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  1. The current untitled second studio album by Sam Smith is in the making and it serves as follow-up to his acclaimed debut album “In the Lonely Hour“, released in 2014. The project is scheduled to be released early 2017 via Method and Capitol Records. Confirmed/Registered tracks: A Film and a Frame | Sam Smith, Rob Slater & Joe Grayson Boom | Sam Smith & James Napier Bulletproof | Sam Smith & James Napier Concrete | Sam Smith, Joe Grayson, Rob Slater & Daniel Charlesworth Crash-Landed Clouds | Sam Smith, Rob Slater & Joe Grayson Delicate | Sam Smith & Shahid Khan Do or Die | Sam Smith, James Napier & David Sneddon Infected | Sam Smith & Martin Sjolie Lava | Sam Smith & Rachel Furner Like Crazy | Sam Smith, Mike Mac, Margaret Sullivan, Jonathan Keyes & Jordan Baum No Love (SNIPPET HERE) https://nippyspace.com/v/55a874 Strobe Light | Linda Perry & Sam Smith Give A | Sam Smith & Francis White I Don’t Care | Sam Smith & Jim Duguid I Want What You Have | Sam Smith & Francis White Feel What I Feel | Jerry C King & Chauncey D Alexander Take My Love | Sam Smith, Claude Kelly & Steve Robson Tear It Down | Sam Smith
  2. Here she is at radio 2. Maybe i'm mistaken but didn't she wear the same dreadful outfit a few days ago?
  3. Typical Mango, out of touch and clearly has no idea no one gives a shit about Gags anymore. She's realised she BLEW her chances with Madonna and is now reaching out to who she see's is the next best thing. I've also been blocked by that frankie idiot. He obviously didn't like my comment.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Can you imagine "Skin" performed live?
  5. Thank you Mattress. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading these articles.
  6. I can't believe I haven't seen this before... I know these songs get a lot of shit from M fans, but i've always liked them.
  7. New song... What do you think? EDIT: OFFICIAL Video:
  8. I thought you were taking the piss until I checked the website. £60 for a denim shirt, and £15 for a badge? fuckoff! and she's playing the cowgirl, so where's the hat? Talk about doing things half baked.
  9. Reductive

    DJ Whiteshit really is the worst. Remember when he said he was going to "teach old hags how to do EDM". Look how well that turned out.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes, I thought the same thing. Love this hairstyle.
  11. "Frozen" is such a fantastic record. It's a masterpiece.
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    OMG, What a beauty. Best she's looked in ages.
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Omg, I just love all the speculation and wondering what's she's up to. Watch it turn out to be for MDNA skin.
  14. and then dolls herself up like a toilet roll holder to present an award with a 14 year old girl. I guess she thinks ANY publicity is good at this point.
  15. Me too, Runa. That made my day.
  16. True. I don't know about you but those Fembots used to scare me as a kid.
  17. I know what you mean, but she'd have to have a husband to be a Stepford Wife - and we all know how bad she is with relationships. How about a Fembot...
  18. WTF She looks like a cross between The Bride of Chucky and Regan from The Exorcist...
  19. Looks like Mango took the scissors to her mothers net curtains again....do you think these two had a competition to see who could come up the worst outfit?
  20. Looking more like a badly dressed mannequin everyday...
  21. So many people talking about this anniversary, but what do we get?.... naff all. A remastered edition would've gone through the roof.
  22. Exactly. Elton praises anyone who is flavour of the month to score brownie points with the public, but the truth is everyone looks at him as an old fart with a bad hair transplant. For someone who claims to have been "friends for years", he made a complete prat of himself by mispronouncing his name - and that tells me they're not as friendly as he claims. Funny how he never mentions Caca these days.... another fake as fook friendship.