if the one who will win the presidential election does not get a majority at the Assembly it's gonna be very tough for him or her.
  2. Many female singers who came before Madonna feel like she totally erased them when she appeared on the scene. Regarding Debbie she tried to emulate Madonna by woring with Jellybean but since Madonna was not involved in the track "Feel the spin" it does not sound the way she wanted = like Into the groove (she praised the track). Then she signed on Sire Records but it was not a success so she blamed the A&R team to have only focused on Madonna (Prince did that too about Warner). Thing is, Debbie Harry's solo albums are very lackluster and she disappeared from the scene when Madonna appeared because she was heavily into drugs, Blondie's last album (Hunter) was a flop and Christ Stein fell ill and she chose to take care of him. I don't think she's anti Madonna in this interview, she just does not want to get involved into that discussion because she thinks that by avoiding it she won't be dragged into it.
  3. I wonder if it's legit and not fanmade by somebody who got the vocal stems from Love Hurts and he mixed them with Erotic (Robin Hancock sex book version) to make what he got longer....I'm not sure.
  4. Yep. I'm pretty sure they are financially backed by the same people.
  5. Macron is somehow our Trudeau (and i don't trust Trudeau at all behind the well crafted image)
  6. It's not the first time. Her father managed to reach the second round against Chirac in 2002. That's how Chirac managed to do a second term when he was a terrible president. I was not living in France at the time and came back to vote for the second round. There were massive protests on the streets and People voted for Chirac who won with 80% votes. Thing is even if Macron wins this time, the Le Pen family party is growing stronger and stronger. And in june after the election of the president there is the Assembly vote where we will vote for the members of the Parliament. Le Pen party has no candidates because her party is an empty shell, some people found themselves her candidates without knowing it. More than 700 members of her party resigned a month ago. She has no one to run the cuntry with and she's already saying that she would open her governement to other political parties but no one wants to go. It's not like Trump who was backed by the Republican party. She's on her own and no one wants to ally with her. If she would be elected president it would cause a major political crisis, riots and popular movements. Macron on the other hand is a banker, a Brussels puppet so nothing will change. He's socially liberal but totalyy capitalist economically. People like him because he's young (39) and says he's not from the two big parties (even though he was a minister under Hollande). But contrary to Le Pen he is backed by many from the two big parties, ones who don't like their respective candidates Hamon & Fillon. In fact Macron managed to get the support of ex communists, the right and the left. People who have nothing in common.
  7. I have no favourite this time (last time i voted for Eva Joly first round and Hollande second round against my will but i hated Sarkozy so much i did not want him back). This time it's very different. Though i like Hamon as a person (i met him 10 years ago) i don't want his party to win. It's supposed to be the left but it drifted to the right in the latest years. A lot of people from this party i don't want to see anymore. That's his main problem, people like him but they don't want his party and inside his party they don't want him either. I will probably vote for Macron. Not because i like him ( i don't) but i'm shitting myself at the thought of Le Pen or Fillon being president. Want i really want is that we move on from the Fifth Republic (instaured by de Gaulle) to the 6th to stop with this presidential nonsense and give the power to the Assembly. The fifth Republic is now more like a monarchy where the president has all the powers and that does not work in today's society. It's very hard to know what Macron stands for. One week he says something and the contrary the next. A lot of my friends are voting for him for the same reason i'll probably do too. A lot f people were saying they'd vote for Le Pen to initiate a popular revolution but since Trump won and people voted for him for the same reasons (well some people thought he would shake the system) and now they can see the terrible result. Problems in France are the same as in the US, UK, Germany and every other "big" countries. The crisis created a ne poverty and poverty creates social violence. I personally don't feel as cool in Paris as i used to be. People have become very agressive and the city is very dirty. I avoid taking the subay as much as i can because it smells like urine, shit, vomit and nasty armpits. It was not like this that much. It got worst. Friends tell me they don't live with the constant fear of an attack but the attacks left nonetheless their marks. Wether we lie it or not, admit it or not, we live knowing that it can happen again and again. More than a new president my country needs a group therapy by a team of shrinks :)
