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  1. You have great taste! We have the same number one.
  2. 10. Chvrches "Love Is Dead" 9. Ashley Monroe "Sparrow" 8. Manic Street Preachers "Resistance Is Futile" 7. Kasey Musgraves "Golden Hour" 6. Brandi Carlile "By the Way, I Forgive You" 5. James "Living In Extraordinary Times" 4. The Joy Formidable "Aaarth" 3. Janelle Monae "Dirty Computer" 2. First Aid Kit "Ruins" 1. Metric "Art of Doubt"
  3. Yes, and unfortunately it was well known that this would be the outcome when progressives were bitching left and right about Hillary Clinton and painting a false equivalency between she and Trump. "They both have Wall Street ties and accept dark money, so what is the difference." The Supreme Court is the difference! Anyone who did not vote in 2016 is honestly culpable. If Hillary Clinton were president, people could wage massive protests about Wall Street. Instead, we have to protest things we should not have had to protest since 1998.
  4. Good shot at Album of the Year for me if Madonna doesn't drop.
  5. I love most of the bonus tracks. Their first two albums are two of my all time favorites although I don't think they have any bad ones.
  6. I like the new album a lot. A lot of beautiful slow songs with heartfelt lyrics. These hushed songs quietly and steadily grow on you. Meanwhile, Hunger, Patricia, and 100 Years are classic dramatic Florence that I love instantly.
  7. Amazing bonus tracks. I will actually buy the physical of this for the packaging. Loved the reissue of the debut. When is the physical out in the States? I am streaming on Spotify.
  8. I think Hunger fits right in with her previous style. I can't wait for the whole album! HBHBHB is my favorite of her albums so far, but I love all three.
  9. Great topic. This is a milestone year for me, the first in which I decided to stop buying cds except for deluxe reissues and my top 5 artists. I've been using Spotify premium for several years, but had continued to purchase cds to support the artist. A futile effort. I brought my CD player back into my living room earlier this year, and found that I didn't love listening to it. I like playing albums on Spotify via my phone so that I can move from room to room, go for a walk etc. However, I listen to cds in my car daily while driving to and from work. I like convenience and no hassle, and oddly enough, I find cds MORE convenient in my car. Just pop it in rather than hook up my phone. This may only mean a matter of seconds, but think of all the people who stream in their homes because "it saves times from taking the CD off the shelf and putting it in the player" lol. Also only a matter of seconds. To digress, the reasons I still read print books are: 1. I like having one form of entertainment in my life that is separate from a screen; and 2. I simply don't find reading digital books more convenient than print, in fact it's almost pointless to me unless you are traveling or have trouble with eyes and want to enlarge the print. Kind of long winded answer, but it boils down to Spotify premium for me at home, cds in the car. And I will buy things like the forthcoming Garbage Version 2.0 reissue and always Madonna. On a final note, I am not one to rush out and sell my collection. Streaming could go the way of the dinosaurs. I wanted to get some use out of them, so I now display the art work in my home.
  10. Yes, and that is also the title of the opening track on their latest album.
  11. I love her so much. The Archandroid and The Electric Lady are masterpieces and this is arguably even better.
  12. Thanks for posting this! I don't find it surprising, though. Naturally these artists would find that radio would turn its back on them, the same fate as all those who came before. I mean Justin is 15 years into his solo career, so he is "long in the tooth" by industry standards. This is why I've never had much sympathy for people who make ageist jokes and disparagingly call 35-40 plus "old." A few turns of the clock, and they will be the "old" ones.
  13. This already happens regularly on Spotify. In my case right now, there is nothing by Peter Gabriel, no self-titled debut from Rickie Lee Jones, and no Havoc and Bright Lights by Alanis Morissette. Plus many greatest hits compilations are missing certain tracks due to licensing issues. I love my Spotify subscription and use it daily, but I don't understand why so many people who switch to streaming feel like they JUST HAVE TO unload their physical collections.
  14. The Lion's Roar and Stay Gold are amazing. Stay Gold is slightly more polished and accessible. I LOVE this band. I am so glad you started the thread, Suedehead! I have meant to start one, but my attempts to talk about artists like Wolf Alice, Haim, and Marnie are usually ignored while people extend the Justin Timberlake thread to 20 pages LOL. First Aid Kit is exquisite, and Ruins may be my Album of the Year.
  15. Yes! Over six months in, it's evident that this is her best album since Scarlet's Walk. It wasnt just the newness factor. Unrepentant Geraldines was a strong comeback, but Native Invader is a complete return to total quality.
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