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  1. Starrah has had a hand in some of my favourite pop songs of the last year or so. I felt same about Avicii and Diplo when I heard she was working with them a few years ago - and I liked the results of their work with Madonna and there's a good chance I will like what she is up to now. However, as with the RH music, I would be cautious about Madonna getting any major mainstream success out of this, no matter how good it is (or whether or not Cardi B guest raps). She will have modest commercial success with this, I predict. And - in a way, her new music will almost be a side-show. Cos - we already know that the "album" is now mainly the vehicle to sell the tour. That's how it works. Once the album is out, the big tour announcement will come and the push to sell tickets is the main focus. That's where ALL the big money is for Madonna. And the tour - it will sink or swim depending on how much or little Madonna embraces her 80s and 90s work! The songs from this new album will not fill the arenas or stadiums worldwide, The tickets will sell off the back of Madonna's name (her fame and her back catalogue) and when she performs the new songs in the show, I might like them and many on here might like them - but the masses in the arena will be twitching and waiting for "Into the Groove" or "Papa Don't Preach" to start.
  2. Barcelona Gold version is actually a unique edit of the Short Version! (just to complicate things)
  3. Patrick Leonard thread

    Absolutely hit the nail on the head IMO. Madonna goes in a different direction than this mostly and fair play to her - she is an artist and knows what she wants, what she feels etc. She doesn't want that - I think... But then she surprises - like Masterpiece. AND... she is quite often *all* about the money. So maybe if there was enough money in it - she'd go that way again.
  4. Patrick Leonard thread

    This is so awesome! I loved reading what you just wrote. I just watched / listened to "The Look of Love". OMG it was gorgeous. What a beautiful beautiful song that is / was. Takes me back to 1987.
  5. Songs Covered By Madonna

    "Do Re Mi" from "The Sound of Music" on tour in Brisbane last year: Also she did acapella a couple of lines from "Who Let The Dogs Out" at one of her "Up For Grabs" play performances in June 2002 which I was at! (no video I'm afraid!).
  6. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Totally understand your points there, but I was really never aware though of any rights issues with someone performing a song on TV. Yes, releasing it for sale. But anyone can appear on TV singing someone else's song - the writers just get royalty payments from the broadcaster. I just genuinely don't get the link between rights and LDLHA. Madonna is performing that song on her home video release "93 - 99 Video Collection" - so they managed ok with the rights then (as of course we would expect). It kinda bugs me that I see all over the internet, it becoming "fact" that LDLHA is missing from RHT film due to copyright. It's like other random "facts" throughout Madonna's career which actually come from nothing. Need to be nipped in the bud lol! :-) :-) I also see the D&D (and other) cuts as artistic. My feeling about all of this, is that as with pretty much everything Madonna-related - she has a very very very clear idea of what she likes and doesn't like. All the edits are for those reasons IMO.
  7. I'm sad too. It was stunning and so beautifully placed in that show. I wonder if we will ever know why she left it off the film!
  8. This is such an unusual release. Never before have Japan had a video extra like this - a full tour performance never seen elsewhere! What is the logic in the US / European / International release not containing "Take a Bow"? I know in Japan there's a history of including bonus tracks on albums and there's been the CD+DVD versions of COADF and RH there - but, from Japanese point of view, is this to generate export sales? Doesn't the UK record company care about exports? I am a bit baffled. As for LDLHA - it's a shame - but the theory about it being left off cos it is a cover version seems like total nonsense to me. La Vie En Rose is a cover. Billie Jean, I Can't Help Myself, Family Affair, Imagine, Don't Cry For Me Argentina - they are all cover versions and all have been released on Madonna tour home videos. Conclusion must be that Madonna has decided she's not keen on the LDLHA performance. That's how she operates. She doesn't like it now!
  9. Patrick Leonard thread

    SO perfectly put!
  10. Today 30 years ago the movie opened across America. Local NY TV News on the premiere the night before:
  11. Today, YouTube took down my video of Iconic from Montreal, due to a copyright claim by Eagle Rock. I had uploaded it shortly after the tour opened almost 2 years ago. UMG had monetized it shortly afterwards but had not asked for its removal.
  12. Madonna explains the Nikki Finn ACCENT!
  13. Patrick Leonard thread

    It's just all a bit sad - cos unless there's some crazy fucking mad change of character - Madonna's not interested and that's that. This is the 30th Anniversary of her WTG tour - it was one of the biggest cultural events of that year - of that decade - it was everywhere. People who loved Madonna back then still LOVE that tour. All kinds of people who are not Madonna fans now and have pretty much no interest in her work today - would lap up stuff from back then now. I see it from all kinds of random comments when I post about the tour on Facebook. But Madonna does not seem to be remotely interested in that tour - or any of this old stuff lol! 30th Anniversary is so obvious for some kind of amazing release celebrating that biggest of big years of her career - with footage we haven't seen that's she's got . But we can't even get the complete show on DVD of the REBEL HEAR TOUR her MOST RECENT work (which one might assume she does just about still have some interest in!) - we cannot seemingly even expect THAT!!!! So for her stuff from the past - I can't see any hope! It's nice for Pat to show these things but it's hard to see how we can ever get more than a photo of the tapes!!!
  14. And some of the guide prices have gone through the roof now. $12k-$15k for the BA Gaultier drawings - weren't all the items guided in hundreds of dollars originally?