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  1. Disappointing how hands off she seems to have been on MDNA. I really like that album.
  2. She also didn't play an instrument, which automatically leads to the perception that you don't actually write music, etc. I honestly find it hilarious how surprised these producers always sound. I guess nobody actually reads these interviews except fans. I hope that having him tour with her is a sign that she liked him and will maybe work with him again.
  3. I much prefer this version to the album version. Really cool/interesting production. I think the final version is too overworked. I don't mind the rap per se, but I do like the instrumental break on this version. The first demo is a total cheesefest. The darker production was the way to go.
  4. I think 2018 is realistic. And I think my hope for a shorter, more focused album could be possible given that RH was such a big production in terms of time and the number of collaborators. Also, I think one of the reasons the wait between albums feels especially long is that she stopped releasing singles from soundtracks and compilations in between. We had: WTG soundtrack and YCD compilation between TB and LAP IB, TIC, and "This Used to Be My Playground" between LAP and Erotica "I'll Remember" and "Goodbye to Innocence" between Erotica and BS STR, "Freedom," and Evita between BS and ROL "Beautiful Stranger," Ricky Martin duet, and TNBT soundtrack between ROL and Music "Die Another Day" between Music and AL That's when things started to slow down. At least we got Celebration between HC and MDNA, but otherwise she's been very quiet between releases. I guess we can just be happy for the leaks?
  5. True, but that was long after most publications released their Best of 2014 lists, and what little impact LFL did have, it had in 2015.
  6. I do want a new album and I hope she goes in the opposite direction in terms of scope. RH was big, long, and (too?) ambitious. I'd like to see something simple - 10 or 11 songs, one or two producers. Give it 2 me!
  7. This is the album I wish she'd released (considering only officially released songs/versions): Living for Love Devil Pray Ghosttown Illuminati Joan of Arc HeartBreakCity Body Shop Inside Out Wash All Over Me Best Night Messiah Rebel Heart Borrowed Time (Bonus Track) Graffiti Heart (Bonus Track) I do like a few of the other tracks, but I just think a shorter, more serious album would have been extremely well-received.
  8. LFL is definitely her best LEAD single since HU, but I like all of the COADF singles better. Ultimately it's the vocals that keep LFL from reaching that level.
  9. What's the deal with "Queen"? I remember someone on here saying it wasn't actually recorded during the RH sessions? I find that hard to believe, since it doesn't sound like it fits with any other era, but sonically and lyrically it's right in line with what she did with RH. But it's also not listed on the Wikipedia page of Madonna's unreleased songs. All of the other demos are included in the list of leaks. Any clue?
  10. Was "Queen" really listed on Madonna.com at some point? If so, that sort of settles it, doesn't it? Anyway, it totally sounds like a RH song. I can't imagine it fitting on any other album.
  11. I'm having a really bad day, but you guys and your sarcasm are CRACKING ME UP.
  12. She looked beautiful in DAD, which was a smart, interesting, fun video.
  13. Yes another fan-made regram that the media is crediting to Madonna because they're lazy and uninformed.
  14. What other videos aside from Celebration does M hump a wall?
  15. I think any measure of "success" would result in placement on the Hot 100, no? I mean, if the video streaming goes through the roof, that will probably result in Spotify streaming, both of which would result in requests or at the very least radio being unable to ignore it completely, right? I mean, I don't expect the video to be like "Gangam Style" or whatever that shit was, but if it does better than the first two (which is likely due to all the cameos), there's at least some hope.
  16. I like this version more than the album version. There's something cute/playful about it that's missing from the final mix. I hadn't heard this before, nor the BN demo. There are so many demos I haven't heard yet.
  17. Well, in '96 she was dreaming about battling Whitney for #1. And in '94 she was annoyed that her album wasn't #1. So it does matter to her...even if it's not the end-all be-all.
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