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  1. The most annoying kinds of people right now are those who are wringing their hands frantically and saying they don't understand what the US has done, etc etc, yet they were posting on Facebook for months about how there was "really no difference" between Trump and Hillary, "not much of a choice etc." I'm sorry, but if you thought they were essentially the same, that means that you were prepared for either one to win and to begrudgingly accept it. It does NOT mean that you thought Trump was the end of the world, or you would have supported Clinton and not bitched about her every God damn second. Leads me to believe that a lot of people assumed Clinton would win, and thought that that assumption gave them license to act sanctimonious and disparage her at every turn. And now those same people are all "oh, my Godddddd what have we done?" If you don't vote, don't bitch. And now these same people exhausting themselves with declarations that they will fight and protest for the next four years for this, that and the other thing. For God's sake, all this effort they're going to expend when they could have just refrained from ripping Hillary a new one all over social media for months and gotten out to vote.
  2. One of my hallowed all time Madonna Top 10 now! Never heard the demo and have no desire to. Inside Out is my favorite song from Rebel Heart, just edging out Messiah, Joan of Arc, and WAOM.
  3. This is really interesting! Love your comparison of Erotica to Blue and Horses. I feel like Erotica and American Life are currently viewed as her underrated/lost masterpieces, but the ironic thing is that the initial reviews of Erotica (at least the ones that managed to review it separately from Sex) were quite strong. Even two years after its release, Bedtime Storis was touted as this comeback effort, but it really wasn't reviewed THAT much better than Erotica had been. The lens of time is fascinating. Right now, LAP and ROL seem neck and neck as the critics' choice for her best studio album.
  4. You are absolutely correct. And many people forget that WIFLFAG got decent airplay on mainstream Top 40. On Radio & Records (Casey's Top 40 back in the day), it peaked at Number 15. Handled differently, the song probably would have peaked a bit higher than 23 on Billboard. Originally it was to be the second single, but they switched to DTM. And yes, Music and DTM were both huge hit singles with great sales AND airplay. A chart buff could confirm, but I believe that Beautiful Stranger, Music, and DTM received more airplay than most of the ROL singles with the exception of Frozen.
  5. This past year, I noticed something interesting: Music seems to have slipped some in its critical esteem over the past sixteen years. As many of you know, although some deny it, Music was essentially as well reviewed as Ray of Light when it came out. Everyone knows that ROL-Music was one of the most commercially successful and popular periods of her career, but also critically. Music received rave reviews from most publications, ended the year as one of Rolling Stone's top 10 albums, one of Spin's top 20, and multiple other year-end lists. Five years after its release, Music was one of four Madonna albums in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and one of three entries for her in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. However, time seems to have elevated some Madonna albums with critics and brought Music down. The newest edition of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die finally dropped Music (LAP and ROL remain), and Music was also dropped when Rolling Stone updated the 500 Albums list a few years after the original (LAP and ROL remain on that as well, and TIC actually jumped up over 100 spots). Most interesting to me, though, is that when Rebel Heart was released, multiple lists ranking all of Madonna's albums were done by multiple publications including Stereogum, Attitude, Buzzfeed and others, and on all of them Music ranked near the bottom of the list. They all had good things to say about the album, but it's no longer considered among her essentials it seems. For me, Music remains in my top 3 Madonna albums. But I'm fascinated by critical consensus of her work, although it rarely overlaps with my own preferences.
  6. Oh my God. So true. We should be getting a deluxe 25th anniversary edition of Erotica next year, but we won't.
  7. I fucking loved this interview, and I remember cheering when she was asked what her next video would be, and she basically said "I don't know if I'll make one, MTV only bothered to play the last one," and then they cut to "Rain."
  8. Does anyone own this collection in a clam shell box? I know that the discs are in cardboard slip cases; the first three albums are the remasters; and there is no booklet or extras. I'm thinking of getting this as a gift for a casual fan instead of Celebration, because the price is fantastic.
  9. I love it. The bridge is amazing. I always thought the lyric about a train in the night was so mysterious. And the song has so many different sections. I find the final stretch of MDNA beginning with this song to be very good.
  10. I agree with previous statements. I think it's actually disgusting that none of the big female pop stars are thanking her, aside from Gaga and Jojo. To be honest, Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney, etc. are not so far from the day they are going to have to reckon with this ageism. Their silence is shameful, and I wouldn't buy a God damn piece of music from any of them. Wouldn't be surprised if some real artists like Shirley Manson and Tori Amos say something.
  11. The Immaculate Collection is the greatest singles compilation of all time, by man, woman, or group. Every song is a SMASH, the sequencing is chronological, it doesn't pretend that her slow songs don't exist, the remixes are wonderful, the liner notes superb. GHV2 could have been just as good. Honestly, it could have. Her chart run after Rescue Me and up through What it Feels Like For A Girl was phenomenal. However, GHV2 and Celebration both cut too many HITS, plus I prefer chronological order. To conclude: Madonna's post Immaculate work is every bit as good as what came before, but as far as singles compilations go, TIC is the best in the history of this world.
  12. Good points, spot on. I wonder if part of this could be due to the fact that Celebration basically pays dust to that period of time. After Rescue Me, and before Frozen, Madonna had ELEVEN hit singles (plus the amazing video hits Bedtime Story and Human Nature), but Celebration would have you believe that only Erotica, Secret, and Take A Bow happened. This Used To Be My Playground, Deeper and Deeper, Bad Girl, Rain, I'll Remember, You'll See, You Must Love Me, and the Miami Mix or Don't Cry For Me Argentina all helped her become one of the top five singles artists of the 90s.
  13. I hope these lessers appreciate what she's done for them, because they sure as hell aren't going to handle aging as successfully as the Queen does. Amazing, brilliant, transcendent woman.
  14. I don't care for it. It's the only Madonna album I don't own (obviously I have the double disc). Just not into pretending half of her hits don't exist because some fans "want to dance." The Immaculate Collection is flawless, and You Can Dance and Something To Remember are perfection as focused genre studies. But there is no definitive career spanning Madonna comp as there is for most artists.
  15. Never liked Kennedy back in the day. She did an interview with Tori Amos circa Under The Pink, and I just felt strongly that she's a woman who doesn't like women. Her interview was wretched, and you could tell she didn't respect Tori. Women who don't support female artists and would so obviously prefer to be interviewing some lame male band are among my least favorite people.