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  1. You can be a DJ and a musician you know Guy Sigsworth, a classically trained musician, told me that he was in awe of Stuart Price because he was BOTH an amazing DJ and an amazing musician (which he is - no matter what your opinion of his style) and he was especially in awe of the fact that he could do them simultaneously live on stage. Patrick Leonard couldn't do that. Just sayin' ​Not saying anything negative about Pat BTW - the man's a fucking legend IMHO.
  2. Whoop, why can't we vote for the album's best producer for all the other songs - Madonna? ​Tough decision, but I voted Diplo for the joy BIM & LFL gave me last year. Blood Diamonds 2nd just for DP.
  3. Our Chelle - that was amazing and totally hilarious M LUVS YOU!!! You shoulda been the UB last night! After the rumour of Take A Bow, I never expected Drowned World! So totally fitting and so much more emotional knowing the David Collins connection. Wow, we were so lucky in London to be treated to 2 amazing and unique shows. Haven't seen this much London love since R-iT. OK, so I now want Bad Girl in this section - PLEASE Madonna!
  4. Lady sings the blues. One of her best deeper songs!
  5. Guys, I too got a bit excited about this Caroline Sullivan book as it's by a Guardian journalist, but it's only worth it for the pictures and having a book that covers her entire career if that's what you're looking for. In terms of her music and career, there's a lot of errors and her opinions of Madonna, which are often presented as fact, are sometimes just plain laughable - providing you have a sense of humour. It's poorly researched and there's nothing new in here that you haven't heard before. Some journalists are just plain lazy! If you only buy one book for Christmas, buy Matthew Rettenmund's - I say this with confidence in Matt being someone that digs DEEP, even though mine hasn't arrived yet!
  6. Wow! I never knew this and always thought that it was promo only. Seems like Over and Over was also released in Philippines!
  7. Carta, wasn't Over and Over a promo only release in Italy? Love Don't Live Here Anymore also got a single release in Japan back in the day.
  8. I'm not sure about this one Karbatal, as Guy was understandably a little sensitive around this issue. It may have been Talvin Singh's Cyber-raga, but that's just a guess.
  9. Billy & Webo. here's a little exclusive from thebeatswithin that explains the recording process... Guy Sigsworth told me that he was inspired by the German band Oval, who created tracks by scratching CDs to make them jump and skip and then re-arranged it to make it into something melodic. Guy actually created the song by messing around with a DAT player's jog wheel to create the clicking sound. He then cut up these bits of audio to give the feeling that the CD was skipping. So, although it may sound like the old psychedelic rock trick of playing it backwards, this wasn't actually how Guy achieved these sounds. It's interesting to me how these studio "accidents", from guitar distortion on Jimi Hendrix songs, to record scratching on hip-hop tracks, to time stretch first used on drum and bass records, which are all essentially "mistakes", have become something that musicians emulate to create something melodic. Guy told me that WIFGFAG was one of the last, if not the very last song to be recorded for the Music album, after a track from another collaborator (Not Orbit or Mirwais) got bumped off the record. It was the only song they recorded during the short sessions (Nothing Fails originated elsewhere), as M was heavily pregnant.
  10. I agree with RoccoPapa - ridiculous to describe it as gay - reduces an amazing album to something Kylie might do, like Aphrodite.
  11. You're right barneyboy, Jump was indeed one of the songs that originated from the abandoned musical projects. I promise not to be a stranger. And I'll see if I can make up for lost time - stay tuned!
  12. In case you haven't seen it yet, the November issue of GT magazine, which is currently on news stands, has a 4-page spread about a decade of Confessions, which they declare as Madonna's "gayest" album. Unfortunately the article doesn't have anything new and there's a few "spot the factual error" moments. One for the complete-ists only. BTW, "gayest" to GT = camp, glitter and feather boas. If I was forced to describe one of her albums as the "gayest", I'd go for Erotica. What's your "gayest" Madonna record?
  13. I love all of the influences that can be heard all over Confessions and some of them are just little flourishes rather than big samples, like the Abba sample on Hung Up for example. Parts of Forbidden Love have always given me Evelyn Thomas' High Energy / Laura Branigan's Self Control vibes - anyone else pick up on this? I'd love to hear what influences people can hear across Confessions, apart from the obvious and often cited Abba / Jackson 5 "samples".
  14. You've picked out most of the lines that conjure up the masturbation fantasy and not sure if they were intentional or not, but we know how she often likes to write lyrics that can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Then again, it could just be MY twisted mind, not hers. Interesting how Supernatural and Like a Prayer both start with the sound of crashing guitars - I wonder which song came first?
  15. Hey Pud! What's this about Ain't No Big Deal not being a proper or Bside? The version released on ROTKBs and PDP was recorded during the Madonna album sessions. Are you referring to the earlier Steve Bray, Mark Kamins or Wayne Braithwaite versions? LOVE Super duper naturally big outrageously large! I always thought Supernatural was about masturbation, no?
