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  1. I am sure this has been said but some female singer had a song called "Bitch" that was a huge radio hit back in 1996 and it got played all the time. BIM should not be a problem for radio now.
  2. Type in Madonna and Taylor Swift into google and one of the first things that pops up is "Madonna and taylor swift same age" LOLOLOL
  3. So, we in Houston didn't get to see Thurs and Fri's Ellen due to basketball. Ellen is in repeats next week so I checked to see if they would show the Madonna episodes they didn't show. Nope. Bummer.
  4. I checked to see if they would air Ellen later here and not even in the wee hours. Nothing!
  5. Ellen is on CBS here in Houston so we will miss Thursday and Friday's shows.
  6. According to my TV, Ellen will not air here on Thursday or Friday due to basketball.
  7. It won't be a full week. NCAA basketball will be on Thursday and Friday in Ellen's timeslot.
  8. She brought it with the vocals this time. Maybe even more so than Ray of Light. Her vocal melodies and vocal arrangements were superb. I agree with everyone above- pristine, clear, strong, versatile. Who else could do this as convincingly? I can't think of anyone.
  9. She could easily be ruling the charts again if she was the featured artists on other peoples songs. Great interview!
  10. My 14 year old niece sent me a message about the performance and said it was awesome. She was like "wow"
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