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  1. Yes, and unfortunately it was well known that this would be the outcome when progressives were bitching left and right about Hillary Clinton and painting a false equivalency between she and Trump. "They both have Wall Street ties and accept dark money, so what is the difference." The Supreme Court is the difference! Anyone who did not vote in 2016 is honestly culpable. If Hillary Clinton were president, people could wage massive protests about Wall Street. Instead, we have to protest things we should not have had to protest since 1998.
  2. The most annoying kinds of people right now are those who are wringing their hands frantically and saying they don't understand what the US has done, etc etc, yet they were posting on Facebook for months about how there was "really no difference" between Trump and Hillary, "not much of a choice etc." I'm sorry, but if you thought they were essentially the same, that means that you were prepared for either one to win and to begrudgingly accept it. It does NOT mean that you thought Trump was the end of the world, or you would have supported Clinton and not bitched about her every God damn second. Leads me to believe that a lot of people assumed Clinton would win, and thought that that assumption gave them license to act sanctimonious and disparage her at every turn. And now those same people are all "oh, my Godddddd what have we done?" If you don't vote, don't bitch. And now these same people exhausting themselves with declarations that they will fight and protest for the next four years for this, that and the other thing. For God's sake, all this effort they're going to expend when they could have just refrained from ripping Hillary a new one all over social media for months and gotten out to vote.
  3. What is up with the "Hillary rigged this" contingent? I see so many of these people on my social media. If Hillary was as all powerful as you people maintain, then why the hell didn't she just snap her fingers back in 2008 and become the nominee? So many Bernie supporters seem to imply that he's somehow being cheated out of millions of secret votes that went to him. No. He lost by MILLIONS of votes. I've never seen a situation in which so many people who claim to want fair elections think that the nominee who won by millions of votes should be stripped of the nomination. But in the minds of some of these people, Hillary is a witch with a magic wand. Well, if that was true, she should have waved it to spare herself the years of BS she's had to endure.
  4. Yes, exactly.The far right are racist, misogynist, homophobic pigs. The far left ooze conspiracy theories and come off sounding bat shit crazy. And they spout nonsense about Hillary Clinton as though she's an all powerful sorceress who can snap her fingers and have whatever she wants. If this is true, I'm still not sure why she didn't snap her fingers in 2008 and win the Democratic nomination. I just watched the VOX interview with Hillary conducted by Ezra Klein, and she really is unbelievably intelligent. I also find her, gasp, incredibly sincere.
  5. This is an area in which i think she excels: actually telling people what the fuck she plans to do, and more importantly, how.
  6. I have liked this as well, seeing regular people. I'm watching in a pub, which is filled with a couple of groups (mill workers I believe), and most people are holding up signs that say "Labor for Hillary." I've never watched anything in a setting like this before. People keep breaking out in chants of "Hillary, Hillary!" and "Working people vote for Hillary!"Some of these guys are hot.
  7. I found the Republicans having 17 to be overkill, but probably because they all sucked. I do understand your point, though. When there are more options, the final ones standing probably seem more significant and meaningful in some ways.
  8. You're one of my favorite posters so I take your comments seriously. One thing I will point out, though, is that due to the media harping on her unfavorable rating, we tend to forget that many, many people actually LIKE and are enthusiastic about Hillary. She didn't get millions more votes than anyone else just because people were being pragmatic or going with the status quo. A lot of us actually DO like her and are enthusiastic about her.
  9. Many wanted her to pick him for VP. But as with Warren, he's needed in the Senate.
  10. Thank you. I was confused because I thought the FBI closing the door on that would have been enough, but I guess I should have known from the Benghazi crowd that they like to keep things going. Was just puzzled to hear liberals chanting it.
  11. It was absolutely amazing. People always let loud mouths get their way, and she actually had the guts to confront them on their juvenile behavior.
  12. Does anyone know what "lock her up" is in reference to? Bernie Sanders supporters were chanting this. Lock her up for what? All I can think is that they are referring to Benghazi, which has been a talking point on Fox News for a couple of years? What does it MEAN? They think she should go to jail because they don't like her? Anyone??
  13. Yes. All you heard was "stop Hillary" and "crooked Hillary."
  14. When Rep. Russell spoke, I was pleased to see her call for unity behind Clinton because she's one of Sanders' staunchest supporters. She's taking a bit of heat on social media, but most people seem supportive. She was one of my best friends in elementary school. Someone in the comments said they thought she was Mama June from Honey Ta Ta.
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