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  1. thebeatswithin

    Best producer from Rebel Heart

    You can be a DJ and a musician you know Guy Sigsworth, a classically trained musician, told me that he was in awe of Stuart Price because he was BOTH an amazing DJ and an amazing musician (which he is - no matter what your opinion of his style) and he was especially in awe of the fact that he could do them simultaneously live on stage. Patrick Leonard couldn't do that. Just sayin' ​Not saying anything negative about Pat BTW - the man's a fucking legend IMHO.
  2. thebeatswithin

    Best producer from Rebel Heart

    Whoop, why can't we vote for the album's best producer for all the other songs - Madonna? ​Tough decision, but I voted Diplo for the joy BIM & LFL gave me last year. Blood Diamonds 2nd just for DP.
  3. thebeatswithin

    Stevie Nicks!!

    Incidentally, she thought that the Madonna/Britney kiss was totally obnoxious - although her criticism was more about Brit & Xtina being like strippers who wouldn't last as long as M or something. She also said M is one of the best songwriters in pop and was in awe of how she can just write a song in 15 mins and pluck a melody out of the air or something - seriously paraphrasing here - I wonder if she knew that info from her long association w/ Liz R?
  4. thebeatswithin

    Stevie Nicks!!

    Thank you so much for this - wow! OMG - was that one of the infamous Solid Gold dancers - fuckin love it!
  5. thebeatswithin

    Stevie Nicks!!

    It's all about Stand Back!!!
  6. Love reading your blog! Thanks so much for sharing the treasures you've learned through all of your interviews. :)