  16. Apologies if this has been reported before, but I checked and don't think it has, so here goes...... OK, so like a lot of people, I always assumed that Jump was inspired by Pet Shop Boys' amazing single, West End Girls, but I just discovered something that makes me think that Jump took its inspiration from a lesser known song. Intrigued? Then read on...... So, my boyfriend and I were having a random conversation last night about Japanese anime (as you do) and old 1980s cartoons, such as Ulysses 31 (anyone remember that one?) and I had a flashback about this old animated video of a robot-faced, Baroque-style orchestra flying around on a gondola into space (for real) that used to freak the fuck outta me - I was only a kid after all. Naturally, I googled it and found this...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UDT3RtbYQw Sounds to me like La Serenissima by Rondo Veneziano inspired the bass line and orchestral intro to the non-mixed album version of Jump. Apparently I'm not alone in thinking this, as someone has already created a mash-up of Jump / La Serenissima that I'm currently obsessed with - check it out on Soundcloud...... https://soundcloud.com/stedosa/madonna-vs-rond-veneziano-jump Randomly, this video used to get regular play (as far as I remember after Saturday morning kids' TV ended) on ITV in the UK, as filler. I checked in case this was unique to UTV in my native Northern Ireland, but it was apparently shown across all ITV regions in the UK. I was born in 1977, the same year as Stuart Price, so chances are a young Stuart Price also saw this broadcast after watching Saturday morning cartoons and it stuck with him. Apparently the song reached Number 58 in the UK singles chart in 1983 and the album from which it came, Venice in Peril (named after the charity that the album's profits contributed to), was a global classical hit. As a side note - the animated video (which incidentally still slightly freaks me out - but now in a good way), which I guess must have been pretty ground-breaking for 1983, looks like it might have even influenced the videos from Daft Punk's Discovery album. Oh yeah, and I'm not dead, I promised Pud I'd return to Madonnanation, so blame him
  17. Thanks for sharing this awesome, super rare performance Jamesy! It took me there
  18. It was at rehearsals - isn't he credited?
  19. Very intertesting point you make there oh learned one We live in hope!
  20. Is it Ric Ocasek from The Cars? They were also signed to Warners and were still riding high on the success of their massive Heartbeat City album in '86. But at first I thought it might be Phil Spector, which considering it's Madonna in the midst of her most girl group moment ever, that would be pretty awesome - this is the woman who had Gene Kelly oversee Like a Virgin on TGS and John Travolta oversee Music on CT after all!
  21. Not sure why you doubt it, but those lyrics and melody are 100% M
  22. Whoopie you're reading my mind - I was literally just thinking about this. I'd love to see the rest of the booklet, if it was produced at all and I'd also love to read the content, but from what I can see it just looks like they've pasted in text from AllMusic or somehthing, which makes sense as it was a concept. Anyway - thanks for the post!
  23. Indeed I did and from several reliable sources. I've spoken to 100+ people who have worked with Madonna in the studio, including many studio engineers - the guys in charge of recording her vocals and vocal effects, etc - and they all say the same thing - Madonna does not pitch correct her voice! Again, it's yet another famous Madonna myth that her vocals were pitched for the LAV album, but this just isn't true. There are countless examples of live and studio vocals like the ones above, where we can clearly hear the range and pitch she's clearly capable of singing in - but doesn't necessarily always chose to for various reasons (dancing/sustaining it for multiple nights over a long ass tour). I mean, you can even hear it in her speaking voice, she has a kind of girlish voice still to this day. Madonna's also not a fan of over-comping (editing vocals together from many different takes) her vocal performances for her recordings, as many artists do to the extent where every other word is a comp - in fact, she has even scrapped "perfect" vocals in favour of the rough demo vocals on some songs 'cos she preferred the "feel" of them. Whereas some people chose to spend hours in the studio working on the vocals, M will often just sing it straight through 2 or 3 times and then they pick the best one. As Guy Sigsworth described it, it was like Al Pacino acting a scene out for 3 different takes and then picking the best one - they're all great, you just pick the one that feels the best with the most emotion. (I'm paraphrasing here) Don't get me wrong, she may do a little comping here and there, but Madonna's a seriously talented and gifted vocalist - don't you guys still know that? Those slowed down MDNA tracks are NOT her original vocal and are obviously slowed down, and sound un-natural.
  24. OK guys, found this blog (apologies if it's been posted here before) and it's one of the funniest things online, taking the piss clean out of the whole Madonna did it first online stan BS. It's totally un-PC (I did warn you!), so please only view only if you have a sense of humour. Clearly a number of people don't and what's funny is that the blogger posts their hate mail with his hilarious reply - check it out at http://celebsthatcopymadonna.tumblr.com :-)
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