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  1. China will rate its citizens

    wtf..this is terrifying
  2. Azealia Banks

    love her and so happy for her
  3. Rihanna - "ANTI."

    i hope she keeps the body for a while,she sizzles,can't stop lookin at her
  4. enlightened no,but then again that was the whole tone of the court arond her at that time,it's their accumulated decadance that she paid for(she also mairried very young and was quite unprepared for the position)...ok,i'll stop geeking out now
  5. oh,the one by Lady Antonia Fraser ia sublime as well,read after Zweig's,it's in the same "restoration of thruth" tone,but much lengthier with many many intriguing details
  6. Camila Cabello

    this is beyond stupid,at worst she's appropriating some highly controversial terms but it's clear that,as many people(whwther it's right or wrong)used them as terms of endearment
  7. what's gotten into you guys?Ed Sherean?He looks sooo gross and his songs are Taylor Swift teeny bopper-level shit
  8. Britney Spears thread

    oh,i'd like to see that too!is there any sex tape?
  9. Britney Spears thread

    decent power btm in the pron flicks he did
  10. new song's really good,eager to listen to the rest there's to come...unlike her last lead single "stolen car" with Sting,ywan idea,yawn & cringe video,yawn production by the Avener,who was supposed to be the shit back then around Europe

    yeap,and that's the whole truth
  12. i adore her ever since i stumbed upon "doggy style" ,last summer.Then i binged watched everything she'd done up that point.She seems to be blowing up wich i think is great,she's one of the best rappers out there.And yes,even the seeminlgy sleazier stuff is a message,a grand feminist statement imho
  13. you're propably refering to the very early workshop videos?the bit you want is too short anyways