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  1. Mario Lopez

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    @Iconic Fetus Deeper and Deeper! I saw it today (Friday) on Spotify!
  2. Mario Lopez

    Hong Kong February 18

    Rebel Heart album still #1 on the Hong Kong iTunes chart!
  3. Mario Lopez

    Hong Kong February 18

    I haven't recovered either! :bow:
  4. Mario Lopez

    Hong Kong February 18

    Rebel Heart dropped down from the #1 position earlier today, but it's now back up to #1. :clap:
  5. Mario Lopez

    Hong Kong February 17

    ^^ Thanks Daphna26! Hung Up and Take a Bow sung back to back is :bow:
  6. Mario Lopez

    Hong Kong February 17

    Did she sing Hung Up and Take a Bow?
  7. Mario Lopez

    Material Girl Veil Comedy Routine (new controversy)

    What an irrelevant Baphomet bimbo :lmao: I'm turning in my Madonna card.
  8. Yes indeed, XXL. Madonna is so irrelevant. She's a flop :laugh:
  9. Rebel Heart is currently number one on Tawain's iTunes Chart! Plus, a few other Madonna albums are charting on Tawain's iTunes chart as well!
  10. Currently #2 on the Taiwan iTunes Chart!!
  11. I wish I was in the room when she made the decision to perform "Take A Bow". I wonder what her thought process was: Madonna: Monte, would what make the Taiwanese fans shake and cry in the corner tonight? Monte: Hmmmm, good question M. Madonna: I know. "Take a Bow." Demonna knows how to make us shake and cry in corners :bow:
  12. Mario Lopez


  13. Mario Lopez

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    I totally understand your posts too. Keep posting :)