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  1. Another surgery, another botched job. Her nose is definitely falling apart
  2. I'm slovenian and let me tell you, 90% of people here hate her or have really bad opinion about her. And this smurfette statute is just tragic.
  3. From 2017. It was already on the cover of BAZAAR Serbia (march 2017 issue).
  4. Madame X iz rising on Apple music. Yaaaas Queen, slay those preorders!!!
  5. I Just LOVE your dedication!!! And of course i'm liking all your comments on YouTube... they really stand out with your capital B user names.
  6. Gaga's Shallow Oscar performance was uploaded on her YouTube account immediately after the performances and had 6,1 million views in it's first 24 hours, what helped her get that no. 1 on Billboard.
  7. They need to upload the video of her performance immediately after the show to gather more views.
  8. Rodrigo Alves and his plastic surgeon Giacomo Urtis just released a summer smash Plastic World.
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