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  1. It was confirmed the other day. She will appear in both the Thursday and Saturday shows (interview and then performances).
  2. She's appearing during the 2nd Eurovision semi-final in an interview. That's the Thursday night. Then she does the performances on Saturday night. And she arrives in Israel Tuesday May 14th apparently
  3. Did anyone get this yet? How do the videos look - and does it come with any new inserts / lyrics booklet or anything? I see it hit the shops
  4. No, I would say Madonna's quest for "perfection" or her desire to present her concert in a specific way, has a LOT to do with it. U2 I would guess would be a lot less 'precious' about things. I can't see us getting a live or almost-live full scale Madonna TV concert again in a hurry. Last time was 2001.
  5. I was up in a tier and the sound went crazy low when Jimmy came on stage and then when she was talking to him u could hear next to nothing. I thought the speakers were fucked or something but as she hurried the speech so obviously, I began thinking they were 'pulling the plug'! That sound was deffo cut as part of the whole plug pulling. V interesting. My ub video I uploaded yday, I have dubbed the album version of the song. U can tell from my video just how low the arena sound had got up where I was. When she says 'run' its barely audible. Amazing concert experience tho. I love all the drama we always seem to get now at her shows lol
  6. Hey yeah I just saw what ub Jimmy said on his fb page. He says just before ub (after being picked and taken to perform) they told him there was no time for the song! Then a minute later he got a tap on the shoulder and told it was "back on" and to run !!! Says he never ran so fast in his life. Wow. Did u guys notice the sound in the arena got massively cut about half way thru ub? That's when I first realised something was very wrong lol
  7. Pro cameras at every show so far. All that screen footage is full HD. What no-one has noticed yet is extra cameras on cranes. They can/will use the regular HD footage filmed every night (as they did for MDNA DVD) but at some point a camera on a crane will have to happen, to capture those sweeping wide shots that are essential. Didn't spot anything extra like that in Glasgow.
  8. Brooklyn also she did both those, but of course did medley that night too.
  9. Half the sound in the arena went off during UB - and she had been racing through everything since La Vie. It was v obvious! The banana speech was the quickest ever. So they knew something was going on...
  10. Who's the mod who said she was only gonna cut the DYU medley "2 more times" - way back...
  11. Never a fucking dull moment at a Madonna concert - that's for sure.
  12. They cut the sound during UB and then she hurried up the banana speech - although still audible in the arena. Then when UB was done the houselights came on and everyone thought the show was over but she came out and did Holiday with little or no sound or lighting (just a spotlight following her around) and the crowd singing along. It was absolutely awesome!
  13. Unbelievable! Cordoba all over again - it felt like!!! SO CRAZY!!!!!!!
  14. Jamie & Madonna (filmed from the screens).
  15. Anyone know who Alan was - the fan who gave her the ring and told her he was straight (but then his friend told Madonna she was his fag hag!)? Is he on here?
  16. Well said. AND - she is actually adorable in real life.
  17. She is Madonna fan royalty IMO. Total legend.
  18. Just in! Great show. She seemed to really love the audience! Saw Chelle on the big screens. Jamie's dancing was OFF THE SCALE amazing and funny! And such a refreshing change from all the muscle queens she's been picking for that.
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