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  1. They're? Lol. I'm anything but a troll. Since my thread for unpopular opinions got locked, I'm doing it this way because apparently it's the more convenient way.Anyway, people (mods and forum "gods") have been making troll/mock threads all the time. It's nothing special...but if people actually agree with this topic, why not keep it? It's their opinion and they're entitled to their opinion, even if it's an opinion not many people share.
  2. Wow, can't take a joke? I thought everyone here has quite a good sense of humor. I guess not.
  3. Um, I wasn't the one that started the elimination threads. And my thread wasn't a flop until "several" people started to bash others based on their opinions and called them flop fans, but good...if you think it was a flop then don't come in there when it reopens.
  4. Yeah, I'd prefer something like Candy Heart tbh. She loves candy after all... or "Sex Drops" Rebel Heart is perfect, you guys need to sit down and stop judging something based on it's cover/title.
  5. Let's hope she'll sing her best songs Human Nature, Candy Shop, Hung Up, Vogue, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, Music and La Isla Bonita again and ignores all the other songs from her catalogue. #queen #unapologeticbitch
  6. This should be mentioned in the Unpopular Madonna Opinion Thread! Oh wait...
  7. Yes, Human Nature and her HC-hit single Candy Shop. (Does she even know that the latter one wasn't even a single or is she in denial?)
  8. This is fucking AMAZING!!! Wow...I'd probably make it a little longer and mix it with some other articles and reviews for the albums/songs. Other than that it's absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for!
  9. OH MY FUCKING GODDDDDD!!!! I like this better than the original! FUUUUUCCCKKKK
  10. This thread is on FIIIIIIIIRRRREEEEEE
  11. Thanks, karbatal! I think Paradise and the whole geisha thing was the perfect imagery of 90's Madonna. Sensual, spiritual & mature. I had it on the tracklist for quite a while, but I think since this album is already quite ballad-heavy I wanted to have more energetic and more memorable songs. I personally think that NRM is much more remembered among Madonna fans than DW/SFL. They're both great tracks nevertheless, but NRM also serves a better transition from BS to Paradise.
  12. Thanks, buddy. Yup, that was on purpose. I'm a control freak and I want a GH compilation to be a sort of retrospective, at least in terms of imagery. And I hated that there was no chronological order in the collage, as well as 80's pictures of Madonna being mixed in, when this should've focused on her 90's tracks ONLY! I'm gonna make a collage page for each era. Ugh, me too! I'd love to have an article about each era to be featured as liner notes. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything like that. Any suggestions? Thank you so much! I chose red, because I wanted it to be complimentary
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