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  1. @karbatal Soon Yi was never his adopted daughter though , and she was already of age when their relationship turned romantic . He doesn't belong in the company of these "gentlemen"
  2. Except , Allen has never been convicted of anything and only ever been accused of molestation by one person whose reliability is far from beyond reproach .
  3. Yes ,there is no such evidence .And the guy was nothing like that ,truly .There are videos from the incident and more to come.I cant yet stomach to watch them ,after 2 secs i stop. Witnesses' reports are very contradictory till now Let's suppose he did try to steal , do you lynch him to death? That's jungle law p.s. that's his last profile picture ,with M featured 😭 p.s.
  4. Exactly .Most of the community stands in solidarity,thankfully,and i really hope we won't let this one pass .
  5. @Jazzy Jan it's incomprehensible ,my mind resists to process i'm living next to such monsters .Happened very few blocks from where i work.Makes one feel personally threatened .Anger and horror are my two moods since Friday (when the media was still reporting "an anonymous drug addict",LIES ,as if it really was a drug addict it would be OK to just lynch him to death) I was considering leaving the country ,now it feels urgent
  6. Oh,God.It's good that it reached here,at least. Since Friday ,when it happened ,media and some authorities are relentlessly attempting a cover up,demonizing Zak, burying and manipulating evidence etc. Zak was a VERY prominent member of the greek gay community.Probably everyone who is gay in Greece knew of him . A great guy and a HUGE loyal Madonna fan . I still can't believe this happened to him .I ,like many others ,are shaken to the core . Loads of misanthropist reactions to the incident ,this murder has brought out Greek society's true and cruel colors.Truly ,what happened to him is one of my biggest fears ,a lynch mob of self righteous pigs acting as law. Till Friday i thought it stemmed from my neurosis but it appears it's not there without reason. He was a fighter in life and became a great symbol ,sparking great public debates ,in death
  7. V.K

    Kanye West

    very important post,brava Nikki,he's the perfect example
  8. V.K

    Ssion <3

    He's the best and his flesh album is my favorite of him to date. Comeback alone (song + video) > careers.a unique and cultivated pop visionary. Here's someone I'd love to see M work with, even if it's just for visuals
  9. fuck this shit..i'm no mood for WW3
  10. V.K

    China will rate its citizens

    wtf..this is terrifying
  11. V.K


    he's nothing,overrated's really kind imo
  12. V.K

    songs with a KILLER beat

    oh,this one of course and