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  1. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Thank you. Magic/Madgic is a perfect word. There was always an indisputable magic in Madonna's hooks and chorus melodies no matter the given collaborator. No matter how catchy Girl Gone Wild might be, there is no magic in the song. I guess that's subjective but it seems obvious. The closest examples to this intangible magic that I can find on those two albums would come in Miles Away, Beautiful Killer and the MDNA ballads.
  2. Isaac. Shanti is great but pales next to ROL's endless treasures. Isaac is my third favorite song on COADF.
  3. These errors are egregious, but I use Spotify regularly and it's NOT just Madonna's catalog. There are issues with many artists' albums. I love the service, but as a supplement to my physical collection not a replacement for it. In a world where alternative facts are increasingly common, I could see people simply accepting the errors of streaming companies until eventually the original album is all but forgotten.
  4. This thread is confirmation of why I'll never part with my cds.
  5. HOLY TRINITY | Ray Of Light

    Sky Fits Heaven Frozen The Power of Good-Bye Too damn hard.
  6. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    I agree completely.
  7. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Exactly but that's why MDNA is considered by so many to be her worst album. She didn't seem invested nor to care. When she was invested in a song, for example Falling Free, the results were glorious. Those moments are few and far between.
  8. So true. We may see most of her chart, sales, and touring records broken, and that's just the way of the world. However, there was an artistic level and a cultural impact that Madonna had that won't be equalled let alone surpassed. And while there will always be lazy people who insist that "their fave" did everything better, I find that most times when I randomly ask someone about Madonna, they "get" that what she did was above and beyond.
  9. Bedtime Stories' Lyrics

    A wonderful thread, thank you. I also think this album is among her best in terms of lyrics. Bedtime Stories gets overshadowed by Erotica and Ray Of Light, but it really was an important album in her career. It was also quite popular at the time. It debuted high and sunk fast but then returned to the Top 20 and hung there for many weeks. The I'll Remember, Secret, Take A Bow string of singles was quite a juggernaut and will bring back memories to anyone who listened to pop radio in 1994-95. I also liked the visual imagery of this era from the four exquisite videos to the album art.
  10. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Deeper and Deeper Bad Girl Rain Wish I'd thrown a vote to Thief of Hearts or Words since they could have used it. Both are vastly underrated by members of this forum.
  11. They'd probably give TIC a very rare 10. To be honest Celebration is a botched job that pays dust to the era between Rescue Me and Frozen. If Madonna and her camp can't manage a compilation that respects her legacy, they shouldn't expect stellar reviews. If she had put out a proper retrospective there is no doubt they would have given it a VERY HIGH rating. Not disagreeing with you about them being snobby ass hats, I just don't think that a 5.7 for a career retrospective that leaves off countless milestone singles in favor of Revolver, Miles Away and five songs from her debut shows that they don't respect M. These reviews of Madonna, LAP, And ROL are very good indeed and may turn some hipster millennials on to her exquisite catalog.
  12. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I think it's fun but there is a pronounced sheen of autotune that was employed on the first three thirds of the MDNA album (to a far greater extent than in any of her previous work) that ruins the experience for me. She dropped this for Falling Free and Beautiful Killer thank goodness. If GGW was the exact same song but without that sheen of autotune I would enjoy it as a fun, mindless bop. Nothing amazing but not the abject train wreck that many feel it is.
  13. This album is similar to Bedtime Stories in that it was huge at the time but has since been overshadowed by its predecessor. Many forget that Music was basically as critically acclaimed as Ray Of Light upon its release. ROL has survived as the critics' darling and Music has faded a bit. In 2000, Music was featured in Rolling Stone, Spin and many other top 20 albums of the year lists. The album went on to be listed in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die and in RS's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. It has since been dropped from both while LAP and ROL remain.
  14. I'm listening to Like A Virgin because it's the one I've not played in the longest time.