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  1. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I have to agree. I hated it when it came out and even thought the video wasn't every good, but both have grown on me a lot. The song is catchy and fun. The video is hot. Not exactly what I want from M at this point, but I prefer it to GMAYL. #Justice4MDNA!
  2. Beyoncé Thread

    We were talking about Missy Elliott. Also, M is expected to have a radio hit with zero radio support? I'm not sure that makes sense since radio support and airplay are the same thing.
  3. Madonna On Spotify (Quality Control)

    DYU annoys me all the time, especially since the version on Celebration is cut off at the beginning. Agreed. It's shameful. I'd be bopping to the remixes all day long if I could. The one on Spotify is correct though. It's her team/label's fault. They're the ones who upload the music to Spotify, iTunes, etc.
  4. DS is definitely filler but would have made a good single in '95. I prefer it to "Your Honesty" to be honest.
  5. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    What's the context here? I think she was probably being tongue-in-cheek about whatever she was doing or putting her leg in the air or something.
  6. Katy Perry thread

    Anyone know when the actual video is premiering?
  7. Beyoncé Thread

    Totally. But like I said, she's unlikely to have another radio hit at this point in her career and the last single was really critically acclaimed and went Top 10 on R&B and #22 on the Hot 100. That's the best she's going to do so they should have just released the album. I'm sure she'd get a Grammy nomination or two.
  8. Miley Cyrus

    I think the new song better than "Malibu." I didn't get the appeal of that one.
  9. P!nk

    To clarify, I'm talking about the song "Witness," which has gotten praise from some on here, but others (like me) think it's boring.
  10. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    That might as well be Gaga on the right.
  11. I disagree with the BS review, but the writer (Owen Pallett) is not a critic, he's a musician and I'm guessing this is a guest post. He's said he's a fan and posted about the backlash to the review on Facebook. But generally, yes fuck Pitchfork.
  12. P!nk

    The way I feel about this song is how I feel about Katy Perry's "Witness." It's nice and catchy but lacks edge or that something special. Just feels generic. Video is okay.
  13. Ke$ha

    That wasn't really "after Warrior." It was last year and not really promoted much. It was the first thing she released since the lawsuit so it got some press. They're all just okay. I think Melodrama is the best pop album by a female this year so far.
  14. I know we're all bummed at how much negative press (and negative social media) M has been getting of late, but I've seen a ton of adoring articles and posts about M for her birthday. I think that in the end she will be celebrated and respected. Like she herself said, when she's dead they'll finally kiss her ass. Fortunately, unlike Michael, Prince, Whitney, Bowie, etc. she's very much still alive.
  15. It does seem random to pick BS if it's so "inessential" and ignore TB, Erotica, and COADF. Even Music. Owen Pallett is entitled to thinking BS is inessential (many do), but his reasoning is flawed. And his taste is questionable if he doesn't respond to some of those clearly very personal songs. The LAP review is great though (haven't read the others and not sure if i will). But fuck Pitchfork. They're 20 years late to the game, refused to review M or acknowledge her in any of their 80s or 90s lists. They're a bunch of hipsters who have their head up their ass about pop music. Oh and their rating for ROL is perfectly fine. It's a great album but Erotica and LAP are better. Even Music is as good and doesn't get as much love.