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  1. This has literally made my day.
  2. Madonna’s Instagram

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! She's IN the studio with Mirwais.
  3. 01 - Vogue 02 - Like A Prayer 03 - Into The Groove 04 - Express Yourself 05 - Like A Virgin 06 - Justify My Love 07 - Dress You Up 08 - Open Your Heart 09 - Frozen 10 - Music
  4. Ivor guest has just said on facebook that he is producing the new grace jones album. He will be giving us a step by step guide through the process.. So exciting! He produced some of Hurricane and is responsible for the Dub mixes on the re-release in 2011
  5. One of my top 3 favourite Madonna songs. It's everything. I was obsessed with this between 1989-1990.
  6. 4 Minutes b-roll

  7. Fabulous version! Anyone agree? "Tie my hands behind my back and oooh i'm in ecstasy"
  8. Great work, guys. I can't wait to read his response.
  9. "Unapologetic DICK"
  10. Every fanbase has one I suppose.
  11. Omg, Imagine listening to that child scream for 8 hours with nowhere to escape...
  12. Madonna’s Instagram

    Excellent. and I love how she's quoting her songs recently. She's feeling nostaligic.
  13. YouTube reaction videos

    He finally watched EY from the BA tour (Truth or Dare).
  14. "He bizarrely decided to strip off mid-flight, load up some high-quality porn on his phone and lie back to have a wank", "walked to the toilet with no clothes on, pissed all over his seat and attacked a flight attendant". There's clearly something wrong with him. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind doing this in view of other passengers.
  15. YouTube reaction videos

    He's just reacted to Hollywood ...
  16. YouTube reaction videos

    Yes, he did look rather flustered, but I think he prefers the cock, tbh.
  17. Yes, Cassettes are definitely making a comeback. God knows why when it was the worst format out of the lot. I lost count how many tapes I thrown out after getting chewed up and mangled. I still buy CD's and can't ever imagine not buying them.
  18. Songs that you hate.

    I agree, I cannot stand anything they've released - including the Joshua Tree. I don't know what the fuss is about, tbh. I do like a bit of rock music, like Queen, Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones etc, but no...not a fan of U2 at all.
  19. Woman shares shocking video of a PetSmart groomer ABUSING her one-year-old Shih Tzu http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5346869/Woman-shares-footage-dog-abuses-PetSmart.html#newcomment I'm a lover of most animals, but as a Shih Tzu owner I found this so painful to read. Thank heaven's the sick bitch has been sacked and has been exposed for her cruel treatment of dogs. Disgusting!
  20. YouTube reaction videos

    Aayush watched Erotica and Rain MV's:
  21. Is this Jamesy? Wow..I would KILL for that collection.