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  1. The thing is, it is the Grammys specifically that are a ridiculous embarrassment. We can all nit pick and point out snubs and oversights with the Oscars, Emmys, and National Book Awards, but by and large the nominees and winners of those awards are pretty damn good. The Grammys for decades have presented a head scratching lineup of nominees and winners that simply aren't the best in their field, with very rare exceptions.
  2. Ghosttown is in my all time favorites list and easily the best of this bunch. Girl Gone Wild is fantastic as well. The others are fine but not anything I'm going to rewatch.
  3. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    Both Masterpiece and Ghosttown remind me of the melodic, effortless ballads she put out in the early to mid 90s. As opposed to the brilliant Falling Free and Messiah, which are another sort of ballad altogether (and both of which I love). That having been said, I think Ghosttown is better than Masterpiece and one of the best songs of her career. Everything from the chorus melodies to the vocals to the insinuating verses works like a charm, and I actually cried the first time I heard it. And the video for me is one of her all time greats and was a return to the storytelling narrative and exquisite costumes of her 90s work. I do enjoy Masterpiece very much as well.
  4. "You have too much facial hair!"

    That man screaming "I turned forty"
  5. I've loved most of her albums but this new one seems lacking. The melodies don't soar and the hooks are lackluster. Revenge has the most pedestrian chorus she has ever delivered. Great vocals and some good lyrics, though.
  6. I find her vocals throughout Confessions to be intriguing. They are very different from the beautiful singing style of ROL, Music, and American Life but miles removed from the nasal stylings of Hard Candy. I think she may have purposely "undersung" a bit to match the carefree, laid back style of the album. It's not a vocal album, and yet her vocals work perfectly. She sounds youthful, vibrant and engaged throughout. On Like It or Not and Isaac she most closely resembles the singing style of the previous three albums. I think her vocals on Future Lovers are the best part of that song, but then again, I think Mirwais always recorded her vocals exquisitely. Madonna's vocals are an endless source of fascination to me.
  7. I've been combing through the results, and there are so many interesting revelations. Years ago, in the first Encyclopedia Madonnica that pre-dated the social media age, Matthew Rettenmund declared Rain "a favorite among fans." He was certainly right, I guess. The song comes in well ahead of I'll Remember and This Used To Be My Playground from the same era, both of which bettered it on the charts. I would love to see an annual list like this but recognize how much work goes into it. I suspect that with 50 or 100 voters as opposed to 30, there would be fluctuations. But I imagine the basic skeleton of the list, so to speak, would remain the same
  8. Thank you SO MUCH for this undertaking. So much to comment on. When I scroll through the entire list, obviously there are a few songs that I would place way higher or lower, but overall I have to say it looks sort of like my own list that I have, and that's pretty cool. General comments: I LOVE seeing all of the love for Madonna's ballads!!! It thrills me to see that Bad Girl and Oh Father rank so high with her fans. I love that Ghosttown immediately became such a fan favorite. Thrills me to see that Music, Don't Tell Me, and Secret remain so beloved. I feel like Like A Prayer and Vogue will always be the top two in polls like this, switching back and forth, and this is as it should be. Great to see strong showings for Gone and Easy Ride. Surprises: I never realized that I'm So Stupid is not that well liked. It's a favorite of mine. I don't think I realized that I'll Remember is so much more popular than This Used To Be My Playground. Didn't know Love Spent was so popular! Never realized that the album tracks from LAV are relatively disliked. Thought Joan of Arc was slightly more of a fan favorite.
  9. Ranking Madonna's 35 best singles

    Great list. Glad to see WIFLFAG recognized for the masterpiece that it is. LTT should be a tad higher. No real complaints from me. I'm glad to see that LAP is basically accepted by all critics as her greatest song of all time.
  10. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    Papa Don't Preach Like A Prayer (best video of all time by any artist) Express Yourself Oh Father Vogue Bad Girl Rain Frozen The Power of Goodbye Ghosttown Honorable Mention: Deeper and Deeper, Secret, Bedtime Story, Don't Tell Me
  11. What the fuck do they even mean by this? Are people today really so fucking ageist and think that only the NOW matters. Even when I was in my 20s I had an understanding that they would be gone in an instant. I always appreciated older artists and the wisdom of my elders. "Thinking old?" If anyone said that to me I'd want to kick them.
  12. Not a single comment on the title track? Flop thread.
  13. Even though Erotica isn't my favorite album (it does contain several of my favorite songs, though), it might be the most important one to me, due to coming out when I was 16. The music that comes out then tends to shape you and stay with you forever, I think. It gave me strength when I was tortured by bullies. Back then, Madonna as a lone light in the tunnel was much more powerful than today's pop stars' proclamations of equality for gays. Plus, it was the first time I thought of pop culture in deeper terms. For example, how could someone be loved and loathed to equal extremes; how could you be in "a career slump" but still having top ten hits etc.
  14. HOLY TRINITY | Rebel Heart

    I played this album tonight for a date who listens to all indie bands and only knows M's 80s and 90s stuff. He was swooning for Messiah and saying he couldn't believe how great her vocals are.
  15. Madonna new album in 2018

    Even seeing her on The Tonight Show bursting into that great vocal improv just gives me the continued sense that a new album will not be too too far in the future. I think she's hungry to make and share new tunes!