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  1. vocalism

    Janelle Monae

    Scuttlebutt has it that Dirty Computer leaked but I don't see it anywhere...
  2. I can't believe their last album was 10 years ago. Withdrawal.
  3. I agree about "Holiday." The arrangements for some of the older songs have been lacking, especially compared to what Stuart Price did. That said, at this stage in her career not changing the classics too much is probably a smart move. I do think it's time for a change in musical director though.
  4. Tickets have always said "8pm" when I've seen her in NYC, but according to her team estimated "start time" is approx. 9:30 - 9:45. I'm pretty sure she's taken the stage before 10pm all fives times I've seen her since 2001, and that's always seemed reasonable to me since I never get there before 9pm.
  5. I don't mind lateness unless it means the show will have to end early. Anyone know what happens if she goes past curfew? A fine? If so, she should have finished the show and paid it. These lifelong fans spent hundreds to see you. At least show some respect and apologize like you mean it. And if the problem was technical, send someone out on stage to explain -- or, even better, do it personally. My guess is that it was just an excuse though.
  6. vocalism

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    I'm getting rid of a lot, but keeping rarities and obviously my M collection.
  7. vocalism

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    Server space won't really matter. Things keep getting bigger and easier to store. The real issue will likely be licensing. I've been gradually shifting from CDs to streaming (I basically skipped digital - I've never purchased a damn thing from iTunes, etc.), but my one concern about getting rid of my physical music is that one day certain songs or albums will no longer be available because a record label or artist couldn't agree on the terms. Stuff comes and goes on Netflix all the time, and I've already seen music I listen to on Spotify suddenly vanish.
  8. Dummy is everything. As is their self-titled album. I hope they put out something new soon. And I prefer Protection and Mezzanine to Blue Lines (although "Unfinished Sympathy" is divine).
  9. Someone sent me the Kylie link on Popjustice, do you want it? I'm happy to share.


    1. vocalism


      Yeah I'd love to check it out!

  10. vocalism

    Justin Timberlake thread

    This writer is clearly under 30. I don't think it's a conspiracy so much as just little monsters and Beyonce fans trying to ignore Madonna and her performance. Then again, he did post this on Twitter three years ago:
  11. vocalism

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I'm so tired of the Beyonce worship, especially among gays. This list is embarrassing: https://www.pride.com/music/2018/2/04/10-super-bowl-halftime-show-performances-better-justin-timberlakes
  12. vocalism

    Justin Timberlake thread

    They haven't worked together in 16 years though.
  13. vocalism

    Justin Timberlake thread

    You're probably expecting too much. I expect him to bring out that country guy who's name I can't be bothered to remember, maybe the NSYNC boys for like two minutes like Beyonce did with DC, and if he's smart Janet. But I don't think M makes sense, though it would be fun!
  14. vocalism

    Justin Timberlake thread

    There's a reference to "Lucky Star" on the album, in the song "Higher Higher."