  8. Presidential election : first round april 23rd second round may 7th Legislative (assembly) election first round june 11th second round june 18th Emmanuel Macron (center) and Marine Le Pen (far right) are the two candidates (out of 11 officially) to be projected to come face to face on the second round on may 7th. Other major candidates : Benoit Hamon (PS, center left). François Hollande party. He's joined by the ecologists but after he won the primary election, many people from the party decided to support Macron instead (who used to be Hollande's economy minister) Melenchon (left). He wants to leave Europe and Nato and to get closer to Russia. Fillon (right, almost far right, supporter of and supported by the morons who marched against gay marriage). Used to be the one projected to be elected but it was revealed by the press that he stole more than 1 million € from taxpayers by giving fake jobs to his wife and children. He's a real terrible guy, almost as bad as Le Pen and he's supported by the worst possible part of french people. Since the scandale was made public he's projected to be 3rd or 4th (behind Hamon) on the first round. Most projections give Macron as the winner. He's some kind of Tony Blair, later Blair not the one who won in 1997, rather the Blair of 2003. Other candidates are Nathalie Arthaud (communist party), Cheminade (crazy person and eternal candidate), Lassale (an old man from Bearn county), Poutou (workers), Dupont aignan (Le Pen light), Asselineau (another Fillon but he's for the Frexit) In french for more details
  9. Radaronline is fake news. It's the National Enquirer's online website and the whole group is owned by a Trump super close friend. The National Enquirer/Radaronline was one of the few madia to support Trump during the campaign. So whatever they say is total and utter crap.
  10. What happened to Madonna is what happened to Prince when he left Warner, what happened to Michael Jackson when he started his war with Sony, what happened to Mariah when she left Sony, to Janet and so many others. You just can't have hit records without a record company backing you up because the whole system (charts, distribution, media etc...) has been made and built this way. Do you think Gaga would still be here if it wasn't for Interscope pushing her the way they are doing it ? She made a lot of money with her 360 deal but it cost her her recording career. She left Warner just when she needed them to promote her after she hit the 50 y/o mark. The thing is she tried to use the same marketing methods she was used to with a record company without having one. She tried something new using an old software. IMO she should have made MDNA an EP because it's clear she only did that record to tour. She also should have made Rebel Heart available for download once the leaks happened, leaking every single track in HQ. She would have embraced the whole thing and break the album format mold. She probably did not make any money from the album anyway.
  11. People listen to & buy what they are being told to. Madonna not only doe not have a record company to support her but there has been a vicious campaign against her to diminish her achievements, the GP think what they are being told to think just like they listen to and buy hat they are told to. With no label support and distribution (remember that it is Boy Toy inc that is in charge of that. that's what i learnt when the Vinyl edition of Rebel Heart was pushed back). I'm pretty sure if Warner (with Madonna's authorization) would allow a tv show or a commercial to use EVEN Give it to me, it would go top 10. She used to manage to get old singles chartyears after their release in the UK. For example i'm pretty sure that if something like "La isla bonita" was used in a popular movie or tv show, True blue would zip back up the UK charts. In the last years Madonna as a person has been more exposed than her music, there used to be a balance between the two. Thing is Labels and record companies don't act like they used to. Even if she wold go back to Warner it won't be the same because they don't promote their artists the way they used to. On the other hand they can make sure her streaming does better. Madonna is at fault to because she thought she could deal without a real recording contract and a day to day manager AND a publicist when all these young artists have big teams behind them. And i think that what went wrong to is that MDNA was a terrible album that a lot of people bought and it turned them them off Madonna and Hard Candy was a good album that sold very well but that was wrongly called bad. AND as far as Rebel Heart goes, when the album was finally released, people already had it and more than what was on the actual album (and personally i think that some final mixes are awful compared to the glorious ones of the demos...i know same ol' same ol'). If illegal downloading was counted, Rebel Heart would have been #1 for 3 weeks around the world. If Living for love was released AS A SINGLE when it leaked it would have been #1 too.
  12. She's probably recodring the soundtrack to the remake of the remake of the remake of the remake of a star is born.
  13. Regarding the music not only Soko appears in the video but also Gaspar Claus a frequent collaborator of Sufjan Stevens.
  14. So the other girl is Soko the french singer/actress...that's why she followed her on IG !