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  1. And some of the guide prices have gone through the roof now. $12k-$15k for the BA Gaultier drawings - weren't all the items guided in hundreds of dollars originally?
  2. This court case in Sept will be very interesting! It's all gonna come out about Christopher. So many of these things look for sure like they are his - not Madonna's or Darlene's. I see most of the items that are without question originally belongings of Christopher - are still for sale!
  3. Flip - when I first mentioned the tapes on here - the replies said they looked fake lol!
  4. That Madonna's lawsuit mentions the items "include... unreleased recordings" - to me kinda confirms (not that I needed confirmation!) that those tapes are genuine. Really interesting how this is panning out. She did try to stop the Melissa auctions btw - and she failed. They continued and the items were sold to all kinds of people.
  5. Hey sorry you are right. I saw all the other Tupac items on the same page as this and thought they were all from one seperate lot. Such a dramatic last-minute bid to end all the auctions! It's the tapes that I found fascinating!!
  6. It's all getting v weird. The tupac letter isn't part of the Darlene/Christopher lot. Yet Madonna's legal action mentions it and also Darlene and her lot of items. That auction company has a separate lot of Tupac related things not credited to Darlene and only one of those items is Madonna related.
  7. Doesn't look like any of this stuff is fake I don't think. Even that LAV corset does now look like it is the real deal.
  8. We should have all done a collective thing like someone else said. We are NOT gonna get these things I don't think otherwise. No one individual is gonna pay a shit load for something and then give it away for free. As I mentioned before - pretty much all of the many many gems from Melissa's collection which sold to fans, have stayed well hidden. Some of the buyers are known - the items sold for fortunes - and nothing has surfaced that I've seen. "The Making of Like a Prayer - Part II" video was part of that stash which sold. Quite a few years ago now.
  9. SO fascinating. Vogue obviously wasn't released at this stage - so not yet a huge international number one. That would explain its position in the setlist perhaps. Only later to be the perfect closing song (before the encores). "Everybody" on BA tour fascinating too. Love seeing this kind of thing.
  10. So well spotted!!! Really interesting to see Physical Attraction in there - and Vogue way earlier in the setlist.
  11. Speculation of course - but everything does point to Christopher with this auction!
  12. 100% agree Roland. BTW - the Tupac letter is actually not part of this lot of Christopher's belongings! It is part of a bigger lot of Tupac-related items, not credited as coming from Darlene by the auction company. These items have nothing to do with Madonna aside from that letter. http://www.gottahaverockandroll.com/Category/Tupac_Shakur-429.html
  13. The common thread to most of the items being sold is actually Christopher. Many of the items are stated as having belonged to him originally - and others like the Gaultier drawings you mention, you could reasonably have expected him to own (he was artistic director of that tour). Matthew Rettenmund's blog first commented on this - and I think it's reasonable to speculate that possibly these items are being sold on Christopher's behalf (perhaps he doesn't want to be credited with the auction).
  14. Agree. If indeed this is what's going on here - then it's all very tragic. Especially since some of the items are of a very personal and private nature. Very sad situation from that point of view.