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  1. 2012 Azealia Banks would've been perfect.
  2. An amazingly good use of this gif.
  3. your-madgesty

    In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    MDNA... The closing song in the church segment.
  4. your-madgesty

    Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Singer, Dead at 41

    I didn't know this and makes this moment even more bittersweet. :(
  5. your-madgesty

    Why is RIT her worst tour?

    You people are insane! RIT is greatness beyond epic proportion! Segments 1-3, 5 were amazing. The latter probably being Madonna's BEST closing segment. And I liked the simplicity of the costumes, I was looked at this tour as Madonna's "test run" for tours that would follow after. I mean, what other perform of "Vogue" matched up to RIT's version.
  6. your-madgesty

    H-Town October 24th and 25th

    Congrats to everyone seeing LEGENDonna tonight!! Prepare to be amazed!!
  7. your-madgesty

    Los Angeles - Staples Center - Oct 10th

    I'm going to the 11th show. Soooooooooo damn anxious and excited.
  8. your-madgesty

    Madonna wanted Lady R for Yankee Stadium?

    Hahahaha. It would've been funny to see her walk into the "lions den". Madonna fans would've instantaneously booed him And would've sent him into a further 30 day binge on fastfood and depression. Too bad it didn't happen.
  9. I'm about to get pissed because ticketmaster keep Giving me crappy seats for the L.A show.
  10. Umm I post Often a site called BGClive, seldom post Twitter and rarely post on ATRL...other than that, I doubt you will see me on posting anywhere else.

  11. Do you post on any other forums? you seem SO familiar.

  12. -Giggles.....Im a REAL Madonna stan. I was banned on her 2 years ago and now Im making a triumphant return to serve the QUEEN.

  13. Who IS this? omgggg.

  14. Living in a Material World.