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  1. ^ Makes sense. But if they're pushing another song it would make more sense to focus on that. Top 40 radio is probably not going to play SS if they haven't already started. That said, a hot video featuring Nicki and a real radio push could turn out a moderate summer hit. I heard it in a club last week and it sounded great and everyone started dancing after the previous song kind of flopped on the dance floor.
  2. Seriously. Who would you rather fuck? Even the way M shifts in her seat and moves her hair is sexier than anything Gaga's ever done. I love that '95 look and interview. She could have faded away after this era but we got ROL, Music, COADF, and more.
  3. I hope it's over the top and gay as hell. Fuck middle America. And let's have some remixes. Go for the clubs, build up the gay fanbase. That's how you have longevity, even if you're someone like Cyndi Lauper.
  4. You know if Beyonce had released that track, there would be memes all over the place. It would be considered "iconic." Anyway, I think the real issue here that no one's talking about is Dr. Luke. Aside from "Firework" (produced by Stargate), ALL of Katy's big hits were produced by him, but he was obviously cut loose due to the whole Kesha thing. Max Martin should have stepped in and produced more of the tracks or at least taken more control over the direction. It's clear Katy was given more creative control, which is great for her and for artists in general, but the result is an album that's more personal and political and less about the HITS. No need to go searching for conspiracy theories here. This has happened many times before in a much bigger way. Look at Kelly Clarkson's follow up to Breakaway, which was bigger than any of Katy's albums. Kelly took control and flopped. If a label doesn't believe in something, they won't support it.
  5. SAD is an interesting choice. It could be a sleeper hit on AC radio, but it's not going to save this album. I would have gone with "Roulette" as the third single or taken a chance with something like "Tsunami." Honestly, I would have continued to push CTTR until closer to the album release date and then released "Tsunami" as the second single.
  6. Why is the word "pretentious" being thrown around so liberally here? This is pop music. Her voice is a little deeper and she's smarter than your average idiot pop tart. Her music happens to have personal, darker undertones, but it's catchy and sometimes even dance-y.
  7. Album is great. Favorite of the year so far.
  8. The press truly acted like M was the first person to ever give birth. And honestly, I've seen some things about Beyonce's pregnancies, but nothing compared to M. Britney's first pregnancy and birth was the only comparison I would make. Which of M's houses are they renting?
  9. There have been far worse, musically speaking. But she doesn't have any real legacy that will elevate her above any other random pop singer from our time. Even Beyonce, Britney, and Rihanna are already leagues above her in terms of charts, sales, and cultural impact. She doesn't even have sales and chart stats of Mariah, who's made much more of an impact. She'll be remembered as a Madonna clone who wore weird costumes and had a few catchy hits.
  10. Anyone know where I can hear the two bonus tracks?
  11. I find R Kelly repugnant, but I prefer the original version. The other version is just Gaga and Xtina screaming at each other.
  12. My god that's embarrassing. Why not move to a smaller venue?
  13. TEOG will probably be remembered. It gets quite a bit of AC airplay in the US. I would even consider it bigger than Alejandro. Applause was a moderate hit as well. But after that I can't think of anything that will be remembered. Are you still on this?
  14. She looks so amazing here. Her face, the hair, the tits, everything.
  15. Guys, chill out. I think she meant she ate everything.