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  1. juSTIfyLovE

    Part II: New album discussion!!

    I so hope it is Madonna!!! That Sound would suit her very well! It also gives me " Stellar Collision " Vibes, an Instrumental Demo from COADF!! m.youtube.com/watch?v=12Rbjo9uM6Q
  2. juSTIfyLovE

    The DVD

    Could you send me a pm too please!
  3. Have a look at this awesome video of "I Don't Give A"! That's epic!! M in the middle and back the huge screens (especially with the gearwheels), WOW!! Can't fucking wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray!!!
  4. juSTIfyLovE


    Here is an early demo of "Some Girls" sung by a session-singer with differnt instrumetal and some lyrics. Sounds HOT! Also intersting to see how Madonna changed it and added her personal touch. Always intersting to see! http://uploading.com/files/get/4m54c1ad/MADONNA%2BSOME%2BGIRLS%2BEARLY%2BDEMO%2B1.mp3
  5. juSTIfyLovE


    Here's an early demo of "Some Girls", it was sung by a session singer and has alternate instrumentation as well as some different lyrics. Sounds hot! And it is very interesting to see how Madonna made it more personal and "Madonna-like", same with "Girl Gone Wild" demo. http://uploading.com/files/get/4m54c1ad/MADONNA%2BSOME%2BGIRLS%2BEARLY%2BDEMO%2B1.mp3
  6. juSTIfyLovE

    9 August - St. Petersburg

    It is everywhere on the news! YEAH, Revolutindonna, go for it!! Can't belive she is blamed for humanity! That's exactly why we love her! <3
  7. juSTIfyLovE

    New Paris Date - July 26

    Funktioniert, ja! Eben sah meine kurze Ausschnitte von der Show.. nehme an der gefilmten Show in Paris oder Proben.. Nun steht dort "please stand by for the start of the event"!
  8. juSTIfyLovE

    New Paris Date - July 26

    Geht auf diese Seite: http://www.unblockyoutube.us/?error=unique_mismatch&par=YToxOntpOjA7YjowO30%3D&sa=390ef2686 und fügt den Link unten ein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1VPZAo68sE dann auf GO! Viel Spaß!!
  9. juSTIfyLovE

    "Turn Up The Radio" Video Premiere

    Great Video! It captures the feeling perfectly! Madonna (sexy as hell), screaming fans, Italy, Summer... Turn up the Radioooooo!! I also love the sounds in the beginning! The "chain-sound" of the beginnen of Girl Gone Wild and the "photograph-sounds" of Vogue from the Tour! Makes it feel straight after her concert!
  10. juSTIfyLovE

    Berlin - June 28

    They were given out by the I-Pad game... but it was very unfair.. they made each row.. (first half of the first row, first half of the second row and so on.. Was on the fifth row in the middle.. one row before mine they said "Sorry, we are done!" Some people, who were only some minutes in the first four rows could get the chance but not the fifth and sixth row (where people also waited for hours)...
  11. juSTIfyLovE

    Berlin - June 28

    How was the second concert last night, Guys?? ProShot Video of from the first concert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShNcknSm_5s
  12. juSTIfyLovE

    Berlin - June 28

    Yes, it is... Did you went to the concert yesterday, muse?
  13. juSTIfyLovE

    Berlin - June 28

    I saw it too... whatever Madonna does, they will find things to make her look very diva like.. But we fans knwo it better!!
  14. juSTIfyLovE

    Berlin - June 28

    Came back a few hours from Berlin! It was an awesome Concert!! First of all, i came late, two hours cause of traffic.. so there were lines of people waiting for her.. The Ipad-Game stopped before my line.. BUT i was surprised to get that close to the stage, fourth row! Madame was late.. and the crowd "buuued" several times.. FINALLY, at about 10:30 the show began! She was in such a great mood, spoke often to the audience, chlaped their hands like crazy (especially during "Celebration")! Yeah, Berlin gone wild!! She also said "Germans do it better!" That was really great! If you have seen Videos of one of the shows, it will not come close in seeing it live! We screamed the hell out of us and she was very happy about it! "Like a Prayer" was the highlight for many people, almost the whole arena was dancing! What a great night! Thank you, Madonna!!
  15. juSTIfyLovE

    Berlin - June 28

    Cause she loves Berlin, Baby! The ticktes were quite expenssive so she makes enough money with two shows!