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  1. V.K

    Kanye West

    very important post,brava Nikki,he's the perfect example
  2. V.K

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    I don't know, it looks massive to me. Didn't they have a different sized stage for arenas?
  3. V.K

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    the stage was too smal?!
  4. V.K

    Ssion <3

    He's the best and his flesh album is my favorite of him to date. Comeback alone (song + video) > careers.a unique and cultivated pop visionary. Here's someone I'd love to see M work with, even if it's just for visuals
  5. fuck this shit..i'm no mood for WW3
  6. her moves and looks are just so much more on point in the earlier shows of the tour,even in this one...perplexing why they'd choose the last ones,where she's understandably dead tired,to shoot
  7. V.K

    China will rate its citizens

    wtf..this is terrifying
  8. V.K


    he's nothing,overrated's really kind imo
  9. V.K

    songs with a KILLER beat

    oh,this one of course and
  10. V.K

    Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

    yes,the lyrics and backstory are really great too.This is not 80's ,it;s timeless
  11. V.K

    Bono: "Music is too girly!"

    we've got enough of male anger AKA teen angst and male perspectives in art for 10 lifetimes.Good riddance
  12. Lena Platonos,a greek composer/poet(and vocalist to a lot of her own work but certainly not all).She's a pioneer of electronica,worldwide