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  1. As a Black person on here — the way y'all talk about Janet's "white baby" let's me know y'all are ignorant as fuck and don't know anything about black people or melanin. Yes, her baby has "fair/light" skin, but this can mostly be traced back to the dad being middle Eastern. And let's not act like Janet is some dark skinned who is impossible of conceiving a light skinned baby. Ridiculous! This is a baby — a Black baby, nonetheless. It's still possible for melanin to become apparent as he gets older. A joke or not, it's not funny, but disgusting.
  2. 2012 Azealia Banks would've been perfect.
  3. An amazingly good use of this gif.
  4. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    MDNA... The closing song in the church segment.
  5. I agree. Anyways, I don't even think Janet said that about the Sex book and Erotica shipments.
  6. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Good for her. I'm not shocked by an established singles/streaming artist, and I don't mean that as an insult or to take away from what she's accomplished.
  7. For it's time, it was EVERYTHING. and it's still good to this day. You have to learn to embrace how outdated the movie is.
  8. I'm sorry — it's sad that she keeps getting shut out of the RRHoF. She's more than deserving of it. I mean, Black Cat's charting on pop/Rock/rnb charts success speaks for itself. Must be frustrating as a Janet fan.
  9. At this point, should Madonna respond to the latest Gaga shenanigans? A part of me wants her to defend herself in some non passive aggressive way. But I also don't want her to say anything and just focus on her latest endeavors.
  10. Your Whitney Houston Top 10

    All The Man I Need I'm Your Baby Tonight So Emotional Exhale (Shoop Shoop) Run To You Queen of the Night I'm Every Woman I Wanna Dance With Somebody How Will I Know The Star Spangled Banner (yes, I'm counting it)
  11. Beyoncé Thread

    Why the visceral Beyonce hate? Idgi. She's the least threatening to anyone. Over hyped, maybe. But her talent is undeniable.
  12. Deeper and Deeper copyright issues

    Clever! Hahaha.
  13. Why is RIT her worst tour?

    You people are insane! RIT is greatness beyond epic proportion! Segments 1-3, 5 were amazing. The latter probably being Madonna's BEST closing segment. And I liked the simplicity of the costumes, I was looked at this tour as Madonna's "test run" for tours that would follow after. I mean, what other perform of "Vogue" matched up to RIT's version.
  14. H-Town October 24th and 25th

    Congrats to everyone seeing LEGENDonna tonight!! Prepare to be amazed!!
  15. Los Angeles - Staples Center - Oct 10th

    I'm going to the 11th show. Soooooooooo damn anxious and excited.