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  1. When is the last time rock was "big"? I think the shift from EDM to urban/hip-hop has already happened. And it's dire. The same crap we heard 15 years ago on repeat. But where has rock been? I think it would have happened if it was going to.
  2. I always thought he was sexy on Weeds. Great pics Guillermo (you know he's on here)!
  3. She's just cold boogers on a paper plate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmfE5KPnYjw
  4. Album sales are in the shitter, that's why.
  5. KMO isn't that bad. "Into the Blue" is a great pop song like "All The Lovers." I also like "If Only" and "Kiss Me Once." "Les Sex" could have fit on any of her other recent albums. And I think "Mr. President" and "Sexercise" are fun in a campy way. They're also really catchy. Wow, maybe I like this album more than I thought! (Bernie is a craven opportunist and Sarandon is the epitome of clueless white privilege. Fuck them both. Hillary is globally respected, more experienced than any man who's ever run for president, knows how to get things done in a completely polarized political landscape, and stands on the right side of most issues. I like Elizabeth Warren, but I hope she doesn't run. I don't think she can win. VP for someone could work though.)
  6. She's praying that "the flames settle"? Yeah those prayers are really going to accomplish that.
  7. No need to apologize for your opinion. I don't know the reasons for some of those things either, but I guess I didn't understand what you meant by fake or mediocrity. But yes, back to TS...
  8. Seriously? Obama wasn't perfect but he tried and made quite a bit of progress despite forces on both sides working against him. All you have to do is compare to what's happening right now in the U.S. to see that. To say that he's a "fake" or "mediocre" or that he's a "pretty face" is absolutely absurd and insulting to those of us who are this very second being negatively affected by his achievements being dismantled today.
  9. The one time I saw her live was the first leg of the Monster Ball. It was in smaller venues (I saw her at Radio City) and I thought it was very cool. Some innovative stuff going on. And seeing all the kids dressed up like her was honestly something I hadn't seen since M in '85. That was before the little monsters went overboard. Both M and her fans GREW UP. And Gaga's live shows when downhill from there. When I saw the HBO special for the Monster Ball, it was changed for larger venues and was really quite boring. The footage from her subsequent tours that I've seen online have been even worse. I agree with you...but I've always thought BR was overrated. It's definitely better than much of what she's put out since then, but it's absolutely true that she has no vision. That much became clear with Artpop. Well, we're discussing her here because we hate her, not because she's relevant. Honestly, I wouldn't know a thing about her career right now if it wasn't for this board.
  10. 1. Erotica vs. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Fever vs. Swim 3. Bye Bye Baby vs. Ray of Light 4. Deeper and Deeper vs. Candy Perfume Girl 5. Where Life Begins vs. Skin 6. Bad Girl vs. Nothing Really Matters 7. Waiting vs. Sky Fits Heaven 8. Thief of Hearts vs. Shanti/Ashtangi 9. Words vs. Frozen 10. Rain vs. The Power of Good-Bye 11. Why's It So Hard vs. To Have and Not to Hold 12. In This Life vs. Little Star 13. Did You Do It? vs. Mer Girl 14. Secret Garden vs. Has to Be Not surprised that this was an even split for me. I do prefer Erotica slightly overall, but a few of these were super close - "Waiting" vs. SFH, "Rain" vs. TPOG, and SG vs. HTB were really tough. If I ranked both albums from my favorite track to my last favorite and then compared them that way, Erotica would come out the clear winner.
  11. Kilo Mango

    I would consider myself a casual fan, possibly more. But definitely not a diehard fan. KMO wasn't great. There are a few tracks that grew on me though. I felt the same about Aphrodite at first, but that one grew on me too. Actually, I wasn't even a fan of Fever at first but now I think it's one of her best albums. The last album I really liked was X. I've never seen her live. Not sure I would pay to see her, but my BF likes her so maybe I would take him.
  12. I bet you she reads this and it shows up in a performance.
  13. Yup. That's the quote I was referring to. Back in the day she probably could have said something like that and then actually released an album and started a tour in the next 12 months, but the last 10 years or so have proven that she takes much longer now, most likely because of having 6 kids and just, well, getting older.
  14. She does look better/hipper/younger/taller with more volume on top, so that's probably what you're feeling. I definitely didn't get the sense that she's started work on the new album. It would have to be nearly done by now for a March release. Fall is the earliest anyone should hope for. Unless she's making an album in secret, which I just don't think is likely given her responses. Didn't she say something about some year being "her year" and she spent it working on stuff rather than releasing it?