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  1. I know several people who said they “just didn’t like Hillary” back in 2016 who are struggling with deep guilt over the current state of America. They realize that they are complicit, even in a small way, for what we are now dealing with. Because this honestly isn’t a surprise. The fact that people painted a false equivalency between the 2016 options was nonsense to begin with, but I have been genuinely surprised that many people have acknowledged their foolishness. One person told me he will actually feel guilty for the rest of his life.
  2. One of the best albums of her career. I’ve been playing it regularly this month. I can always tell a year in, when the newness has worn off. If I’m still listening a year in, I’ll be listening always. Extreme Occident is such a haunting song.
  3. Same here. I found the same to be true with Rebel Heart, but that album plays like a nice mix tape for me. Madame X has the added bonus of being a thematic album that seems anchored to its sequencing, and thus amongst my all time favorites.
  4. I still can’t get over how amazing this video is. One of her all time best.
  5. I’ve loved this song from the beginning, but listening to it in light of what’s happening in the world right now, I literally got chills.
  6. The video is one of the best she’s ever made. Some people can’t handle the length because their attention spans have shrunk in the age of social media soundbites. It’s an absolute work of art, right up there with videos for PDP, LAP, EY, OF, Vogue, BS, and Frozen.
  7. I disagree with this. Her voice sounds very natural to me on Crave, Extreme Occident, Looking For Mercy, and much of Crazy. The effects on I Don’t Search I Find and I Rise are minimal. I hear her Evita/ROL voice on Killers Who Are Partying. I respect your analyses, but do not agree with it.
  8. Madame X is easily one of my favorite Madonna albums of all time. I’ve just been enjoying it all summer, not really concerning myself with what other people think, although I like popping in here and reading the nice comments from fans. Every single song on it appeals to me, with personal favorites including God Control, Killers Who Are Partying, Crave, Crazy, Extreme Occident, I Don’t Search I Find, and Looking For Mercy.
  9. It’s funny because I was one of the few who disliked Bitch I’m Madonna and wrongly assumed I’d feel the same about Bitch I’m Loca when I saw the title. However, I love it and listen to it all the time! I think it’s a great bop that sets the stage for the amazing final stretch of the album. That having been said, I also love Faz.
  10. Madame X is now up to number 4 on my all time Madonna albums countdown and will probably end up at number 3. I have been listening to over and over, and no song has worn out its welcome. So many career highlights.
  11. This gem of a song should be serviced to AC radio on the heels of Crave’s nice little run. Even if it just picks up a few spins, it would be a nice treat for listeners.
  12. I think this powerful and haunting song is just about to oust Crazy and enter my Madame X top 5.
  13. This song is still an absolute thrill for me!
  14. I feel as though we are listening to different songs. Her voice sounds completely natural to me on this song, with the exception of autotune used on the word “lost” a couple of times. When she sings “I wasn’t lost, believe me,” she sounds very Evita voice, as she does on Killers Who Are Partying.
  15. Since her Madame X videos are objectively better than anyone nominated, it’s sort of outrageous. I can’t think of anyone who cares less about MTV than I do, but I also do like facts and objectivity, so her lack of nominations irks me for the total lack of credibility it shows on the part of the VMAs.
  16. Somehow these remixes seem to SLOW DOWN the song I am sticking with the album version, which I have absolutely loved since the first time I heard it.
  17. What is the point of a body double for scenes that just include her standing in the row of women? I cannot get over how visually stunning this video is, with great emotional impact!
  18. Another masterpiece. So grateful being alive to see this much high quality product in 2019 from an artist I’ve followed for decades! A beautifully produced, moving video that captures the spirit of the song. I’m glad that Madonna gave the visual spotlight to a couple of the more experimental songs. Some of her best video work ever has come out of Madame X. She looks sensational in Batuka, but more importantly, she appears joyful and touched. She is an an artist creating for the sake of creativity and not for the charts.
  19. I think we can all agree that members’ mothers are way cooler than members’ friends
  20. So every time Madonna has a new album, I make my Mom listen to snippets of every song and rank them. Been doing this for years. I just knew Looking For Mercy would be her favorite, and I was right. But she also liked God Control and said Madonna should be very proud of that song. She asked me questions about the EO lyrics, which she liked a lot. One thing that made me happy was that she literally gasped aloud when Madonna sings “God knows what I am” on KWAP. It was not her favorite song but she thought that vocal was gorgeous. She did not care for Come Alive or Bitch I’m Loca, which I had predicted. Just sharing this cute report of my Mom’s required listening session hahaha.
  21. You have the most exquisite taste. Great thread! On any given day mine can be Extreme Occident, God Control, Looking for Mercy, IDSIF, Crazy, or Killers Who Are Partying. A good problem to have lol.
  22. Classic Madonna. The Starrah cowrites really did hold their own. This song is so much fun, with an energetic vocal and multiple hooks. Love the Motown vibe.
  23. Every time she sings “it’s our gypsy blood,” I am transported back in time to hearing the Erotica album. Ultimately, this woman’s vocals might be the most important thing of all in terms of her legacy. And she keeps on serving them in style. Simply one of the best songs she has ever given us. I love the alternating registers she uses on the “finally enough love” likes in the final stretch.
  24. Every time I am convinced that Looking For Mercy contains the greatest vocal of the album, this song stands up to say hello. Such haunting, ethereal singing by Madonna. I’m loving the lyrics more with each play. Also: a production highlight of the album.
  25. Can’t get over the haunting piano lines, the amazing change ups between sections, and the gritty vocals in the first part. Love the lyrics of the spoken word passage.
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