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  1. You once called me "the fan with the worst taste in M's music". 

    You, and your stupid pretentious philosopher username, you really should just fuck off from this forum for good.  Thanks. 

  2. I remember reading that the promotion for Celebration only in the UK had a million pounds budget.
  3. Me coming into this thread. Me going out of this thread 2 seconds later
  4. Thing is, here they are not even ultra conservatives, some even present themselves as leftists which adds to the whole political confusion we are living in here, we still don't know where our president leans toward even though he is pretty much in with ultra capitalism which means right but he's also liberal on social matters (like gay rights, women rights, racism etc...) which means left. You know as much as i was disgusted by Lagerfeld's comments, that day i was so frightened to see 60 000 polish nazis demanding an arab holocaust in Warsaw that i almost missed it.
  5. The public reaction is always the same because we have people saying the same bs almost every week on tv if not twice a week so it goes along the whole climate. these tv shows are just going after the buzz,we have all these fake "specialists" on tv 24/7, the kind you only see on Fox tv in the us but on every channel here, radio stations and in magazines. It's always the same thing, blame the muslims especially the ones living in the suburbs, you also find the same "specialists" taking side against feminists and the whole #metoo thing, fake new feminists who are from the right.....And this being France they hide their racism and classism behind secularism. I just don't watch tv anymore because their neurosis take all the place in national debates.
  6. The TV show he made this comments in is a fucking disgrace. I truly hate thierry ardisson, he's a royalist and a hater. But what's more alarming is that most of the french tv shows that mixes entertainment and politics are very, very anti muslims. Regarding Lagerfeld, i know from people close to him that he's in pretty bad shape, he had a stroke late last year (something he did not say publicly) and some people worried he could be the next "celebrity" to go...i don't know if he's doing better but his latest interviews are pretty awful with the things he said in them so maybe he still struggle with oxygen going to his brain.
  7. Spanish politics are very complicated and separatists are a bit crazy. I used to spend week ends in Catalunya because i grew up 4 hours away by car so week ends in Barcelona in the spring were not unusual. In fact that's where i bought the first album when i was a kid hence why i have the spanish edition lol. I remember people refusing to talk to us in spanish. When i was 17 i remember spending the weekend in Roses where a friend from school had a flat and an old lady running after us in the street screaming at us in catalan because we told her we did not understand what she was saying and if she could speak spanish. (i had the same experience the next year in Quebec when i wanted to buy cigarettes and asked for Lucky Strikes, they had then (i don't know if it has changed) only cigarettes from Quebec and Canada. The guy screamed at me and my friend in french "We have the 101 law here, we're not gonna be invaded by Disney like you". I swear, we waited to cross the frontier by car (we drove there from NY) and stopped at the first gas station to buy cigarettes. we spent 3 days without smoking not because they did not have the cigarettes we wanted but because the guy really scared us so much he screamed and yelled. Separatists are totally crazy. @karbatalIn fact i don't know if i'm 1/3 catalano or from Aragon. My father's mother family was from the other side of the Pyrenees but i could never figure out exactly where, my great aunt in Fort Lauderdale once told me we originated from Hecho but i'm not sure. My father used to say he was basque and he spoke it.
  8. The independists won the image war. This was handled so badly by the spanish government that people are now pro separatists because we don't understand a damn thing about spanish politics but we see images of the police beating elderly women covered in blood.
  9. Thank you both. I just had my sis on the phone, we got cut 3 times but they are doing fine. At least in the bvi's, she too is having a hard time managing to get in touch with her son in Porto Rico. It's total devastation there, at least they are already rebuilding in the BVI's because as much as the british government are dicks they at least care. What Trump is doing about Porto Rico is outrageous. And realy thank god porto ricans don't have power because at least they don't have to hear the stupid things this asshole is saying about them. Virgin Billionnaire Richard Branson is setting up help funds for the BVI's, what are the american billionnaires doing for the US Virgin Islands and Porto Rico ? Jlo gave $1 million, what are others waiting for ? Did Rihanna say something ?
  10. I'm sorry but please can somebody put a bullet in his head ? Thank you. It's been 5 days since i last had news from my sister i know whe survived Maria after Irma but it destroyed what was left after the 1st one hit them. My elder nephew had found shelter in Porto Rico after Irma destroyed his island and was there during Maria. I have not heard from him directly though i know is fine but that's just physically. Communications are still sparse and i wonder how they are doing morally now. Airports are still not open for commercial flights. And this fucking clown in the White house is saying bs per usual. It must be a good day for him since he's now able to double his bullshit on Twitter with 280 characters while portoricans are struggling.
  11. Since we're talking politics in spain, i want to say that i have a major crush on Ramon Espinar.
  12. He is not the president, nothing about him is presidential. He's at best the CEO of the United States.
  13. Watching this it felt like there had been an alien invasion and Trump was having a press conference with their ambassador. She looks like Diana from V
  14. It looks like something from a movie !
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