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  1. "It will be special, because, you know, I've been planning this since I was four"
  2. It's a jackson thing
  3. Guido dos santos IG account: We should ask him if he's involved in any of this.
  4. Isn't it strange that billboard didn't post anything about her cockchella performance or new song? I guess she's saving all that payola money for bulk buying her generic shit on itunes....
  5. No neck (mother) monster
  6. just tragic....
  7. Leda and Swan - female buddy cop movie with Demi Moore. I think she she mentioned it in MTV's Dinner with Madonna interview.
  8. James Packer? Mariah's James Packer? That's interesting....
  9. I wholeheartedly agree!
  10. Isnt this unapologetic bitch Bruno Andys (M's hairdresser) boyfriend?!
  11. i'm following unapologetic bitch Andrej from Slovenia on Instagram. Under the picture (where he's sharing the stage with M) is a comment from Marlyn Ortiz (Madonnas trainer) that he should thank her for the opportunity. I'm sure they were sweating together in hard candy fitness milano a night before....
  12. 3 days later and i'm still on such a madonna high. I need to see this show again!!! My poor little gay heart can't take it.... And the next day (sunday) i saw Mercy James with her two nannies (one male and one female) in Old Town Square! I was like: "OMG Mercy James, MERCY JAMES!!!!!!" Thanks god for my bf for stopping me from doing something stupid. Anyway, she was sooooo cute, adorable and all smiles. my pics from the show:
  13. OMG WHAT A SHOW! We got ghostown and secret insted of wtg. All the fans around me (on left side of the heart stage) were really into it. I mean people were singing even SEX. I took couple of pictures and videos of secret and gt. Will upload it later. BYEEEEE BITCHEEEEES!!!