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  1. Yeah, I'd prefer something like Candy Heart tbh. She loves candy after all... or "Sex Drops" Rebel Heart is perfect, you guys need to sit down and stop judging something based on it's cover/title.
  2. I bet you did. Looks like DCFMA is becoming the unofficial 2014 world cup song, lol.
  3. I knewwww this was going to happen! LMAO So glad my country finally won again after 24 years!!!!
  4. AT FUCKING LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I love Diplo for posting a pic of his dick on twitter while he was drunk or high.
  6. I've already said it before and I'm gonna say it again... I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS ALBUM! My dream producer for M is actually working with her and she's having a lot of fun and seems to be very passionate about it, which is ALWAYS a good sign when it comes to her recording process and you all should know that! I also recall @, which I officially crowned the queen bitch of this forum, being here for Diplo before it was announced they're working together as well. So you should all leave her alone! As excited as I am about this album I have to admit that I'm still a bit worried, because we all know that her last two albums spawned a few of her worst songs ever and you never know if that's going to be the case again or if she's going to create another COADF/Music/ROL. With excitement there is also a bit of worry and that's normal. So, I guess I understand what chelle meant. Anyway the fact that some people here have worries of Diplo being a bitch to M if the album flops is completely uncalled for and should not be a point of discussion at this time.
  7. This. Everybody could've been one of her signature songs too if she performed it on every tour as encore, mostly and re-released it numerous times like she did with Holiday and that song didn't even have a video. I think the only way she'd do Cherish would be on Guitar and TUTBMP has never really been one of my favs, cause it really just drags on and never reaches a peak, which is why I believe she has never done it. It's just way too slow and cheesy.
  8. I think Jamie King said he tried to convince here to play Rescue Me. But you know how Madonna is these days... Playing songs like Candy Shop, Human Nature over some real forgotten HITS. Yes, Rescue Me was a hit and so were I'll Remember, TUTBMP, Take a Bow, Cherish,...she has so many great songs that deserve to be played on tour but she keeps ignoring them. I'm pretty sure the crowd would go WILD over a performance of Nothing Really Matters or I'll Remember. Lol, if she ever performes Rescue Me it'll probably end up like Rain as an interlude that features one line of the song, repeated over a different song. Like the word "RAAAIIINNN" repeated over Here Comes the Rain Again from Annie Lennox. If she wanted to play an Annie Lennox song on her tour, why didn't she play "Sing" instead?
  9. This. A tour performance of this top 10 smash hit is also way overdue. It ain't gonna happen though... Remember when someone tried to convice her to sing it during S&S and she laughed at him for even considering it? She. Fucking. Laughed. at him... :crying:
  10. But that's exactly what you're doing, hun. You keep bitching about everyone who thinks Diplo is a better producer than Avicii. I mean, it's okay to be entitled to your opinion but trashing everyone who thinks otherwise is unfair. That said, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about you for now, because I'm more insterested in talking about the album. I hope both producers deliver and everyone will be flashed and positive about this album once it's released. I can see this album ending up as a really good and upgraded version of Music/American Life/Ray of Light. Acoustic guitars/Lots of Instruments/Samples mixed with dance music or cool electronic beats.
  11. I think it's gonna be Janet Jackson. It was reported she's working on a new album last year.
  12. OMG! OMG these gifs!!! :lmao: Okay fine...I have never heard of him before but oh well...I just thought that his meltdown over this collab was uncalled for but to each his own...
  13. First of all...that is not a Little Fucksters invention.From urbandictionary: "A term that is used towards someone who is being overdramatic or too enthusiastic about a simple topic or matter." ^^^^^^^ This.
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