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  1. How do we know Joseph Kahn didn't pitch the concept to her? I've never liked him as a director and wouldn't be surprised if he stole the idea. Unless she's the one who saw the commercial and pitched the idea to him. I'm curious to see what his response will be.
  2. Yeah, this was the song that made me a fan too. They used to play an extended remix of it on the radio and I tried to tape it so many times but was always too late! I think "I Wanna Have Some Fun" is even better though. They took the formula and improved it in terms of production.
  3. Hilarious. He's got the whisper register down but the belting sounds nothing like Mariah.
  4. Gotcha. I thought of Gaga when karbatal mentioned drug-addicted zero stamina girls. That said, artists doing drugs is nothing new. Whitney was a junkie. Mariah's a drunk and probably also a pothead. Courtney Love was a heroin addict. The list goes on.
  5. It really depends on the show/network. There are so many options now (cable channels, internet, etc.) that 10m could be seen as a success. I do think it's sad that just three years ago 11m was enough for Fox to pull the plug, but ABC is probably producing the show with a much smaller budget. Another example is Will & Grace. That show used to get 20m viewers and now it gets 2 or 3 and NBC is happy to keep it on the air. Times have changed. It's like the music business. 150K for first week sales is considered a big success now when it used to be just considered okay.
  6. The reductive Trump of Pop

    I would say equally! I can't with this thread anymore.
  7. I like it, but it just wasn't a good choice in terms of reaching the general public. It flopped after all.
  8. Yes, I know. "Don't Wait Up" would have done better.
  9. Oops. I meant fourth album. "Love House" didn't do all that well but it's one of my favorites. I always thought they should have released "Don't Wait Up" as the lead single from the fourth album. At least in the U.S. where the Full Force singles did really well.
  10. That's sweet. I don't think Sam was relevant or around for long enough for M to acknowledge her. I actually didn't realize this until the other day, but her hits (at last in the U.S.) were all in a two-year period (from early '87 to late '88). By the time she dropped her third album in '91, she was pretty much over. Although I played that tape a lot! I wish she would do a new album with Full Force in that retro style. Her recent stuff has been way too Eurodance/EDM.
  11. I'm not surprised that it/she are being well-received (if that's the case). She seemed pretty articulate and thoughtful about it in the interview I saw recently. But what's funny is that 10.3M viewers is considered a success when Fox canceled the show because ratings had fallen from 30M at its peak to 11M in the final couple of seasons. I guess the bar has been lowered.
  12. Is there more than one?
  13. I can feel the Paula revival coming.
  14. Samantha Fox was my female pop girl of choice when I was little. I loved "Naughty Girls" and "I Wanna Have Some Fun." And then Like a Prayer came out...
  15. You're right that the mic pack did her no favors. And the costume gimmick was cute but shouldn't have lasted for longer than 30 seconds. The reveal came too late. Not sure the vocals could have been improved. At least she was singing live?