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  1. Yikes Kurt, that's quite a revealing post. Alluding to some sort of violent insurrection to remove newly elected President in order to get your way, are we? Go ahead and deny it but it's obvious. Keep posting stuff like this cause the internet is forever. I truly hope the new admin will compromise with the Democrats and find some balance in the years ahead. Not as a response to threats but because it's the right thing for the country as a whole.
  2. For clarification: He petitioned for it in 2012 and was awarded the trademark in 2015, according to CNN. http://money.cnn.com/2015/10/08/investing/donald-trump-make-america-great-again-trademark/ The trademark was a business decision. And that's problematic? I will watch the hearings this weekend, if I find the time.
  3. Actually Trump 'borrowed' that phrase from Regan. He trademarked it in 2015. It means whatever you want it to mean. Just like Hope and Change. As you alluded to.
  4. @ULIZOS I didn't post this guy Garrison's entire lifes work. I saw his work for the first time today, this cartoon I posted, and it felt relevant to our current predicament. And besides, aren't MSNBC/CNN/NYT ect. unbiased? Or... Hence the term 'Mainstream Media'. As in, the majority of people get their news from them, right? Or at least they used to. Check out current ratings for CNN, MSNBC, FOX...they are in the toilet. All TV/print news really. Hence the dinosaur reference. People have moved on and their monopoly on news distribution is done. That is the reason I posted it. Edit the pic to include Fox or whatever where the dino's asshole should be and call it a day!
  5. While I can't sign on to all of it, it's refreshing to see such a cogent analysis. Why is this kind of attitude in such short supply these days?
  6. You're very cute when you're indignant.
  7. You just have to laugh at this entire media madness!
  8. Pud you're an old soul. It's a blessing and a burden. -------------------------------------- Trump lawyer says he will give foreign government profits at his hotels to US Treasury ''Just like with conflicts of interest, he wants to do more than what the Constitution requires. So President-elect Trump has decided, and we are announcing today, that he is going to voluntarily donate all profits from foreign government payments made to his hotels to the United States Treasury. This way it is the American people who will profit.'' Sheri Dillon, Trump tax attorney http://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/11/trump-lawyer-says-he-will-give-foreign-government-profits-at-his-hotels-to-treasury.html
  9. I was just looking that up as you posted! Twins, I tell ya. They spent 1 million on 'admin costs' and I read she netted 2 million when all was said and done. @impr3ssive_instant She will forever be 'Jill Failed Recount Stein '. Lol
  10. The Clinton campaign STARTED the 'birther movement'. Manager was later fired. To save face of course. Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle admitted on Twitter and in a cable interview Friday that a Clinton staffer had indeed spread the rumor that President Barack Obama was born outside of the United States. The admission came after a heated exchange Friday afternoon with Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush’s former spokesman, who was pressing Ms. Doyle for the truth that Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign was responsible for creating a whisper campaign in the press that Mr. Obama was ineligible for the presidency. Ms. Doyle told Mr. Feischer it was a β€œlie” that the campaign spread the rumors, but then admitted in the same tweet a 2008 staffer had indeed sent an email spreading the birther conspiracy. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/sep/16/clinton-08-campaign-manager-admits-birther-connect/
  11. I'm afraid to watch it now. I do wish he'd stop tweeting about petty stuff. Update us on job creation matters etc but the rest is just a waste of time.
  12. This is epic trolling/Shitposting by 4Chan. They created a ridiculous piece of Fan-Fiction, rebranded it with a CIA letterhead, gave it Rick Wilson/John McCain, then gave it to BuzzFeed who actually published it. Backround info(left side): https://m.imgur.com/gallery/u1HKE 4Chan logs: https://archive.is/aR2D9#selection-34727.0-34743.6
  13. Kurt are you by chance a teacher? You don't need to wag your finger in my face again saying, 'You'll regret this!' As if I'm the rebellious student and you're the wise sage. We are simply two adults with a difference in opinion. I made a choice you didn't approve of. Convince us with evidence because attempting to public admonish me isn't going to work. Would it change your mind if it was done to you? We've agreed in the past on certain issues, in this thread even, and we will again find common ground in the future. It's all good. If posting topical news stories( ie Facebook torture case) is forbidden, that should be clearly communicated, for all to see,to prevent future confusion. Now back to topic..
  14. Well said @billiejean. I suspect there is an element of self hatred mixed in with the hypocrisy. A truly toxic combo. The celeb reaction, or should I say non reaction, doesn't affect me in the least. It's the regular folks you have to watch out for.
  15. Foreplay, dear. 8 long years of it. Enjoy the show.
  16. They have eight years to get cozy. Don't rush it.
  17. A classic for so many reasons.
  18. I can't wait. And Chris you are correct. I did infer this was political motivated based on the statements the attackers made. SO FAR, the evidence doesn't support that but it's a developing news story. Was the motivation because he's disabled? Because he's white? Because of political affiliation? One or all of the above constitute a hate crime, based on the current evidence.
  19. Well if this woman in Texas and you say it's fact then I'm convinced. I've seen the light! Who can I contact to change my vote??
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