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  1. But 01:53:40 in minutes is 113m 40s Looks like they match to me. (I'm sure 57 seconds difference can be accounted for!)
  2. I think people need to be realistic. As we all know - we have a full history of Madonna home-video releases which are always exceptionally sparse on "extras". We just never ever get content that is hoped and prayed for. On the positive side, the edit we've seen on Showtime is excellent and I can't wait to own it on Blu Ray. It will be of course very disappointing if there's a full song missing (LDLHA) cos this really means first time we've had a situation like this since VIrgin Tour. (I'm not counting Re-Invention - we didn't get it officially at all really). If LDLHA is missing I am assuming it is for artistic reasons. Madonna doesn't like it or something. There's never ever been a copyright problem about including performances of cover versions in the past. As for "Like a Prayer" as a bonus. It's just so annoying for me but depressingly predictable I suppose. We already got Like a Prayer OFFICIALLY RELEASED IN FULL HD from this tour - via Guy Oseary on YouTube the day after her Stockholm show. So to get Like a Prayer again on the disc (don't care where it's from this time) and not any of the other amazing "bonus" songs she did on this tour - it really means nothing at all to me except fills me with disappointment.
  3. Did you see his comment the other day on Madonna's Instagram post? Reminding her publicly that they wrote Sky Fits Heaven together. That kinda surprised me. He does post about her a lot!
  4. It came from the record company - Universal. http://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/madonnas-groundbreaking-rebel-heart-tour-now-live-album-dvd-film
  5. No - not that I know of. I think based on past experience, we start with low expectations. Never has a Madonna concert release contained any of the "extras" we have wished for or which wouldn't have been a huge surprise on releases by other artists (we all prayed for "You'll See" pro-shot as a DWT extra, or "Frozen" & "Dress You Up" 2009 extras on the S&S DVD). But in this case - the original Showtime press release did specifically mention bonus songs such as "Take a Bow" and "Secret" - and many people took that as an indication that we might get them, if not on the TV broadcast then eventually on the final DVD Also - the Showtime concert was shortened - particularly we all know with LDLHA completely gone, but also with shortening to some interludes and songs (Deeper & Deeper for instance). Since Virgin Tour, we have never had a Madonna concert home video release which was missing songs from the concert. It will be unusual if LDLHA isn't on the DVD - and I am also expecting the other standard songs & interludes to be full-length. Confessions was shown on TV edited - but in full on the DVD. I'm not expecting any of the bonus acoustic songs now sadly. I hope I'm wrong! I'd love "Crazy for You"
  6. You are right. But I don't understand why she's not using a professional for this. Using fan stuff for singles was kinda interesting - but this is a major release and that thing with Brit Awards photo is just awful. I wish she would just go to a bloody professional and get it done properly.
  7. Yeah that DVD is for real - but it's just a promotional / screener DVD for Emmy voters - containing the Showtime Broadcast. I think that quote mentioning those songs is the same quote as from the original Showtime press release. Those songs as we know, didn't show up in the broadcast. Who knows about the actual release coming in August.
  8. Has this been seen yet? The official Showtime DVD for Emmy Voters? At least we can say the RH Tour is officially on DVD somewhere!
  9. The first song Madonna & Pat wrote together tho was Love Makes The World Go Round in 1985.
  10. On his La Isla Bonita post the other day I asked if he could revisit The Look of Love. Amazed he noticed and did!!
  11. For the DVD release - they changed the frame rate (as well as re-editing with different camera angles). It was that usual trick to try and make video look more like film. Not a huge fan of that. The official Emmy Awards promo VHS is worth having - you get a great quality version of the show without this "effect".
  12. Making of MTV 10 in decent quality - found this on an old VHS tape yesterday...
  13. I like their 90s work! :-) I think the 80s work of Pat & Madonna is the best tho. Just my personal opinion! (BTW - I count IB as 80s - the Pat Leonard stuff on that album was recorded in 1989) Incidentally I found this reccently on an old VHS tape of mine - Pat in 1989 talking about writing with Madonna. He's playing "He's a Man" and then "Hanky Panky" on piano, in the background of the clip
  14. I actually have no desire whatsoever for Madonna to work with Pat Leonard on new songs. She worked with him and it was the best music of her career IMO - and that's that. I don't need a 2017 version of it. What excites me about Pat being on Instagram now and referencing Madonna SO much (all the bloody time!) is that it makes me think we MAY end up getting something really amazing from the archives from him. That's my focus. The work he did with Madonna in the 80s is enough for me. I want more and more and more and more of THAT! He played a bit of LTT in one of his posts. I'd love him to play "The Look of Love" on piano for us.