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  1. Animal Instinct

    Amsterdam - 5 December

    I wholeheartedly agree!
  2. Animal Instinct

    Amsterdam - 5 December

    Isnt this unapologetic bitch Bruno Andys (M's hairdresser) boyfriend?!
  3. Animal Instinct

    Prague - November 7

    3 days later and i'm still on such a madonna high. I need to see this show again!!! My poor little gay heart can't take it.... And the next day (sunday) i saw Mercy James with her two nannies (one male and one female) in Old Town Square! I was like: "OMG Mercy James, MERCY JAMES!!!!!!" Thanks god for my bf for stopping me from doing something stupid. Anyway, she was sooooo cute, adorable and all smiles. my pics from the show:
  4. Animal Instinct

    Prague - November 7

    OMG WHAT A SHOW! We got ghostown and secret insted of wtg. All the fans around me (on left side of the heart stage) were really into it. I mean people were singing even SEX. I took couple of pictures and videos of secret and gt. Will upload it later. BYEEEEE BITCHEEEEES!!!
  5. Animal Instinct

    Prague - November 7

    http://s11.postimg.org/m2t1m6p2b/20151107_172315.jpg It's getting crouded infront the arena. People are singing LAP, Bonita, L4L.... Can't wait to go inside.
  6. Animal Instinct

    Prague - November 7

    I heard hung up and ghosttown today on karl's bridge. Prague is beyond ready!!!
  7. Animal Instinct

    Prague - November 7

    i'll be there! i can't fucking wait!
  8. lol my last minute quick photoshop job is there too!!!! what do i win? Free ticket? original:
  9. Animal Instinct

    Rebel Heart Tour MNation Roll Call

    Prague, 2nd night.
  10. Its really nice to see some positive coverage from Forbes!
  11. insta comment from Tony Villanueva: https://instagram.com/p/6tumr_KPQm/?taken-by=madonnasarms
  12. Animal Instinct

    Madonna┬┤s Tours 30th Anniversary: BEST COSTUMES

    Express Yourself BAT Like a Virgin BAT Justify my Love TGS Vogue MDNA Future Lovers CT
  13. Animal Instinct

    Madonna┬┤s Tours 30th Anniversary: BEST CHOREOS

    la isla bonita (TGS) nobody knows me (RIT) Music (CT) Erotica (CT) Vogue (SST) Girl Gone Wild (MDNA)
  14. Animal Instinct

    Madonna's Best #2 on tour?

    Nobody Knows Me for sure!
  15. Animal Instinct

    Neighbors Called Cops on Madonna

    The neighbors pissed and says he's gonna call the Five-O If they show up then we are gonna give a good show
  16. Animal Instinct

    Madonna On Grindr, Contest!

    found this on FB:
  17. Animal Instinct

    Big, Fat Flop Tour

    omg i can see some empty seats ...
  18. Animal Instinct

    Vienna - July 29

    Thanks everyone! Yes, i was quite close (not front row, but let's say 3rd one, lol)... some more: