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  1. It's such a great video, loved the song but this video brings so much more life to it! Colorful, fun and it's pure perfection!!!!
  2. We have had so much positivity on this tour I guess it feels waiting for the other shoe to drop. But take care of that voice, M.
  3. I decided to wait until after the show in Chicago to buy the tour book, mug and a few items...big mistake. They were all sold out of the posters, tour books, mugs....now will wait for the Houston show!
  4. Looks like Jamesshot and I are going to San Antonio, too!
  5. 86% full right now. It's sold out for sure
  6. Hi moniquearias. Thanks for the pic
  7. Section 1 floor middle of first catwalk
  8. If you want to meet up let know. We're VIP tomorrow so we're going to the VIP party. We are pregaming at the hotel.
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