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  1. Janet Jackson thread

    There is no fiction or fantasy in his analysis. In fact, it shows that M and Janet were neck and neck commercially (at least in the U.S.) in the '90s and early '00s. But Madonna is by far the more successful touring artist and overall has trounced Janet in sales, hits, and touring since 2004.
  2. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    I picked three: I Don't Give A, Turn Up the Radio, and Beautiful Killer, but I also like I Fucked Up.
  3. Taylor Swift thread

    ^ Isn't this what happened with Katy's single and people on here said they were preparing for the release of the second single? Also, this album will not "fail." LOL.
  4. Looks like they're positioning it to be counter-programming to the big Hollywood summer blockbuster season. Something for the women.
  5. Even if Madonna herself was interviewed and insisted that the vocals weren't sped up, I wouldn't believe her. ("Baby Jesus on the stairs," my ass!) Her vocals were clearly sped up on LAV and MG. And again on TUTR and GGW in 2012. There's a difference between singing the way she sings on "Bye Bye Baby" and "Inside of Me" and what we're talking about, which is very obviously mechanically pitched-up vocals. It's not quite the same, but she's definitely pushed herself on other songs, especially during Evita and ROL. "You Must Love Me," for example, is outside her range and she strains to even reach the high note during the chorus. She's technically flat. This makes sense. The vocals are so distinct for each album. The out-of-breath sound on TB, the nasal quality on Erotica, the "crowing" on HC, the vibrato on ROL. I remember playing "Supernatural" for a friend in high school and she was like "This is from LAP, right"?" She immediately noticed the scratchiness.
  6. Taylor Swift thread

    There are rumors she drags Trump on the new album.
  7. Taylor Swift thread

    You said you believe new payola came through, but it looks like this is the first week she's lost spins?
  8. Yeah, I definitely agree that these hits collections (especially TIC) have played a factor in what songs have gotten recurrent airplay. I've made this case for "Angel" and DYU. I believe if they'd been included, we'd never have debates over whether they belong among M's biggest hits. Which is why the exclusion of many songs ("I'll Remember" and TYTBMP among them) from Celebration bothers me. And I also agree that a double-disc version wasn't so far-fetched in 1990. They released a box set after all. Why not includ an expanded version with that at least?
  9. I think a mistake they made was not releasing two different versions of TIC. She had more than enough hits for a two-disc version (with less butchered mixes): DISC 1: Everybody Burning Up Holiday Borderline Lucky Star Like a Virgin Material Girl Crazy for You Angel Into the Groove Dress You Up Live to Tell Papa Don't Preach DISC 2: True Blue Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Who's That Girl Causing a Commotion Like a Prayer Express Yourself Cherish Keep It Together Vogue Hanky Panky Justify My Love Rescue Me The only single I left off was "Oh Father," but there's even room for that one.
  10. Taylor Swift thread

    Is there a list somewhere to see the week-to-week increases/decreases?
  11. Yeah paid posts by brands is pretty common with celebs (usually the Lindsay Lohan/Kim K. types, but that's what Gaga is now - a joke). She probably needs the money, so it's not surprising. Quick cash for exploiting her fans. You know they're all begging M&D for money to buy this shit.
  12. Does anyone know why the CD maxi-singles for "Erotica" and "Deeper and Deeper" had the tracklisting on stickers and nowhere else? Were they not submitted/approved/decided until the last minute? If so, why? I don't think this ever happened again. I like the logo/typeface for the "Erotica" one but not the image. It's just too warm and traditionally "sexy." Erotica is cold and pretty uninviting so I think the official image is perfect.
  13. I agree that if it had been included on TIC, it would be better remembered and probably have gotten more airplay over the years, but I don't think it would be considered a classic the way LIB and LAP have been. Part of the reason it's not as beloved is because, as some have said, it's basically a little sister to LIB. And inferior IMO, even though I like it. I don't think I've ever heard it on US radio since the '80s. Maybe once and I was shocked. I've heard TB much more. I've even heard CAC more.
  14. I think it's pretty standard hype -- especially from people involved.
  15. Are you saying this because of William's comment? Because just no. There is no conspiracy, and if there was, he wouldn't be part of it. LOL.