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  1. I chose Manchester over Birmingham this time and I so wish I hadn't. I hope you have a great show.
  2. There is no problem here. I've accepted that Madonna is no longer popular with the music buying GP. She probably won't go gold in the US or UK and the album is free falling. She is going to have a successful tour and I'm loving the music. She should release whatever she wants and make videos for whatever she wants. She's inspired and giving so much and I for one appreciate it. It's sad people aren't buying the album and people can speculate about the failings of her team etc but what will be will be... Just enjoy everything as a fan!
  3. I love the album but I tend to skip Bitch I'm Madonna. Maybe I heard it too much for too long. I also cant get into Wash all over me. Love her voice but find it a bit dull. I don't skip it tho. I tend to like everything else.
  4. Surely anyone watching this on TV would be straight to the stores to buy the CD or downloading???? I mean the performance was life! How could anyone resist Rebel Heart knowing this gem is on it?
  5. Although bashed by UK and France it's probably M's best shot at connecting with European public without using too much of her time. Have any stars previously performed who have not been part of the competition?
  6. I bought 7 ... And wowhd - super deluxe was £11.99 reduced to £10.50ish - were brilliant. All 5 copies I ordered from them arrived in perfect condition. They are cheaper than Amazon but it takes longer to deliver.
  7. How do we get this to Guy and her team? European show. All over Europe with millions watching. Great exposure.... EUROVISION..... Perform on that Madonna! It'll boost sales. And if Australia are allowed to enter this year - why can't the queen grace the stage?
  8. Mine are Living for love Ghosttown Joan of Arc Devils Pray Hold Tight Messiah Although I got my super deluxe cd yesterday and have Graffiti Heart on repeat now
  9. I got my super deluxe from WowHD today and heard this for the first time. It's amazing! Love it so much. Referencing Frida too. 80s vibe is amazing. One of my favourites and should've been on the main CDs!!!
  10. Does anyone think there'll be a Dublin date? Belfast?
  11. I haven't seen this episode but I saw the one when madonna filmed Ross and used the loose Women studio. It was a day after the Brits and they were completely loving madonna. Shows how 2 faced the industry is.
  12. I bought 2 UK tickets today and paid just over £190 each. I wish we had the chance to do the same as you guys in the US. It would have helped her top the UK chart! So everyone in the US get downloading that album!!!
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