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  1. One of the best songs on MX and the tour performance is everything!
  2. Thank you. Spooner is acting as though he wrote the whole damn song but his input seemed minimal to say the least. At least he got his writing credit so hopefully we won't hear anymore about him. He's definitely burnt his bridges with Madonna though. I can't say i'm surprised to see Gaga stans jumping all over this either. It's basically another stick to bash Madonna with.
  3. She needed the original song to create a remix. Stop being negative.
  4. I would love MX to be nominated for a Grammy, but imagine if she won. That would be wonderful.
  5. Yeah, i've never understood that. It's not as if NKM and Mother and Father were singles, let alone greatest hits. lol
  6. How strange she should "fall" on a Cucumber in a vertical position with no knickers on.
  7. GAWD! So do they turn them inside out or what? Either way, what a bunch of dirty bastards.
  8. Yes, I saw it too, but they stock very few copies compared to other albums. Same with Sainsburys.
  9. @Jazzy Jan I agree. Billie Eilish was one of those people I kept hearing about but didn't care enough to check her music or video's...until now. I wish I hadn't bothered Not only is her music awful, but she looks incredibly cocky and arrogant. The type of kid who who thinks she knows it all, but in reality knows sweet F.A. She reminds me of Avril Lasagne and I didn't like her either....but no doubt she'll win video of the year. Zzzzz Anyway, Madonna is too good for these award shows so we should be thankful she hasn't been grouped in with such shite.
  10. What a beautiful video. This could quite possibly be my favourite out of all the MX video's.
  11. WOOOOOOOOOOOO Loved this song since day one, so i'm really looking forward to this.
  12. Wonderful pic. I would love to get it enlarged to put on my bedroom wall.
  13. I have to say I would be pretty disappointed with that. It's false advertising. You should ask for a refund.
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