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  1. Yeah, his career is definitely in decline. He produced that last J. Lo flop and a song for Pitbull. And I think he worked on Azealia Banks' upcoming album (go figure!). What I don't get is if he's untouchable now and no one wants to work with him, then why is Kesha still not making music? I guess she doesn't want him to get any money off of her, which is understandable, but her career will be OVER if she doesn't put something out soon.
  2. ^ Don't get me started! I hear you, but I'm sure old fogies like us complained that M had it easy in the 80s and 90s too, at least compared to the artists in the 50s and 60s. It sucks and the fact that someone like Nicki Minaj (who has two recognizable hits, one of which was basically a Sir-Mix-A-Lot song from 1992) can have as many Hot 100 hits as M is stupid as fuck, but times change. Things are different now just as they were different then. The Beatles and Elvis didn't have Columbia House or MTV or electronic newsletters or website, and on and on. Imagine if they did! Just playing devil's advocate here.
  3. It is interesting that Dr. Luke was responsible for almost ALL of her previous hits. But Shellback has a great track record too. And CTTR is one of my favorite Katy singles, tbh. I dunno. Can't stay on top forever.
  4. Yeah, I was referring to the conspiracy theory.
  5. ^ That's ridiculous.
  6. It's fun and catchy. When have we ever expected anything more from KP? You guys are acting like she's Madonna or something. I do prefer CTTR though.
  7. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/madonna-calls-biopic-scene-all-lies-but-it-actually-happened_us_5901013ce4b081a5c0fa418e
  8. While I LOVE the grittier trip-hop sound, does "Sanctuary" and "Secret Garden" count? Because I can't imagine her doing anything darker than that. Half that and half of the ambient/house sound would have been killer. Imagine an album with Andre Betts and Nellee Hooper producing?
  9. "Witness" sounds house-y, which is cool, but "Bon Appetit" sounds like the best choice for a second single, especially with summer coming. "Goddess" just sounds so damn slow.
  10. Even if she had only done the spoken parts, it would have been so much sexier. But I do think she should have sung on the track as well. Regarding trip-hop, I agree, but I think it would have to be something softer and more accessible than what Portishead was doing. Of course, that's what M does so well, right? If Evita hadn't happened, I wouldn't have been surprised if M had done another album with Nellee Hooper. Imagine a whole album of songs like "Sanctuary," "Bedtime Story," and "I Want You." I'm sure it would have been more Bjork than Portishead or Massive Attack, but that would have been just fine with me. As much as I love "You'll See" and am happy she had the success she did with Evita, I wish she could have skipped that Broadway/adult contemporary period. It was almost as boring as the Ritchie Years.
  11. I was going to say I've heard it more in the last couple of weeks than ever. Do programmers really kill a song in anticipation of a new one? I've never heard of that before. Makes sense to reduce the spins when the new song comes out though, for obvious reasons.
  12. Is CTTR still gaining at radio?